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  1. "She just knew me from the guy from that band [that she's loved for 20 years.]"
  2. Tom is just Tooooooo Sweeeeeet
  3. 20% written by Mark means this is basically a blink song!
  4. blink offers more money and boom it's a blink song
  5. When you hire writers the performers are interchangeable
  6. There should only be 5 cupcakes as arrows
  7. Right on. December...16th maybe in San Francisco. I’ve seen it here and there on eBay but I have so many posters I never got around to replacing it Another poster story - A couple days later +44 played a MySpace secret show in San Francisco. Awesome poster giveaway after the show. I waited around for Mark after the show who came out to sign. Started signing, said it was going to slow “give me a handful and I’ll pass them back out” so he grabs a whole bunch including mine and signs. Passes them back out, and I don’t get one back. So someone snatched up my signed poster. I went back to the venue to ask for another poster so I could at least leave with something but they were all gone. This one I did replace a couple years later though.
  8. Holmes has a poster of the first +44 show I went to, with The Matches as the opener. I had never heard of The Matches and quickly after that show they ended up being my second favorite band ever after blink. Gave the poster to a friend of mine after the show in a decision I totally regret. Just saying.
  9. The statement "That bitch Carole Baskin" is stuck in my head the same way a song would be.
  10. Things falling out of windows is somewhat of a running gag - the show, the air conditioner, the electronic organizer, the suicidal patient that lands on George's car and I think one of two more that escape me. Fun fact: The guy who played the Mohel got lost last year and died and was partially eaten by vultures
  11. NeverOliver


    The thing is that the common cold and flu don’t spread like this. My girlfriend is my resident expert in this stuff in that she reads about shit like Ebola for fun, and she definitely thinks it’s extremely overblown but it might get to virtually everyone. So even if it’s “just” the elderly and people with immune issues, you’re still talking maybe 10 million deaths in America. And who knows what will happen when hospitals and shit have exhausted resources.
  12. NeverOliver


    Wtf I love Wiggins now
  13. When people win the lottery don't most people take the lump sum? People want money up front. I'm not sure being wealthy excludes you from that.
  14. I’m definitely not a Tomtard I just don’t think taking 10’s of millions of dollars upfront reeks of desperation. Especially when far more relevant artists are doing the same thing
  15. Enough more that it would even be relevant to a guy with millions? The body shop that saved them money in rent to accomplish the same thing - Not selling any shirts with planets on them?
  16. He made what, 20 grand and was a multimillionaire? The wealthy are sick and always need more money medicine.
  17. And when he sold off his guitars that meant we was hurting financially too, right? The only thing this guy loves more than aliens is money. It probably just begins and ends there.
  18. Elect me. My first action would be to ban Oliver for trolling. We can do better, together. Not me. Us.

  19. I have this signed by Travis, Matt and Mark. That’s my submission!
  20. I had the Mightier Than Sword pink press /100 of Untitled signed in person. Big beautiful signatures. Unfortunately sold it a while back, but it does exist, somewhere in Germany now.
  21. Mark could have at least commended that he’s excited to meet Tom’s new bird
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