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    love hearing AVA, Blink, BCR, KoRn, linkin park, slipknot. i'm a guitarist and songwriter
  1. well, the guitar intro for PLG is very similar to the song Good Day from AVA. the rest of the song kinda still does sound like Angels but still it's a great blink track
  2. so how many of you will smoke a joint before listening entirely to dogs eating dogs? i know i will! there's something about smoking a j that makes you appreciate and really get into a song.
  3. you have no right to shut me up, stop being a troll dude
  4. fine... but you shouldn't treat people like that. doesn't kill u to be nice once in a while
  5. you're calling me a troll? i was just saying my opinion. you're the one who started with the name calling
  6. the only thing i'm complaining about is that Blink is STILL sounding a lot like AVA. only this time in the vocal melody. and i really like AVA. but i just wanna hear Blink sounding like blink. it's just my opinion, why you gotta call me a douche? don/t we all wanna hear blink that's not heavily influenced by AVA?
  7. fuck you fishguts... anyway, today might be the day we'll be hearing some new shit from blink!
  8. what's wrong with my post? why must people be so rude...
  9. so i still haven't heard any of the previews... although boxing day i heard the same day it leaked on the internet. i didn't wanna hear it at first cuz' i wanted to hear all the new songs at the same day but i just couldn't wait any longer. but i accidentally heard yesterday a preview of a song but just for like 5 seconds, it probably was when i was young. and it made me cringe the second i heard the same fucking vocal melody of everything's magic. WTF? i mean come on, we've already also heard that exact same melody in shove and dry your eyes. do we have to listen it again on a 4th song? and to make it worse, its in a blink song. why does tom's AVA influence must infect blink so badly?. i wonder how did mark and travis approve of this. maybe they don't know those AVA songs lol. i'm a big fan of tom since ever, but this really made me mad that he had to rehash one more time that vocal melody that we've already been hearing since 2007. at least i wish that this song is better than the other 3 AVA songs. and i also wish that blink doesn't use too much synth on this EP.
  10. i think it's kinda cool that so many people from around the world are all impatiently waiting to hear Blinks new EP. and we're only a day away for the official release date and still no leak. i think this almost never happened, cuz leaks usually appear days before the release date. so its cool that altogether we're waiting for Blink to blow our minds with their new music. i hope all this wait is worth it though
  11. please dogs eating dogs leak already god dammit!

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