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  1. I don´t mind them playing EOTS full without Tom, at least they would mix the setlist a bit! Instead of the same ol songs. I wanna hear Anthem, Mutt, Party Song etc
  2. I wouldn´t say Madrid was lucky winning that 4 champions, but i think they played bad football trough those years, and sacrified la liga many times, i liked Ancelotti´s team but Zidane i think is boring, and they relied mostly on Ronaldo´s goals, now that that he´s gone they should have sign a true striker and didn´t sign anyone, Bale+Benzema+Asensio+Isco+Vinicius<CR7
  3. Exactly, the fan base I get the feeling Green Day´s music hasnt age that well trough general audience.
  4. Is it me or Green Day´s music (especially after American Idiot) has aged worst than blink´s? I have read many people criticizing GD´s legacy way more than blink, its like GD got overrated over the years while blink got obscure and mostly for all time fans.
  5. City vs Ajax Juve vs United Liverpool vs Spurs Porto vs Barca Only team (of all eight) i hope wont pass is Barca
  6. I am comfortable at guitar and bass, and have write various songs, but its very hard for me to sing, do you guys can sing?
  7. Great threat, i started playing guitar at 14, around 2004, i discovered blink trough 2001 the first time i heard Rock Show i tought they were so fun and catchy, i dreamed to play in a band, got my first guitar at 14 and started playing alone, then had a teacher for a few months, first song i learned was Wake me up when september ends, then blink, Green Day, Offspring´s stuff. Even though i started playing guitar i always related more with the bass, at 21 got my first bass and it was natural to me, i´ve been in three bands during 8 eight years, and have recorded in one of them, i hope to record more with all the projects.
  8. I´m convinced Satan´s voice was Scott, they will never talk about it, though
  9. Hahaha i was going to put Linoleum but its more punk rock than pop punk to me. If Linoleum counts id put it there and Descendent´s "Hope" has to be number one, no contest.
  10. 1 Descendents - Silly Girl 2 blink 182 - Dammit 3 Green Day - Basket Case 4 Offsprings - Self Esteem 5 Ramones - I wanna be sedated 6 Husker du - Don't want to know if you are lonely 7 NoFX - She´s Nubs 8 The Queers - Punk Rock Girls 9 Sum 41 - Over my head (Better off dead) 10 Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
  11. What a monster Ronaldo...the greatest player in the Champions League history imo
  12. What a game, i changed the tv to Porto vs Roma after PSG scored one goal, i regret it, Lukaku is a real killer. DiMaría deserves all the mocking after his stupid behaviour in the first game. Madrid is playing awfull this whole season. After CR7 they should´ve tried to sign a serious scorer but signed Courtois..Also didn´t sign a centerback after Pepe and thats killing em
  13. There´s something unique about Skiba´s work, but sadly it hasn´t been reflected in almost any blink song, live, he has added a few touches here and there and i think he´s doing a much better job than Tom post-reunion. But his songwriters skills still hasn´t show somehow, i hope he step up and add his ow style on the next records.
  14. Almost all BR songs sounds the same...but what a sound! One of the best punk rock bands ever for sure, no contest.
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