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  1. My only question is why is Travis wearing a trash bag?
  2. I hope so...not sure I want scammer-Tom back just yet.
  3. Cheshire was the first album I bought, and it was on accident. I was trying to find the album with "the song about the girl taking off the guys' pants!heheheheheheheheh!" and all they had in stock was Cheshire. A blessing in disguise really.
  4. I actually really want to "get into" hockey, but it's hard for me to follow every time I try to watch it I get bored and turn the channel. I need a moron's guide to hockey or something.
  5. JarJarBlinks


    RIP CP. Hall of fame player, with a hall of fame of playoff letdowns.
  6. JarJarBlinks


    weird lackluster game for them. Let's go CP3!!!
  7. “It was never meant to be modlife 2.0 you idiots! It was so you could get exclusive access to shows we’d eventually cancel because it’s too expensive!”
  8. Didn't Tom pitch Poet Anderson to Mark and Travis in Colorado? I feel like there was some kind of meeting they had right before they broke up or something.
  9. I don't even care if he never wants to tour again, or do whatever again, it's his life obviously. It just is so bizarre the way he goes about all of this. Why not just do a kickstarter like a normal artist? There's nothing wrong with crowd-funding. I wouldn't be opposed at all to throw a couple of bucks his way and help fund a movie or something just because I AM a fan of him, but no. He chooses the convoluted scammy route. That's what drives me nuts.
  10. JarJarBlinks


    I'm sure all it's gonna do is guarantee a flamethrower game from Steph and Klay lol.
  11. I'm pretty sure he said that joke when he did the podcast with Mark semi-recently, if my memory is right. Way funnier when he says it lol. Wish he'd say those things onstage again!
  12. No kidding. The life cycle of a Tom project. HYPE HYPE HYPE, maybe a little bit of product/results? Then the eventual fade into black.
  13. I care about them because I am one. Tom isn't going to hire you to work on his next blockbuster, you can take the white knight armor off now dude.
  14. I'm sorry I care about a founding member of the band blink-182 taking advantage of his fans over and over and over and over and then posting about that fact on blink-182online.
  15. JarJarBlinks


    seemed like a classic "take it easy" game to me.
  16. someone's jealous lmao.
  17. The weird thing about Tom is he is always trying to siphon "easy" money out of his fans...when the easiest thing for him to do would be to tour for a few months and rake in the merch and ticket sales.
  18. you know when the Tom-bots initiate with the ad hominem attacks on the "fat neck beards" they know that they can't actually argue with any of their points. The triangle UFO is a lens flare and the tic tac is a bird.
  19. If you told 14 year old JarJar that Tom Delonge made a movie with the actor from my favorite movie of all time, I'd spontaneously combust.
  20. Really, Dan? This is sad even from you.
  21. The Debrief… I’ll pass.
  22. It's always the first thing brought up to defend Tom, and the first thing Tom brings up himself to try to give himself credibility. I GOT THE PENTAGON TO RELEASE THE ALIEN VIDZ!!
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