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  1. I think it was more of necessity than anything, otherwise it would have never gotten done with Tom.
  2. Which is exactly why they work better stripped down live.
  3. Divorce sucks, not sure why people seem so giddy about it. Outside of band politics, pick a side drama and Tom's eccentric shenanigans it's still a marriage that fell apart. Crazy or not, I'm sure it took its toll on Tom, Jen and their kids.
  4. I know he didn't play on MH 1492 but I don't know that HAG was ever confirmed. It doesn't really feel like his style (past or present) though and I know Mark was recording guitar parts as well so it's entirely possible it was front to back and Tom learned it for the live version. That's entirely made up by me though so don't trust it to hold water
  5. Message Jan's body pillow girlfriend, he'll stab you in the neck. Then you can go to heaven 'cause it's not suicide.
  6. Odd choice of gif, Feeling-Th ... I mean, Ry.
  7. He said Heart's All Gone sounded like something off of Dude Ranch. Knapton doesn't pay attention.
  8. Thank goodness I brought my headphones to work!
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