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  1. I think all teams should be required to submit all their plays ahead of time to the other team. Then its just pure fucking skill and if they don't do what's on the sheet then someone gets shot ... could be a player, could be staff, could be another person on the other team or even an audience member ... its random.
  2. And then my crush and I made out to your cd! Thanks for the tunes! Do you still think people who have friends are just edgelords?
  3. Jan living vicariously through artists!
  4. I know! That's why your pastime was burning CDs.
  5. Ignore the pedophile, he's a fucking moron.
  6. I bought it at Walmart before school.
  7. Jan is a penis wrinkle.

  8. I mean, you can cherry pick but it still comes off as pretty sane and level headed and nothing how you're presenting it.
  9. He literally didn't say anything like that.
  10. I started mine out super young and now she's a blink fan. https://youtu.be/ucMZeqW5Jrg
  11. The third time I smoked pot my friends got called into work and I was left alone. I hung out and watched some kids play soccer for a while and drank water from a garden hose and at my peak I wandered home. I came through the front door and my dad was play air guitar to the Eagles with one leg propped up on the coffee table. That's the extent of my Eagles experience.
  12. I didn't hear him 'til one of those Warped Tour comps came out with a song of his. She Is Beautiful is a pretty good song and so is Ready To Die. This EP reminds me of him a little bit https://youtu.be/qqg0OHNbI7c
  13. I think the timing is off.
  14. Like 03 or 04 ... you've never heard of Andrew WK?! Get out of here, you crazy son of a bitch! Edit: I looked it up and it says the album it is from got released in 2001!
  15. I have not, what's that, just a set?
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