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  1. Actually agree with this. I still feel like things are weird. Maybe it’s because I’m insecure myself.
  2. the one performance by blink that I definitely agree, @Donald Trump's Bulge, you are far superior.
  3. bumping this for all the crow the Skiba haters get to enjoy!
  4. My Pet Sally, This is Home, Sober, Enthused, Wendy Clear
  5. this proves you're a wum...no different than current blink Cali, Deluxe or Nine.
  6. I still love BIOMY and think it represents "blink in 2019" perfectly........🤷‍♂️
  7. JarJarBlinks


    at least we get a full year of him sidelined. Can't wait for the inevitable implosion in Brooklyn and the "KD and Kyrie want out" rumors to start flying.
  8. JarJarBlinks


    fuck him so hard. little bitch planning on coming back to OKC like some hero, fuck you dude. go warm yourself on a heat lamp.
  9. After a couple of listens, my one criticism is that I feel like the intros are lazy. A decent chunk of them start the same before turning into their respective songs.
  10. I think I posted something like this last week, about how Mark has wanted to shift this way for a long time and the overall vibe makes sense.
  11. Some of the chord changes coupled with the melodies on songs like Heaven, Run away, etc. It's not super over the top, but to me it's Mark returning to that sound the most he has in years.
  12. It actually looks like this album has something for everyone, crazy to see the likes so spread out.
  13. If you take the theme too far and hit it on the nose it would be cringe as fuck. You could infer Matt's line is talking from the shooter's perspective. Also, maybe someone infers the shooting themes as something else rather than the obvious reference, and applies it abstractly to something in life. The more veiled the lyrics are the more they can apply to anyone.
  14. yeah you're right. It was when Mark was talking about his depression in relation to the state of the world.
  15. I was listening to that yesterday and had that thought, and could have sworn Mark mentioned that as a topic. The bridge kind of gives it away. Awesome song.
  16. I'M ALREADY OUT OF REACTIONS AT 9:00 AM!!! I think I gave 2 likes this morning? so frustrating.
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