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  1. Did anyone download them? I only heard Don't Mean Anything before they were all taken down : (
  2. Which interview did they say that in? That clip of Good Old Days sounds pretty fast and happy lol
  3. I can understand vinyl. I have some repeat copies of blink albums. One Dude Ranch is a HT splatter. I played the shit out of it and it wasn't the best pressing to begin with so i also bought the SRC deluxe edition of it since it sounds much much better. Same with the self titled; bought the SRC even though I had the MTTS pressing. There could be numerous reasons for multiple copies: Frame and hang one, one to be played, one to keep for later for when the playable copy wears down and you can no longer find/buy the album.
  4. Wait, I thought the only song Travis rerecorded was Mutt? My understanding was that there are two versions of Dammit; the album and the single where the drums in the beginning are different. If he did redo the dammit drums, what was it for? Greatest hits?
  5. I posted my setup and collection on the last page, but figured since I moved across the country and got a few more records, I'd post again.
  6. Hot topic BCR or just blink?
  7. Here's my blink & related record collection so far. Still missing a lot. Been waiting on HT to repress Boxcar Racer for forever now. Need a better Uranus, the one I have is a boot from ebay - just really liked the color. Obviously need to complete Alkaline as well. Agony & Irony is on it's way from SRC. I have a split series of Alkaline Trio and One Man Army coming tomorrow. Still waiting on someone to repress GM and Crimson. Also need to get Travis's solo album and some of his other stuff. Going to get a better frame for my signed California (and another copy to play) as well as
  8. Fuck yeah! Awesome thread. I'm going to take a picture of my blink related records tonight
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