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  1. That reminds me. @Dylan_, I need your address, pal.
  2. This world just isn't meant for us, Jan.
  3. I tried playing that low a few months back during a session and it instantly hurt my back.
  4. Speedo


    It's weird you guys out redneck trashed us.
  5. Speedo


    I don't know anyone interested in watching it.
  6. To be fair, punknews is an extra fun site to shit all over.
  7. I won't even travel to a different city in Texas! I'm a lazy, cantankerous fuck.
  8. Sometimes I miss that goofy-haired weirdo. 2006 was a fun year.
  9. Well, he doesn't have a choice ... wouldn't want to disappoint his fan.

  10. David Kennedy is the type of guy to have Depf as a fan.

    1. tired of coight

      tired of coight

      3/3,127 this year, good job.

  11. @Dylan_ I'm going to send it off to Oliver this weekend to get it signed and inscribed for you. If you will send me a mailing address, I will have Oliver ship it to you directly.
  12. Well, as far as I know, Taylor Swift hasn't dipped her toe in that particular cess pool so I don't think Olivia would be akin to her, no.
  13. It's a style of music, the image is unimportant.
  14. They're putting waaaaaay too much thought into this. Just have fun, be honest, and play it fast and to the hook. That's it. That's all pop punk is.
  15. Geez, you try and start something nice and the dingbats come and shit all over it.

  16. Speedo Tips #2: All dicks may be beautiful but that doesn't make them useful.

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