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  1. a-trak

    Old days...

    So are any of you from the old days still around? Would be cool to catch up. a-trak
  2. but they're fuckin good at ruining everything too
  3. Blink 182 is supposedly gonna be on the making of Madden 2004 (the game), on MTV @ August 10th 2003 at 11pm EST.
  4. girls usually do that for some strange reason
  5. Other posts will be deleted. This is only a place to post when Blink stuff is on TV so we can rip it for you guys. Thanks for the help.
  6. thanks roxy that's what this thread needed. a bright
  7. a-trak

    SVCD or VCD?

    after 2299 posts i'd think you knew how to use a poll. you click your preferred answer and hit "submit vote". it's your general attitude that bugs me, not just your so called "answer" to my question.
  8. a-trak

    SVCD or VCD?

    frankly shut the fuck up please. no one asked u.
  9. a-trak

    SVCD or VCD?

    Just wondered if you guys prefer SVCD or VCD rips? The SVCDs are rather big but quality is better. Do you want large files with good quality or smaller files with a little lower quality?
  10. notice the avatar CurvBall?
  11. ah of course that fucker is active here too.. :*
  12. How rad is this. Thought about setting up a forum for bRB for awhile but we needed somewhere to put it where people can see it and it looks like this is a great place. This makes me happy in pants.
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