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  1. That song is basically Bad Romance lol
  2. Alexander Rybak duh. Will never forget Lordi either Yep You have something to look forward to there lol
  3. Do you guys with pre qualified entries usually watch the semi-finals as well or do you save it all for the big night?
  4. I think it’s quite nice. There’s something about the pace that I don’t like but can’t exactly put my finger on what
  5. It’s better than their previous single at least
  6. The songs are cool, good work @thongrider. You still play all the instruments yourself?
  7. Hey how did this go, have you given it a new try yet?
  8. Yeah they’re great! Lots of catchy tunes So cool that you like them!! Happy to hear Håkan and Veronica are two of my all time favs of any artists out there tbh. Absolute gold
  9. Fun idea. I’ll totally check out the other recommendations you get as well
  10. Gladly! My fav norwegian-singing ones atm are Karpe, Cezinando, Brenn, B-Boy Myhre, Kaizers Orchestra and Daniel Kvammen. And in case @twentytwenty doesn’t mention her, Veronica Maggio is a great swedish one
  11. He was new to me. I’ll check him out a bit
  12. Who? Just curious if there’s someone I’ve heard of
  13. Haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but what I’ve heard so far is all good. Fearless is a sweet record but the songs remind me a bit too much of junior high school days, which makes them a bit painful to listen to tbh. Cool that she’s doing this though
  14. All time low are fab, what are you talking about Also still slightely annoyed that The Story so Far, Paramore and Neck Deep didn’t get further than first round to be honest
  15. I don’t care about any of them. Voted NFG solely bc I wanna see that dog video
  16. I’m also hoping for dungeons in Botw2, didn’t enjoy the shrines at all. I’d say the most fun thing about them was to find them, but even that got annoying after a while
  17. I’ve never given Alkaline trio a proper chance. Will check them out a bit more later and see if they manage to convince me but Sum’s getting my vote in the meantime
  18. I like mcr more but it doesn’t feel quite right to vote for them this round. Probably gonna do it anyway though
  19. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve listened through the first half. It still doesn’t win me over but I can understand why you guys enjoy it. It’s all right stuff. I almost wish I was able to share the enthusiasm
  20. I’ve also struggeled a bit to *get* the lagwagon hype tbh. I think the songs I’ve checked out sound all right and all but none of them has been anything near blowing me away
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