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  1. I swear just to see them post pictures from Denmark makes me super excited and I’m not even a dane lol. Haven’t really felt the real excitement before now because it has felt so distant.

    Wish I could just sleep until thursday to skip all the fear-of-show-getting-cancelled-nerves 😱

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  2. I’m enjoying Totk loads still, but it’s going slow, spending most time running around solving side quests. Dreading the shrines at this point, so I just activate them and ditch them, planning on saving them up for a day I feel motivated. Have done three of the temples at this point, but have no idea how far I’ve actually gotten story-wise.

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  3. I’m just so happy that they’re releasing anything at all tbh. If the rest of that ep sounds as good as this new single it’ll be more than I dared to hope for

    Really hope the touring with blink will light some sparks in them

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  4. I just finished Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Have seen it on lists everywhere for a while and finally got the time to give it a go. Very much enjoyed the first 2/3 of it, but the last part didn’t hold up imo. Overall pretty good. It’s a historical fiction about a korean family in Japan in the early 1900s.


  5. I sucked at them. Had a Gameboy and a Gamecube and I don’t think I ever finished any of the games because I got stuck in everything. Pokemon, Mario, you name it. Eventually finished the Zelda games I never gave up on but it took me YEARS. I would probably still be stuck in those too if it weren’t for the guides lol.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Elisa said:

    I spend all week getting excited for Succession only to experience a soul crushing sadness at the end of each episode 😢

    Ouff, feel ya. Still hoping for some sort of happy/satisfying ending but it isn’t looking too promising haha

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