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  1. So at the beginning of the season I decided I had wanted to get into football more and so I picked a handful of teams to support and found one that I liked and wanted to back full time. That team happened to be the Chiefs and now they're going to the super bowl, I'm sort of a good luck charm. Also, picking the chiefs makes me look like I'm kissing Ghent's ass and so I kept it on the dl but no more.
  2. It looks a while but I finished Mandalorian, it was okay.
  3. Am I the only one that couldn't really make anything out enough to have an opinion on it?
  4. I finished all 6 of the Tremors movie, they were fantastically awful, I enjoyed them very much. Last night I watched They Shall Not Grow Old but I was a bit disappointed as I didn't feel it was long enough and could have gone more in depth with other aspects of the war.
  5. Looks a little strung out, honestly, and pretty rough for wear.
  6. Okay, holy fuck, this game is great.
  7. You know what I appreciate about you, Jan? You always keep current board references in your posts.
  8. Picked up Fallen Order, probably gonna start it tomorrow night.
  9. https://www.alternativenation.net/blink-182-icon-makes-young-girlfriend-divorce/
  10. Went back and listened to a good chunk of California and Nine today. Nine stayed about the same, really enjoyed it for what it was but still kind of off and California still just didn't click much for me. It's okay enough but never a go to and then I realized I kind of just always liked Tom's vocals. I miss his voice in Blink. Now, I know he was shit live and I know his vocal style changed a bit over the years but on record you always knew it was Tom, his voice was unique and for that he has always been a singer I clicked with. I think that's the main reason I never went fanboy over the new stuff.
  11. It's the end of the world
  12. Nope! Love those songs! Only shit I've really liked from AvA since We Don't Need To Whisper.
  13. I listened to Kiss & Tell and Rebel Girl a lot today.
  14. He's a pretty excellent guitarist actually... That being said I like exactly 1 REM song and Zero Dave Matthews songs so I gotta give it up to REM.
  15. This mother fucker! https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Simpsons-71006-House/dp/B00HX14C7Q It was 2014 and my wife and I had just started dating. She loves Legos and so we went to the lego store and I let her get whatever she wanted. She picked this fucker. In my head I figured we put this together while having a few drink and then one thing would lead to another and I'd be the lego hero and maybe connect my piece to hers... It took fucking forever and at the end of it we were too damn tired and just went to bed.
  16. They are and it doesn't make sense... We bought the Simpsons house in 2015 or so and it was almost 400 bucks.
  17. I'm a wuss too. I always start every game on the easiest setting and then move up each time after I beat it.
  18. I've never played Dark Souls, hear it's hard though. Maybe I'll have to give it a go.
  19. I'm probably the last person in the world to ever be enthusiastic about Star Wars bit Fallen Order looks rad as fuck.
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