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  1. Mmm not voting on this one, neither of these bands deserves to be considered the best after the kings Gd-blink Just listened MCS for the first time last week, great music but i dont like the voice. NFG are legends but i just like a few tracks by them Sum-41 & Alkaline Trío would've been my perfect final match Lillingtons should have been considered, probably wouldnt have made it far but they're awesome!
  2. All you MCS fans can you recommend me some of their songs? I have been lazy to hear their stuff, i like mostly skate punk Pennywise like, or darker stuff like Alkaline Trio Misfits
  3. Hard to pick, voted ALK3 because i like them more, but as a Pop-Punk band Sum-41 contribution is bigger
  4. I agree, i read & watched a lot about that tour, Green Day only agreed because they needed to be relevant again, but they were never confortable from what i saw blink were always kind and cool about It.
  5. The fact blink asked shows they respect Green Day. But GD not stepping up shows they somehow chickened out. Specially since they agreed to tour with FOB 🤷🏻‍♂️ Skiba Is close friend with Billie wich makes It even weirder.. My Guess: 1. Tre Cool might be jelous of Travis (he was clearly bitter after Pop D. Tour) 2. GD does not like something about blink music, humour, fans, whatever 3. GD doesnt want to open for blink nor co-headline the tour Billie Joe supported Bored to dead on 2016 i thought they would get closer 🤔
  6. I did not like the singles, ill try to listen the whole record, last GD song i trully enjoy was Stray heart! Seems so far away... IMO Untitled Is instrumentally better than AI its way more challenging and unpredictable. Lirically AI might be better, but overall id vote Untitled for sure
  7. Pet Sounds its probably the best álbum ive heard. Californication Is also perfect, if you like chilli peppers (seems to get lots of hate here but i like em) blink's untitled and Offspring's Smash are perfect to me.
  8. Its weird i like boxcar better but in the last years ive listened more +44, maybe nostalgia factor, i was so into blink when bcr came out, but i was mainly into punk rock stuff when +44 came I listen 1:55 almost everyday while no bcr songs are on my playlist right now
  9. The Messiah would be a dream, but the defense Is nothing to be optimistic, dont know much about Ake, and Koulibally might be past his best years (if he comes that is). Stones and Otamendi barely played and Fernandinho Is not a cb 🤔 Besides, Eric García might be out, definately not sure about defense
  10. Quarantine Is good! Lirically feels honest, and punk rock finally! Better than most California stuff or even all, and par with NiNe
  11. The Messiah coming? 😎 CR7 and Messi are both great, i think they are equal, Messi better playmaker CR7 better striker.
  12. I love Matt, Big Alk3 fan, I was as happy as a kid with a new toy when he joined blink. Even though i like some songs on Cali I II and NiNE, It doesnt feel they are working at their best, we know they can do better. I would like ti hear a record with just the 3 of them giving their best. Even Travis doesnt feel as legendary on most new songs.
  13. I would love a blink-AK3 Split, Dan covering pretty much any blink song would rock. AND Mark singing Smoke or Young Lovers
  14. I think Nine ITS actually very good. Did not have much expectations but there aré really some great tunes. On some emo shit really hit me relatable lyrics, no heart ti speak of ITS amazing true skiba Power. Ransom AND run away rocks
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