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  1. Never thought this would happen but I'm seeing them in February!! I'm so, so stoked. They were one of my fav bands in my teens and they'll always be special to me that way. The show will be at a quite small venue as well, which makes it even better.
  2. I tend to forget that the album exists tbh. It's not that I dislike the songs, it just hardly ever crosses my mind to listen to them.
  3. Always liked Disaster. Intro could be shorter though. Vote goes to MH.
  4. I wish I could give FTG three votes haha. Absolutely hate to listen to it. The lyrics are okay but the sound and the mood is just ugh. Interesting to see that it's possible for other people to like it though!
  5. DD really has some of their best songs imo. Summertime, Scarecrow and Kids From Yesterday are such tunes.
  6. Tbh I wasn't too fond of it when I first heard it on the radio. But I got quite moved when I heard what it is about and now when I know the background, I like it way more. Are you a fan?
  7. Love listening to Coldplay when it's dark and snowy.
  8. I think they're fab but I for one actually prefer their latest era to the older ones, both when it comes to the music and performances. Their early days are a bit too dark and scream-y for me.
  9. I'm very torned between Pedestrian Verse by Frightened Rabbit and American Idiot by Green Day. The first one because of the music alone, the second one mostly because of the memories it sparks.
  10. Um, did I miss the point in it or was there no point?
  11. Ocarina of Time makes me feel so nostalgic it almost hurts to play it now. My lil bro and I used to play it together when we were kids and I remember it took ages (literally years) to finish it because we hadn't learned too much English back then so we got stuck all the time + we thought it was super scary so we only played it when both of us were home. Such good times.
  12. Looking so much forward to hear what they sound like now
  13. Why though? Tbh I've always found it rather amusing that they get/got so much hate.
  14. So it seems like MCR is up to playing a reunion show in Dec?? That's pretty interesting!
  15. Why is Matt always wearing sun glasses?
  16. I've heard so much good things about that show. Can't wait to check it out, even though I'm a wee bit worried that it might a bit over-the-top.
  17. Also a bit surprised to see that Ross got so many of the votes. I thought people usually rooted for Chandler.
  18. I often find myself falling back on them during fall/winter time. My fav album by them is Under Soil and Dirt but all in all there are very few songs of theirs which I don't like. Their songs are just so catchy and their lyrics really hits me. Still one of my favorite bands out there.
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