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  1. CD: some Ramones greatest hits cd from walmart. What really got me into punk and pop punk LP: Blink's self titled was the first LP i got as a gift, but i did have a collection of my mom's old ones already, including the rolling stones' some girls, Boston's self titled, and abbey road
  2. The Wonder Years- The Vultures, the Bastards, the Wolves
  3. maybe a prequel about how woody realizes he is a toy, like what buzz goes through in the first one? just an idea
  4. damn that looks good.
  5. damn.. I don't know why but that head looks really cool with the vox cab for some reason haha
  6. how much did the mini rec set you back?
  7. don't know how many of you will enjoy this as much as I do, but the guitar on the left was my grandmas guitar that she handed down to me. It's a supertone "singing cowboys" model from 1942. Just got it fixed to be playable again and thought I'd share Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  8. I have the tiny terror and its great. it kinda sucks only having one channel but as long as you have a good distortion or drive pedal you'll be fine.
  9. epiphone dot studio w/ Seymour Duncan jb & squire strat w/ Duncan detonator -> cry baby wah -> Mxr custom badass 78 distortion -> nano clone chorus -> love pedal gen 5 echo -> orange tiny terror that goes through a custom 1x12 cab
  10. damn looks real nice. i have a feeling the hardware would be kinda shitty though
  11. black on black or the tan one
  12. oh I gotcha. I would have picked that up for sure if I would have saw that.
  13. was it in the cincy craigslist? I check on there all the time and must have missed this one! you can get some great fucking deals on craiglist
  14. thinking about trading my dot studio in and buying a blacktop tele. anybody try one of these? they look sweet. I just don't really like my dot that much anymore haha
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