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  1. And for his next trick Ghent will count to 12 and say his ABCs.

  2. This isn't Facebook, Neal.

  3. That's too god damn far, Oliver!

  4. What's the locale of this low-cal calzone zone?

  5. Anyone else have a headache?

  6. There was a second reason to that! I was horny.

  7. The shovel was a ground-breaking invention. 

  8. Good Christ, man! He's gone mongo!

  9. Okay, Kyle, quiet time is over.

  10. Shut up, Kyle. It's quiet time.

  11. Aaaaaand that's how you get people to think about your bo-bo!

  12. Anyone wanna guess what else is up right now?!

  13. Man, Ghent sure does want me badly!

  14. If it's that or being a complete fucking short-sighted idiot then, yes, I'm a Trump supporter!

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