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  1. https://soundcloud.com/dropdeadsparrow Let us kno wut you think..
  2. Never said he was bad... Just funny
  3. Lol thanks for the support.. I love this song n I guess that's all that really matters.. Sounds like RHCP like bush sounds like nirvana?
  4. Nah I kno the owner.. He lets me chill there wheneva I want..
  5. I don't try to sing like Tom.. I've just listened to him too much.. I'm going to the studio to rerecord this in a couple of days.. Thnx Scott..
  6. Lol.. Il play harder next time.. But wut could I do to make it better? Any suggestions?
  7. N I need to go to a real studio but hmm.. Natural born killas are heartless n sick.. Presidents just think they're slick.. Lets dissolve all the boundaries.. Lets learn extravagantly.. Forget the past that's how it goes.. Saturate the radio-o-0.. https://soundcloud.com/duran-stewart/natural-born-killers
  8. Natural born killas.. Haven't Hurd from u in a couple of days.. My eyes are soaked n glazed.. Lets monetize our future.. Lets digitize consumers.. Just listen.. https://soundcloud.com/duran-stewart/natural-born-killers
  9. Never thought I'd miss you quite like this.. I miss you just one kiss.. Is what I'm aiming for..

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