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  1. clean Tom's cum out of your ears and I'm sure you'd be able to tell.
  2. I went looking because I DM'd the guy on reddit when he posted them but he deleted all of his accounts and I can't find it posted anywhere anymore. someone said the "peas in a pod" line was chatGPT though so don't believe that one I guess lol.
  3. I will DM you the song if you get a JarJar tattoo
  4. it isn't really the same style, only one would be the bummer Not Now video signalling the end of the band. The other ones were done for comedic effect.
  5. green screening all of the old videos is such an awesome idea
  6. "It's blink182-online... That place is full of tools. 60% of them are wankers and that's literally like 6 people because they have like 10 active users at most. They are trying to drum up some traffic." Go fuck yourself u/Poop_Face_Magee!!!!
  7. the groove in that song is undeniable lmao. Big fan.
  8. I’m giving up on blink. Limp Bizkit is fucking gnarly.
  9. I didn't use it as an insult? I'm not one of these flip-floppers who changed their opinion because Space-boi came back to the band.
  10. I mean Lars and Tim (or maybe just Lars or maybe just Tim? I can't remember) wrote an entire album for Pink lmao.
  11. the post said all three are on every song in addition to the others
  12. didn't the two Rubin's write most of Lifeforms?
  13. I love Mark but the poor guy is cucked by Tom pretty hard. He better not break his heart again.
  14. I feel like I'm responding like Diddy but this song could literally be on California lol.
  15. Edging isn't "great" but it also doesn't "suck donkey dick" cmon now.
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