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  1. It's better than the Willow/Avril turd I just listened to, I suppose.
  2. That fucking sucks. It sounds like something you'd hear on one of those shitty made for TV Disney movies.
  3. No but he's a solid punk drummer. I prefer his style to Travis 'cause I like drums that aren't particularly flashy but he isn't someone I would classify as a great artist.
  4. Her Paramore song came on the radio this morning as I was taking my daughter to school. It was okay enough.
  5. Amen. Some of my favorite music is off-time and out of tune.
  6. It's all or nothing. You go full throttle or you don't get behind the wheel.
  7. He's doing really well. That's sort of his concern with coming back, he feels like he wouldn't be able to keep himself from going to the same place mentally again.
  8. I've been trying but I really don't think he'll be coming back.
  9. I'm like 98% sure CBD is snake oil ... an update version of essential oils.
  10. I've been filling Oliver in on the goings on around here and I came across this post again. I just wanted you to know, this hurt my feelings ... specifically the bolded parts.
  11. Travis would live that long ... you can't kill the guy.
  12. I have honestly never heard that but that's not saying too much. I'm oblivious to a lot of the Blink inner-workings.
  13. I'll kick your fucking ass, kid!
  14. That site scares me and makes me feel old.
  15. It's a cheaper version of what happened in the early naughts. Plastic rock for snot-nosed brats.
  16. I was not aware you could read movie scripts to movies that aren't even out.
  17. Also, he's posting songs that are interchanging with other songs on the set list. If AvA is changing up the set list every so often then no one would know what they are playing with or without the damn spoiler. It's not courteous, it's god damn redundant.
  18. How many are there? I know Kim and the one Travis is with, that's it. Is there a horde?
  19. Everyone's such a ninny about everything these days and 20/20 is out here handing out hugs and participation ribbons.
  20. You don't cater to the LCD, fuck them.
  21. My wife does the same thing ... every movie or show we watch she reads the synopsis mid-watch. It drives me nuts. I don't care about spoilers, fucking tell me Dumbledore dies or Bruce Willis is a ghost the whole time and I'm fine with it. I enjoy the journey but don't do it while we watch the fucking thing. I'm going to have to beat my wife Davey.
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