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  1. haha I fucking love it when kids buy their older cds just to say they "listened to them when no one else did." Shit anyways there older cd's were alot more techniqual and alot more experimental then other "hardcore" bands at that time.
  2. Thursday-standing of teh edge of summer/ understanding a car crash
  3. Yah they arent that hard. But the sound is so crisp clean and loud. Thats why it sounds so great.
  4. At lesat they wont crack.
  5. Yah tehres gonna be no possible away to sund proff a apartment room for really cheap. Id get an eletric kit. Its the only way to go.
  6. tabs help for remebering fills thats the only reason I would use them. I'mm not very good at remembering songs.
  7. uh Ill just laugh inside ym head
  8. I don't understand how you'd even use that the left pedal controls on bass pedal which is the left one. And the pedal on the right controls.whne ou press down one of the pedal hits the head when you release you foot the last pedal hit the head and so on.
  9. Timmy

    what a fag

    Thats kool if hes down. but he really does have no beats. bass snare hit hat bass bass snare hi hat bass snare Tom-tom tom-tom tom-tom CRASH Bass snare hi hat
  10. this is why i wear ear muffs
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