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  1. I’ve taken heed of your response and given it some thought. I’d be disappointed if that was the name of a song too. I just don’t care much for it. Would you mind letting the boys know? I’m sure they’d be interested in my opinion.
  2. I watched The Sadness tonight, it was great!
  3. I’d be disappointed with that album name.
  4. Hey, congrats! I hit three years on May 3rd.
  5. @Knapppers The new Dirty Nil album is fantastic. I didn’t like Fuck Art at all and didn’t expect much from the latest release but I did some yard today and threw it on and fucking jammed out. Great album!
  6. I’m on water temple now, enjoying it more than wind and fire. I’d stick with it.
  7. The death mountain temple thing is taking forever ‘cause I keep dying trying to do stupid shit.
  8. I spent most of BotW lost, I haven’t really gotten lost in this game. It’s definitely more friendly.
  9. I noticed that too, I don’t remember BotW being that obvious.
  10. I’m trying to go through the whole story without a guide, which is unusual for me with a Zelda game. I wanna beat the official game first and then go back and clear all the special shit with the guide.
  11. Are you guys using guides or are you just winging?
  12. It’s something I used to think was dumb but I started seeing the appeal in the last few years. Personally, gonna wait until the kids are a little older so I don’t have to worry about grubby fingers or broken records.
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