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  1. Don’t lump me in with the knuckleheads! Will I take new music from a Tom involved Blink 182? Sure. I won’t be going to see them live and I’m not exactly giddy over the prospect so, other than stupid jokes, I don’t have much to say on the matter.
  2. You set it up and let me know when you’re ready, best friend.
  3. I don’t mind Jan but her constant need for approval gets irksome … she’d spend the whole show aping my material.
  4. Not quite there, there’s a good retort in this but you haven’t quite gotten there yet with this one.
  5. No, Oliver claimed Casey wasn’t A real lawyer.
  6. Jason Tate kicks puppies and steals from his grandma’s purse.
  7. Did you guys know two girls who have had sex with the same guy are called Pickle Sisters. I didn’t know that until yesterday.
  8. I have no clue who Jason Tate is.
  9. I think they had an albums worth of material but I don't think it was properly recorded.
  10. What friends? I’m 36 with three kids, a marriage and a job I routinely work 17 hours a day doing, even on weekends.
  11. Weekends are meaningless when you don’t work a Monday-Friday schedule.
  12. I couldn’t care less, I can’t get excited about a tour I’m not going to see anyway. If they release new music with Tom, that’ll be something I have interest in so someone let me know if/when that happens.
  13. No Queens of the Weekend either. Sexist. What about Queens who are Kings or Kings who are Queens? Transphobic much?
  14. He’s having trouble in his personal life and this is his outlet from it. Just let him be and it’ll sort itself out.
  15. I don’t know what to tell you, do better?
  16. The fact that you think it’s a bad thing tells me you have a gross misunderstanding of what pitch correction is and how it should be used.
  17. Literally all of your favorite bands in the studio and if they are big enough to have a production team live. It’s a good tool to use and when used properly it pushes music to the next level and can help bring out a quality performance.
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