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  1. Don't you have a fresh pack of crayons to eat or something?
  2. always looked like a pad of butter on a pancake lol.
  3. That's funny about Scott's promo pic in the studio. When I was in 5th grade listening to the album I thought it was so lame he "wore" headphones on stage.
  4. Was happy during college basketball when they said his injuries were non-life threatening. Maybe he’s in amputation territory?
  5. I definitely agree with you, it sounds like Crimson era Trio.
  6. has anyone here watched Altered Carbon? I watched the first episode of S1 but like most tv shows I never finished it. Just saw the new trailer for S2 and it reminded me of the show.
  7. Has awesome riffs, but if I’m comparing it to the amazing songs left, it doesn’t quite stack up and is a little disjointed with not truly inventive lyrics.
  8. I obviously don't think Skiba is a Nazi or something, but he is bringing all of this blowback on himself by trying to be an edgelord. He's painted a bunch of other Nazi-occult symbols, like the wolfsangel (think he even put this one on his motorcycle). I think he just needs a little more self-awareness. Just kinda reminds me of stuff you'd do in high school.
  9. Well the only book people were freaking out about is "Might is Right", which IS a far-right book that a lot of fascists view as required reading. The other thing is his repeated use of the totenkopf, or "dead's head." I know he thinks it's cool because of Death in June but that logo was used by Panzer divisions and the SS in WWII. He should probably just stick to the satanism stuff lol, much safer as far as that sort of thing goes.
  10. I'm more of a Painter Adams fan.
  11. Lives in Oregon so I doubt it's ever a real issue for him.
  12. It's definitely one of my personal top songs.
  13. the slow one yes, it's 1/10, get in the bin bad. nails on a chalkboard with those last two notes.
  14. I actually like this song a lot but that main riff is god awful, probably the worst riff in their entire catalog.
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