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  1. You again think you're alone in your opinion on the shitty state of the band. You're not. I don't think anyone is fighting. I've said it before and I'll say it now, I've lurked here long enough to know you're a good dude. The point is that you're absolutely unbearable to debate with.
  2. "I never said it" to "I said it but it's not valid any more" dipshit
  3. I, as well as others, have laughed at your numerous proclamations that the band was going to break up. Why are you just now saying that you never said that? We all know what you said. I'm not going to search through the last 500 pages to quote you.
  4. So you're vindicated because you said "blink will break up after the Euro tour" rather than "blink will break up after the Euro tour...100%"? Dude you've called their break up no fewer than 17 times.
  5. Love the face Oliver. Wish you could have stuck it to them some how. Just seeing their faces in that promo pic I would have bet my life that they're tool bags. I saw Eddie Griffin shooting a reality show in Vegas. They did multiple takes of the same scene. His show never aired.
  6. Isn't David's guitar always out of tune during Everything's Magic? A video comes to mind with the out of tune guitar and Tom being bottled (once I think) but I'm pretty confident that you're accidentally or deliberately mistaken when it comes to Toms response.
  7. I remember the one about the marine that told Tom at an airport how Angels and Airwaves made his life worth living.
  8. Yet you've made 6 posts in a day and a half since this one.
  9. Untitled is my favorite album of all time, and Not Now is one of my all time favorite songs. It's crazy that Untitled could have been that much better with it's inclusion.
  10. He probably shot heroin in those 3 minutes.
  11. blink was on the first hour of I Love the 2000's with All The Small Things
  12. Oliver: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRSYhLn4RCI
  13. I'm sure he's just attracted to the conspiracy aspect of it
  14. I was introduced to them opening up for +44 too. They're playing 3 shows in SF and 1 in LA for the 10 year anniversary of E Von Dahl. They had originally planned 1 show and it sold out in 2 minutes. Added another and it sold out in 2 minutes. The LA show just sold out in 3 minutes. The last SF one is on sale tomorrow. Shawn is a bit like Tom in that he left an awesome band to play garbage music. Seriously, Fortress Social Club is awful. Maniac was ook
  15. Its never been that people disagree with you regarding the state of the band, its just that you wont shut the fuck up about it. And you say things like "they'll break up after the Euro tour" and instead of acknowledging that you were wrong, you cover it up with bullshit like "oh well they've been broken up since 04". Or like a few pages ago "it isnt" followed immediately by "it is" but you just go on like it never happened. Olive, the state of blink is bullshit. Toms boner for AVA is a joke. Nobody here disagrees with you but ou act like you're the only one pissed off and everyone else is keen on it all.
  16. Do you really think it's out of the realm of possibility that they replaced some Untitled songs with hits, and Tom just didn't notice First Date on there until it was time to play it? They should rehearse more to avoid these mix ups
  17. It's pretty cool looking I think, good that it doesn't mention Angels and Airwaves on it.
  18. I'm not trolling anything. I'm posting responses to Olivers maniacal rants, just like everyone else. That said... Sure you did
  19. blink-182 is separated, oliver complains. blink-182 comes together for something, oliver complains.
  20. If they would just play every song they have ever written, everyone would be happy.
  21. They both have. It was brought up in an interview a contest winner (mother and daughter) both Mark and Tom had, but didn't seem to be aware that the other one had.
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