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  1. Cher looks like a fuck doll ... and not one of the good ones either.
  2. Well, certainly no one would pay for it.
  3. I understand your point but I gotta disagree, I thought DK's pacing was perfect for the mood of the movie. I did enjoy DKR but I thought that the first 2 movies kind of killed any chance it was gonna have, it would have faired better as the second movie in the trilogy instead of the third. I mean, I get that the story wouldn't have worked as is but the tension built in DK was really good and would have lent itself perfectly to cap off the trilogy.
  4. The wife and I put on the latest Black Mirror season while we ate tonight ... watched the first episode and turned it off ... two friends video game fucking, what kind of stupid shit is that?! Done with this show now.
  5. I know poor spelling is your shtick but sometimes spelling is important.
  6. Guitar has what sounds to have flanger on it, same as the original track ... maybe a little heavier on the reverb but not as compressed as the original either.
  7. Seriously. It's like my favorite pastime, I'm old and bored and have nothing better to do.
  8. He also did that less than jake song but less than jake sucks and so did that song.
  9. Yeah, he did! It's the only reason I bought the album back then.
  10. Yeah, it was a fun fucking show too. Green Day blew Blink out of the water though ... I mean Blink was fun and funny as fuck but it wasn't even close, Green Day murdered.
  11. Didn't even know it was out ... season two sucked donkey dick. They crammed every teenage high school drama cliche possible into it and I checked the fuck out. Season one was pretty good though.
  12. The last time I went to a show that wasn't a sea of phones was Against Me in Glasgow in 2006.
  13. Lil Wayne sounds weird in the mix and his moanings remind me of crazy legs from Don't Be A Menace. His verse don't fit, it's an awkward collab. I actually like A Milli (outside the annoying fucking "a milli" echo that goes throughout the entire fucking thing) and I obviously love WMAA but together fucking sucks. They don't fit, they should have had Wayne write something new for it rather than just do a mash up.
  14. I just now watched it, man. I'm sorry it took me so long, it's been a busy week and I honestly forgot about it. I like it, you should definitely do more videos.
  15. Wrecking Hotel Rooms is a great MXPX song from the only MXPX album I've ever liked! Good choice, bud!
  16. Blink had a lot of influence on the music I would discover throughout the years ... except for Cure. They have a few songs that are alright, two songs that are great and the rest is mostly unlistenable crap. Really don't understand the love for them ... or Beatles ... or The Police.
  17. You'd think that but I still remember the hate they got for TOYPAJ and untitled. It's fun to hate on a good band and Blink has always been an extremely easy target from fans and non-fans alike.
  18. Agreed! I also thought it was a funny post to make. So, as someone who is hypercritical of Mark, kudos to him!
  19. My first time was the pop disaster tour
  20. Good, you'll have someone to talk to in the Shame Closet!
  21. Some songs just speak to you, eh Ghent?
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