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  1. I'm devoting my entire time on this board to getting Russel to show his dingaling.
  2. Maybe if you pose nude with it I can finish.
  3. Weird. Maybe you're just sick today?
  4. The first couple of seasons were great but it went downhill after that.
  5. Jan thinks Fighting the Gravity is not only a good song but also one of the top Blink songs. That notion is certifiable and 100 years ago she'd have been lobotomized for such hysterics.
  6. Stay. Good, boy!

  7. He is definitely a dick but he isn't terribly rightwing. I guess he technically hit that lady but eh.
  8. He's alright once you get to know him, like a teddy bear, really. A gruff, sandpaper covered teddy bear.
  9. Almost A Heart Attack made the cut and I couldn't be happier!
  10. You really need to stop creating sock account, Jan.
  11. 3 posts in and you've manage to already be insufferable. Perhaps you should lurk for a while yet and learn how to communicate with this board before you post again.
  12. Yeah, I was a little surprised!
  13. Screeching Weasel is dropping a new album tomorrow and I'll be happy as a pig in shit!
  14. I'm pretty insanely jealous of this, @Neal Fucking rad, man!
  15. Welcome to recording. You just have to learn how to get past it. Every musician that records has their own ritual or habit that helps them. If I'm recording guitar part I always keep and extra pick in my mouth, if it's vocals then I tend to put my hands in my back pockets. Its about finding something that you can control without thinking about it.
  16. I started playing Simpsons Tapped Out again
  17. Probably! It's a good song, needs cleaning up and fine tuning but its alright.
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