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  1. Sometimes I'm mistaken for Billy Gibbons

  2. Rule Britannia. @Kay 2000 is an absolute banger as well yes. You can even bring your babyyyy
  3. I like that a bloke that looks like a schools IT technician, wrote the greatest song of all time
  4. fuck....R.E.M. the last few ‘listen to me’-s are incredible
  5. fuck....R.E.M. the last few ‘listen to me’-s are incredible
  6. Shit. I would never slate FSG because of what they’ve done for the club, but I was getting frustrated at this frugal net spend thing. Rest assured all Liverpool fans have been shut up in one day. It’s unreal to get, in Thiago, a player who’s actually at the top of their game immediately, rather than wait two seasons for them to develop - which seemed to be the normal FSG model. Jota adds depth to that front 3 and is a better player than Sarr. So I’m happy with this window now. Looked fucking dire two days ago
  7. Honestly think if they didn’t have such a bad band name, these guys would’ve gone much further than they did. They’re the band that wrote ‘ oh sit down, oh sit downnnn , oh sit down next to me’. That’s like saying blink are the ones that wrote ATST tho
  8. The noblest spirit embiggens the smallest man. Embiggens

  9. I''m late to this but stop it you, I'm blushing! It's fucking class that Mark watched the Making of doc. His reaction to Tom's 'splurged on my lips' comment was almost identical to his laugh 17 years ago. Fucking chemistry people, it can't be stopped
  10. Oh BR, not BCR - k yeah I’m really dumb
  11. Wait what BCR song ? I’m dumb - ‘ human shapes burnt onto concrete walls ‘ BCR album cover ? Or am I reaching
  12. Philly, you look different. I crawled under a rock after you schooled me with your wicked rhymes
  13. Yeah - tbf I completely forgot about that - leaving off Even If She Falls and HAG interlude is criminal - then adding in Snake Charmer on the deluxe? Filling it with more duds man, strange
  14. Relistening to Neighborhoods with some proper headphones, shit - it gets better as time goes on. It's forward-thinking, it's a great (in places) alternative rock album ( I guess that's where it fits). There are some disjointed duds that kill the pacing and hinder the quality of the album. In spite of that, Ghost, Hearts All Gone, Natives, Kaleidoscope , Wishing Well and Even If She Falls are all fantastic songs. They're mature, have things lingering sadnes/wistfullness that kind of seeps through every bit of the album. It's a perfect album to listen to in a city at night, which I guess fi
  15. The bit of Americana I can abide TUNE
  16. I assumed that too, and it bothered me yes. To me that’s a sign of band in dysfunction /disunity - come to expect it of Neighborhoods era blink. I didn’t expect it to be happening with current blink , that was my concern
  17. Crevice is such a good word.


  18. Can we get a beef like this, Philly? Old Skool tho, Tupac and Biggie That's why I fucked your bitch.... you fat motherfuckerrrr
  19. This sounds identical to the record. What a song, 600 views? In an ideal world, Lagwagon would be as popular as ACDC
  20. If you like pina colada

    and getting caught in the rain 

  21. Kanye is the Bowie of our times
  22. No wonder they recorded this song like 3 different times, fucking banggggs ah - that’ll be a yes then. Do you have any Michael Stipe stories ?
  23. BCR is the best blink side project, Tom at his creative peak and informed untitled massively. Travis’s drumming is amazing. Features from Tim Armstrong and Mr Hoppus, unreal. Tough, because +44 has some of the best Mark lyrics going
  24. What a song, good choice sir. I love Ghostrwite...Minus was also the first BA song I ever heard. What Tats do you have @Speedo ? This will be my first
  25. In my opinion - some of the greatest harmonies ever put on a track. The song means everything to me. One of the many reasons why I think they are the best to ever do it @daveyjones you seen this?
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