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  1. Colin Quinn's Red State Blue State is pretty good!
  2. He hasn't gone by Lint in 30 years!
  3. That's because you're not desperately clinging on to your youth.
  4. It turns out Hello Exile works better as an acoustic album, I'm enjoying it way more as From Exile than I ever did the former.
  5. I started Zinn's The People's History of the United States tonight.
  6. So, they did clean up the graphics with Mario 64?
  7. Speedo

    EOTS tone

    The cleans sound more like fender to me, honestly. I just assumed it would be a strat.
  8. Speedo

    EOTS tone

    Why do you think it's a tele?
  9. I knew the album is coming out Friday but I hadn't heard anything from it! Thanks for sharing, fucking love Manges!
  10. Someone tell LJG it's okay to say "no" to a collab request. Jesus, she's just as bad as fucking Mark and Travis. Hell, maybe the three of them can team up, call the project The I'll Do Anythings, check out the new LP 13 Songs of Shit that includes the new hit single, Fartin' In A Fucking Microphone (in the key of attention).
  11. What songs did you guys run into: Jenny cover was labeled as Blink-182 Seasons in the Sun label as Blink-182
  12. Fuck. I got lazy and didn't want to write another 4 songs and was hoping a 9 song EP was a thing. You know, extended, extended play. EEP.
  13. I was not aware Craigslist still existed.
  14. I've played it, borrowed it, just never owned it. My 64 came with Ocarina of Time so I never bothered to buy it.
  15. What's the limit to the number of songs you can have on an EP and still be able to call it an EP?
  16. Pube on punknews commented this: “ ... 'The Menzingers Take Over The Flatliners As The Most Boring Band In Punk'” and I thought it was pretty accurate.
  17. Yeah, I saw them play here when they came through in 2018. They changed up the sound for their last album and I wasn't a fan but it was a great show.
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