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  1. Lebron just planting the seeds. It’s either an excuse for losing or he’s a superhero for powering through
  2. I don't think Poole is back next season. How many positive assets you'll have to attach to him to offload him will be the question.
  3. 36 from Reaves + Lonnie Walker 9 from Klay + Poole
  4. I think wearing another band like he did in 2009 is pretty lame. Advertising his company is fine. Plus if he’s putting in 10x the effort I don’t really give a hoot what he wears.
  5. Would have been way easier to just go to the show instead of paying someone to do CGI
  6. And you can sell the concert ticket. I’m not sure airlines are giving refunds on no notice.
  7. To the tune of It Hurts: Ollllliiiiiiiii do you want this [to meet] Oli - No That was stupid but I wanted to post it anyways.
  8. Man I’ve been catfished too and it’s godamn humiliating
  9. Hope you’re ok with whichever 2 are left after the hottest guy aka Oliver gets his pick
  10. I don’t think anyone blames Matt
  11. He would get run off the floor
  12. I thought the two calls were super questionable in huge situations. I think the bigger problem was Steph and Klay combining to go 19 for 49. I’m neither encouraged nor discouraged. Think we’ll be fine.
  13. And this was my other issue. The rest was pretty ok.
  14. Constructive! He gets the rebound and is swarmed by Klay and Wiggins. IF they were ruling he/they called timeout immediately, then they should have gone to replay to see how much time to add back on the clock.
  15. Dray tech cost them 1 point and no possession. But I texted my buddy I wish he could stfu. let me ask you guys this. After the pool mess at the end of the game, Schröder gets the rebound and there are six hands on the ball. Two hands belong to Lakers four hands belong to warriors. Lakers are allowed to take a time out instead of it being a jump ball. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills that this isn’t being talked about more. And I don’t think I’m being a homer, because, despite the free-throw disparity, I had only minor issues with the officiating.
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