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  1. Chris Holmes interview with Propertyofzack So for example one way we worked was, if Mark had an idea and we had a tempo and key we liked, rather than send a quick demo we could get the keeper bass or guitar sounds and really nail down the part we wanted before sending it to Tom. From there Tom would listen, if he heard something he wanted to change or play differently he would record it, send it back to us, ask us what we thought … from there Travis would play drums, and then the song would make the rounds again. This wasn’t always the exact sequence of events with who did what first, but that’s typically how it would flow. “Snake Charmer” and “MH 4.18.2011” were two that came from this way of working. Along with that, we worked on 4 or 5 ideas that started with everybody in the same room together. Those days were really fast paced, and the energy was crazy. We’d get a song structure, tempo, and key pretty much set, and then do a good demo version. At the end of the day we’d make notes on what to tweak, and then everybody would re-record their parts with the keeper sounds they wanted the next week at their own studio. To me this was more of what a normal pre-production would have been like. “After Midnight” and “Natives” came from this way of working.
  2. Worst Tom-era song from Cheshire Cat and on. Its soooo boring
  3. The track is notable for being recorded without DeLonge's involvement, with Hoppus recording all of the guitars in addition to his usual bass and vocals. From Wiki. I can't find the link, but I definitely remember that being the case when an article came out with the band giving a couple sentences about each song
  4. I’m glad you responded because I wanted to post about the show again but would have felt like a putz if I was talking to myself lol. The Rehearsal is the best show I’ve ever seen. And I say that as a comedy snob. It isn’t necessarily my favorite just because nothing will ever compare to things I grew up with like South Park or Seinfeld. But it’s soooo brilliant
  5. Never done this before, but I'll give it a shot Feeling This 10/10 Obvious 10/10 I Miss You 10/10 Violence 10/10 Stockholm Syndrome 10/10 Down 10/10 Fallen Interlude 9/10 Go 10/10 Asthenia 10/10 Always 10/10 Easy Target 10/10 All of This 10/10 Here's Your Letter 10/10 I'm Lost Without You 10/10 Not Now 10/10
  6. I meannnnn it would make sense for Mark to walk on stage as a surprise guest for The Rock Show and then Tom to walk on stage as a super surprise guest for All The Small Things
  7. Mark has always had a never say never attitude. Even in ‘06 when he hated Tom’s guts
  8. The band isn’t active so I’m not sure how 30 years is an accomplishment rather than just an anniversary. Thriller is 40 years old this year. What an accomplishment!
  9. Mark is in the studio, whether something has been announced or not #fax
  10. I never would have said I don't really care about Tom coming back, but I wouldn't have guessed rumors would have me waking up in anticipation at 4am and being unable to fall back asleep.
  11. Scheduling around Tom's version of Marvel is going to take a minute, be patient.
  12. Glad he waited until 30 minutes after and didnt squash it at any point of the hype
  13. Last week I got a Mr. Plow Homer signed by Dan Castellaneta. Blink is just gravy at this point.
  14. Considering the bands long track record of being terrified of communicating difficult topics, I feel bad for Matt having to find out about this on Instagram tomorrow
  15. 12 years ago, with rumors swirling, I reached out to Renee Renee on MySpace like 2 days before the Grammys and he confirmed it for me. I forget what gave me the idea. So what I’m saying is someone should reach out to Renee Renee on MySpace.
  16. They could have never stopped Tom merch the last 6 years and it would have kept selling just fine. I do think there's a lot of smoke at the moment
  17. Did someone else sketch it and Da Vinci come in and paint it?
  18. This to me is a benefit. I can put Mark with Robocop and they look fine together. We all have our things guys, lets not gatekeep collections
  19. Who besides South Americans could possibly prefer seeing them live vs a new album? People haven't seen the same damn show enough times already?
  20. Blink IG post on the pop says “3 nude dudes”
  21. I'm all in and ready to be disappointed
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