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  1. What does punk have anything to do with it? Your banter is weak, we aren’t 15.
  2. Being the best synth band is like being the least smelling turd.
  3. But can he spell “whole” and “whack” correctly?
  4. @Quinns86 he’s here! @daveyjones say hi to @Quinns86
  5. Great, now I’ll never get that promotion. I hate me.
  6. Good one, Jan and only 4 days late this time!
  7. You absolutely were, you pedantic turd.
  8. I wasn’t insisting it was called Hold On.
  9. It’s weird seeing everyone refer to the song as Don’t Tell Me It’s Over, we called it Hold On when it came out.
  10. We have a wedding to go to Friday at like 3pm, an hour away. Thinking about just killing myself, fuck their special day.
  11. What wedding isn’t basically PR?
  12. Happy May 16th!!!

  13. Happy May 16th everyone, it’s just another Saturday!
  14. I saw it at the movies for its premier!
  15. That’s because you’re thinking with your penis.
  16. It’s best not to question.
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