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  1. Andrew left during the production of TDB, I believe ... Fat Mike filled in on bass for the album on Unconditional Love and FuckMyLife666. Although, I had originally heard he did Paralytic States and the eponymous track ... Laura did bass for the rest of the tracks. Jay Wienberg was playing drums for them at the time and he left before drums were recorded which is why Atom plays on the entire album. Inge came in for the albums tour.
  2. Played bass for Against Me! after Andrew left ... 2013-2018. Andrew is back now and Inge got the boot but it was sort of an odd situation and no one has really talked about it.
  3. Anyone ever hear what happened with Inge?
  4. I really like Apocalypse Now (& Later), Reality Bites and, depending on my mood China Beach. Outside of that nothing else does anything for me, it just get lost in rambling vocals and nothing sticks out. I'm more of a melody guy and Laura's new writing style kills that sometimes.
  5. You know ... it's a little weird when people agree with something you say on the internet. I feel like I should fight you!
  6. I don't know who you are, much less gotten to know your sense of humor and we aren't communicating in person so there's no body language to read. You joking isn't as obvious to us as it is to you. It'll come in time though, pal, just gotta stick around and keep interacting.
  7. I thought I was the only one throw off.
  8. Eternal Cowboy is probably still my favorite of their records. I had that shit pre-ordered and sent to a book store to get it when it came out then walked 3 hours home listening to it the whole time. I didn't care for the Devouring Mothers much either outside of 2 or 3 songs. I never revisit it. Heart Burns, on the other hand, is a fantastic record that I always find myself coming back to a few times a year.
  9. New Wave? Edit: Nope. Searching for a Former Clarity, looked it up. I never really cared what label they were on. It's lyrically themed around that because that is what the huge outrage was about at the time. It's what they were living ... it's exactly my point from before and the reason I used them as an example. They were scene darlings until they started getting noticed and attracting major labels and then all of a sudden they suck and they're tourists and sell outs. It's a lame fucking argument from do-nothing wannabes and the people who preach it are mentally retarded.
  10. Texas Country came around well before rock and roll, its more rooted in folk and blue grass and the problem is still quite prevalent. Blues as well. I don't know that rock is the defining characteristic, maybe just maybe a platform.
  11. You see it in almost every genre as well, anything that has an underground following. People tend to want to possess bands they find early on, like little secret gems they have apart from the rest of the world. I get it, I felt the same about Against Me!, when I found them in 2002.
  12. I never understood why we act like money and art are mutually exclusive ... not that you're saying it or anything but your comment put this thought in my head. It's weird that we pretend making a good living somehow lessens musical integrity. You don't really see that mentality in any other form of entertainment. It's bizarre.
  13. Dude, I threw it on one night just cause I was bored and couldn't find anything else. Boom. Hooked.
  14. I saw that on punknews, it's not bad, I kind of like the take on the New Hope bridge.
  15. If I had friends it'd be a running joke in our group as well but I don't. I only have a wife and she doesn't find me particularly funny.
  16. You hate grandma, Davey! Why are you trying to kill grandma?!
  17. You think that because you've never seen his vault.
  18. I may be alone in this but I do like the way it sounds for Dammit. I think the mix fits that particular song pretty well but it's like they mixed everything to match that one song.
  19. I used to love the way it sounded when I was younger (15 or 16), the older I get the more I dislike it, nothing sounds crisp on it, the mix they have feels like it's sucking out all the energy.
  20. Tom read this, got butt hurt and tried be all mature. This article destroyed Blink-182. Also, you should be quarantined!
  21. This is terrible. It's worse than the original Adam's Song and that's saying something.
  22. @thongrider Goodfellas over on the Acres, Sopranos over here ... is there some sort of trend going on that I've missed?! I feel outta the loop!
  23. If it's 10 songs in the line of Rebel Girl and Kiss and Tell then I'll be happy, first stuff from AvA I've really enjoyed since WDNTW. The last song they released I hated though and I'm hoping it doesn't make the album and isn't a showcase of what's to come.
  24. No way! Hanukkah is for sinners and residents of hell.
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