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  1. Maybe that too but I don't know the general consensus for a blink/wayne mash up outside of the uber fans on this board so it's hard to gauge if it's actually stupid or if I'm just out of touch.
  2. Was gonna listen to TOYPAJ today until I remember the god damn bonus tracks aren't available on spotify. What's the point?!
  3. Blink has never really released shit I wasn't interested in hearing before, this is a weird era for me personally. It seems I'm just getting old and jaded these days.
  4. Because they're great album so do what you're told, kid!
  5. You ever see that kids movie Meet the Robinsons ... that's what his stupid haircut reminds me of and it affects me.
  6. Dude Ranch was great, Cheshire was just okay
  7. It's great! I was gonna maybe even listen to it today
  8. Untitled is a lot lower for some of you than I expected!
  9. I've decided to rank Blink's album, I don't think I've ever done so before outside of saying Dude Ranch was my favorite. So here it goes ... 1. Dude Ranch 2. TOYPAJ 3. Enema 4. Cheshire 5. Buddha 6. Neighborhoods 7. untitled 8. California I'm sure there's gonna be a ton of disagreement but is there anyone who actually agrees?
  10. You gave it to her, you son of a bitch!
  11. You're gonna get laid!
  12. Like I said, 2 wasn't worth even remembering
  13. I really like Drug but that's it ... California was an okay listen in the background but not something I really paid any mind after a week or so. The new stuff is hit and miss depending on my mood ... I really like Darkside and Generational Divide but never listen to them. Rebel Girl is great but, again, no real replay value.
  14. It definitely just isnt for me but I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. Seems to be one of the few things most people here agree on and there will be no shit talking from me.
  15. Don't you take that away from me, I didn't buy all this bar soap for nothing!
  16. I wish they'd play Fat Lip or Hit or Miss just one more time!
  17. It's all fine for them, they won't get in trouble! Geez ...
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