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  1. Top 5 The Pen The Marine Biologist The Understudy The Jimmy The Opposite
  2. I’m kind of a comedy snob. I think very highly of my taste in comedy. If you prefer Friends you’re a bad person.
  3. Ghent identified as a Republican then so it made more sense.
  4. When the venue is filled 500/500, it's a success. 17000/19000? FAILURE
  5. People want to know so they can laugh at Oliver, not because they’re desperate for juicy celebrity gossip.
  6. A wink? Cheating confirmed. Sorry for all the shit I gave you Oliver. It’s no wonder you wouldn’t put Tom on blast for that.
  7. OliverJudy


    I don’t really believe in choking. You miss shots sometimes, that’s basketball and doesn’t mean you choked. But someone else’s fault? Well that certainly isn’t the case
  8. It’ll be too frustrating to handle people liking the new blink-182 album on the blink-182 message board I own.
  9. "Post YOUR track by track reviews here!" This part was especially confusing
  10. I’m late but With how Mark has responded to criticism lately I think the video is clearly taking the piss out of that. All the shit blink gets for their high school videos? Here’s an elementary school.
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