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  1. I actually have a little over 40 hours in … I am Matt’s fucking surprise!
  2. Fair enough. I have a shit attention span.
  3. I know you can do it but I’ve not discovered how just yet and I’m opting to not look shit up for this play through so I’m probably missing a ton of shit.
  4. I barely scratched the surface of the game, I’d be surprised if I was 30 hours in yet. I’ve yet to even upgrade my battery once.
  5. Sames. I don’t know what the fuck I’m supposed to do with trophies and what not.
  6. My favorite thing about the Zelda games are the puzzles, especially when the ones that make you overthink the solutions to the point where it doesn’t even seem possible and the whole time it’s the dumbest most simple solution ever.
  7. Dave? More like Dick, amirite?!?
  8. Enjoyed some singles but never cared much for Foo Fighters.
  9. Three Amigos tonight, love this film.
  10. I’ve taken heed of your response and given it some thought. I’d be disappointed if that was the name of a song too. I just don’t care much for it. Would you mind letting the boys know? I’m sure they’d be interested in my opinion.
  11. I watched The Sadness tonight, it was great!
  12. I’d be disappointed with that album name.
  13. Hey, congrats! I hit three years on May 3rd.
  14. @Knapppers The new Dirty Nil album is fantastic. I didn’t like Fuck Art at all and didn’t expect much from the latest release but I did some yard today and threw it on and fucking jammed out. Great album!
  15. I’m on water temple now, enjoying it more than wind and fire. I’d stick with it.
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