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  1. Culpalo a mi juventud...Culpalo a mi juventud!
  2. Thanks dude! I enjoyed this season so much, im afraid it could be the last to some of my fav players like Kompany or Silva 🙁 I hope you win the champions mate you deserve it, what a team
  3. Yes! Wee are the champions my friend! What a season, really happy especially for my favourite City player ever: Kompany, that goal vs Leicester was amazing
  4. This song is mostly shite, but it could be better if the production was more decent and the guitar was louder (especially in the chorus) Travis drums are good, Skiba voice is good, didnt really like Mark´s voice i think he´s better using his deeper voice these days (like the verses from Misery) Its a turn off for the rest of the album, i dont like Simple Creatures so i wouldnt like a straight electro-pop direction. If Biomy had a louder guitar in the chorus and you could actually hear the bassline would be so much better.
  5. What a champions...Both crazy games, glad Barca is out. And i think Tottenham would be better rival for Liverpool. One of the most exciting champions i remember
  6. Simple Plan, Busted or Panic at the disco
  7. I agree, it must be dissapointing to work on lot of demos and then see them go to trash, especially for poppy tracks for the mass they got in. Skiba might tell the truth about his feelings as the years go by.
  8. Great win vs Burnley, never thought i would see Otamendi, Kompany, Laporte and Stones playing at the same time lol Aguero...Always 😎
  9. There is a vid around 2003 where They were creating Down and the song sounded so great a little slower around 1:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2buJC84eMY
  10. Well he likes Stockholm Syndrome. Or he should, no one can dislike such a great song 😃
  11. United should sign top defenders, that was always a strong side; Ferdinand, Vidic, Piqué, now they have too many years bearing with poor defense. Rest of the team i consider its not bad at all. Juventus won serie A again, eight years in a row, can´t believe how bad are the other big teams doing; Inter, Milan, Roma, except for Napoli serie A is on a very poor level
  12. Cemetery´s Garden sounds fucking great!
  13. Never thought i would hear blink on a swow like American Idol, great cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=168&v=o2uaRpH7Zlc
  14. Liverpool has a big chance, i think they´ll beat Barca. Especially in two games, Liverpool seem stronger Would have been more attractive as a final though
  15. Lol that was my reaction. Both VAR decisions seemed right fuck!
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