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  1. I wouldn't go see it either way ... Laura, please add a "who fucking cares" option.
  2. I mean, if the goal is to predict the date of the album being released this year ...
  3. That little side story was a bit hard to make it through but the season as a whole felt off. The pacing didn't feel right and the character archs felt forced and unnatural, especially 11.
  4. Last season didn't do much for me so I'm hesitant with this season.
  5. My first gigging rig was a massive $3000 Marshall Head/Egnator half stack that I insisted on buying and, don't get me wrong, it sounded great but it was WAY over powered for anything I'd ever need it was a pain in the ass to lug around plus recording with it was a shit experience. I used it for years until I realized a 50 watt was all I'd ever need and could be mic'd well enough if need be ... it's a hell of a lot easier to travel with too.
  6. I mean, I guess I would assume the former in this case
  7. Wikipedia lists No It Isn't, Lycanthrope, When Your Heart Stops Beating, Baby Come On and 155 as singles released.
  8. Mastering, probably art and promotion/marketing.
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