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Status Updates posted by Speedo

  1. Happy May 16th!!!

  2. Day 2 after food poisoning and I’m still afraid to fart.

  3. Nah, this one.

  4. You guys remember that refrigerator raider commercial? 

  5. Double Covid and now food poisoning! God hates you!

  6. Try some different notes, Jan.

  7. I suppose it could be “feigning” as well. I wish you wouldn’t force people into guessing games to figure out what the hell you’re talking about, Janet.

  8. The wording you’re looking for is “fiending”, Jan, you fucking idiot.

  9. I stole it from a meme I saw!

  10. I don’t separate my laundry by whites and colored, that’s how NOT racist I am.

  11. I have not had enough coffee.

  12. I have had too much coffee.

  13. Max says everybody’s angry …

  14. You people need to learn how to let jokes breathe.

  15. Just to fuck with you.

  16. Raycon earbuds suck dick.

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    2. Speedo


      Are you talking directly to me or is this a sort of general wisdom you're sharing?

    3. Strings_anus


      General wisdom in which you should be following frequently.

    4. Speedo


      Appreciate you.

  17. I am fucking bored to fuck.

  18. It doesn't have to stand, it can find a chair and sit. I don't care, as long as the dishes get done. 

  19. Sir, how much have you had to drink this evening?

  20. Captain Everything! was a great band, they deserved more attention than they got.

  21. Well, he doesn't have a choice ... wouldn't want to disappoint his fan.

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