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  1. A Question of Lust has some of my favorite chord changes of all time.
  2. You know what’s canned? Stealing /stolen/ jokes about MGK and Megan Fox from Twitter 😴😴
  3. nice to see that Panic's only good song made it into the competition. that being said, it's gotta be I Miss You for me.
  4. I saw Slaughter Beach Dog live a few months ago, they were great.
  5. (That being said, I really like I’m Not Okay but this Finch song is great and feels more emo to me.)
  6. MCR is textbook emo for kids born in the late 90s and later. Just goes to show how different generational perceptions of genre can be.
  7. Helena’s chorus is top notch and such a satisfying listen from beginning to end. Easy choice.
  8. can we do a best pop punk album bracket at some point?
  9. damn, i love The Middle, but Fat Lip is a genre-defining song, i feel like.
  10. we're so bored that we'll debate about literally anything. those who come on strong continue to be welcomed. you're totally good.
  11. same. i think because of social media, a lot of fans are starting to have more parasocial relationships with the artists they like. so it makes sense why they feel like they can't listen to an artist anymore when news comes out that they've done shitty things. i can see why someone who feels like they personally know the artist would be unable to separate the art. however, i think the whole idea of parasocial relationships with artists and celebrities is a biiiig red flag and needs to be talked about more now that it's happening more often. it's weird and creepy and people need to get a life. that's why i've never understood why people say they love or hate celebs they don't even know. who cares? and why are you dedicating so much emotional energy either way? they're a stranger.
  12. I respect people who can't separate the art from the artist, for personal reasons or otherwise, but as soon as they start pushing their opinion onto others, they lose me. There's no faster way to get another person to dig their heels in than by morally grandstanding to them. As someone who often separates the art from the artist, I don't actually think you can truly separate them since a lot of the time they're inevitably linked. It's probably more accurate to say you just don't care enough about the shitty thing the artist did to stop consuming their art. Which to me is fine, nonunique, and doesn't make you an awful person. People don't care enough about shitty things to stop doing a whole lot of stuff. You don't know the artist personally and by not consuming their art, it's unlikely you'll be able to make a meaningful enough change. I've heard the argument that if enough people stopped consuming the art of a shitty artist, it could make a change, but I'm too cynical to believe that could ever happen. People don't like being told they're shitty people for consuming art they like, and so far the anti-separate crowd haven't found other persuasive arguments. Apparently on Spotify, you have to stream a song 315 times for the artist to make a dollar. I've listened to Brand New a handful of times on Spotify (not yet on Apple Music). They've probably made around 15-25 cents off me. So how much of an impact have I made by not streaming their music? If I care about sexual assault, it would probably make more sense for me to donate to RAINN or volunteer for a crisis center. I understand not everyone has the privilege to do those things, but you'd think that if some anti-separate people care about sexual assault as much as they say they do, they wouldn't spend so much time harassing fans on social media. I think about this topic all the time because if I become a lawyer I'm considering going into employment law or family law, where sexual assault and domestic violence are common sources of legal disputes. I'd hope the difference I could make supporting victims of sexual assault / domestic violence wouldn't be invalidated because I listen to The Beatles and John Lennon abused his ex-wife.
  13. i like Foo Fighters' debut, The Colour and the Shape, and Wasting Light. the rest of their albums pre-Wasting Light have a few songs i enjoy. i just think it's difficult to make their style of music versatile and over the years it's gotten stagnant. i don't really have any opinions on Dave Grohl as a guy though, not something i tend to pay attention to.
  14. New Order, Age of Consent Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground Green Day, Longview Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart U2, New Year's Day Duran Duran, Rio
  15. thinking about how Jan had "no clue" the "K" in kpop stands for Korean
  16. Eight Days a Week is one of my favorites.
  17. I’m not a kpop fan, but sometimes I can appreciate the camp and plasticity turned up to 11. The packaged nature of it is what makes it appealing because it’s embracing it full stop. There’s some pop music in the west that is like that, but not a lot. The choreography and fashion can be entertaining, and the fusion of genres and influences (especially western ones) can be cool. All that being said though, I can only listen in small doses, and I only do at the prodding of kpop fans I know. And unlike them, I’m not into the band members or idol culture in general, which plays a massive role in being a kpop fan from what I gather. And that’s the quality that makes it kind of cultish, hahaha. There’s also all the discussions about cultural appropriation, the mechanical assembly of kpop groups, and kpop stans’ beef with the western music world (BTS and the Grammys being a notable example) that I usually find more interesting than the music itself. Looking into all that can be pretty rabbit hole-y.
  18. Strawberry Fields Forever > Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for me. And Hello Goodbye and Penny Lane are two of my top Beatles songs. IIRC correctly one thing Brian Wilson said about Paul is that he could never pin down how he got to be so versatile and that The Beach Boys spent forever trying to figure out where he got all his different types of songs from. Which is a comment I love, because one time Paul said God Only Knows was the greatest song ever written. People like to pit The Beatles and The Beach Boys against each other, but at least to me they’re too different to compare, and the fact that they admired each other’s work shows how groundbreaking they both were in their own right.
  19. A Hard Day's Night, Rubber Soul, and Revolver. what about you?
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