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  1. I've already read the script for the new Matrix movie, trailer seemed to confirm many plot points! Craziest one was listening to an audio-only clip of Han Solo dying in TFA like 2 weeks before it came out lmao. Somehow it makes me even more excited to see the movies. Weird stuff.
  2. Illan is one of those typical child prodigy kids who have incredible talent for whatever endeavor it is, but don’t really seem to have passion for it. He’s amazing, so I’m not trying to pull a LJG here, but he is the definition of a mercenary. he joined with Tom in order to pimp out his personal band, which is fine, but still. Isn’t like he is super loyal to AVA or something.
  3. Dream Walker-2 Rubins down Lifeforms-1.85 Rubins down
  4. JarJarBlinks


    What's your top 5? Let's beat a dead-sportscenter topic!
  5. JarJarBlinks


    Lebron has played in 10 (TEN) finals. He drug a carcass of a Cavs team there where he started alongside the HOF lineup in Larry Hughes, Zyldrunas Ilgauskas, Sasha Pavlovic and Drew Gooden in 2007. Not trying to knock Steph too much, and I'm far from a Lebron lover, but to compare them is a biiiiiiiiit of a stretch.
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    Just came here to say, FUCK KYRIE IRVING. Gotta love the Nets for putting an end to his nonsense.
  7. So Tom himself didn't even block me....that's disappointing.
  8. JarJarBlinks


    hey @NeverOliver how's it going with your boy Wiggs?
  9. because you would rather have AVA over blink anyways. a true Tombot.
  10. Imagine being Rubano trying to sing harmonies with that utter garbage.
  11. at least blink's add to the thickness of the live sound, WHILE Mark and Matt still play their respective parts. Tom doesn't even want to try to play guitar anymore, and David's is out of tune from the moment it kicks in, maybe it's a blessing they backing-tracked him out.
  12. I never want to hear a Tom-bot complain about blink's tiny amount of backing tracks again. Rubin and Rubano are the only musicians here.
  13. I think part of my issue is Tom was a dick during recording, and STILL used leftover guitar riffs he'd been playing on modlife for literally years (UAN, Snake Charmer) it's like really dude? this giant band's comeback record and you're throwing old stale riffs into the microwave because writing music is such an inconvenience to you? sours the experience.
  14. After Midnight may be a top 10 blink song for me, kind of a bummer it's on such a mess of an album and in a mess of an era in their history.
  15. my favorite genre of movies is science fiction, and LOVE is one of the most boring, pompous and just pointless movies I've ever seen. I remember being bored to tears and checking my watch thinking it was almost over......it had been 20 minutes.
  16. all bands have bad lyrics, but some cheesy Cali-era lyrics don't even compare to the likes of "the smell of lions" or "lonely, cat-like master" or any other million examples lmao. not directed at you Mr. Coight, just setting the baseline here lol. "0ooo0000ooo0000 it's like the wind has killed the dove"
  17. holy shit this thing auto-played and nearly blew out my speakers.
  18. what about Sirens where he fantasizes about breaking and entering lol
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