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  1. In my opinion - some of the greatest harmonies ever put on a track. The song means everything to me. One of the many reasons why I think they are the best to ever do it @daveyjones you seen this?
  2. I'm getting the passed out space man fucker tattoo'd on me next month! What an album
  3. Mate exactly . That higher and lower register that fucking belong together on a track. Chemistry that can’t be stopped, even when it’s fractured
  4. Hahah okay yeah forgot about that particular bit of poetry 😂 - I’m just a big fan of the whole ‘evidence is cared for, evidently clear ‘ bit and the themes of loss. Seemed fitting because they all lost somebody/something , Jerry Finn, DJ AM, their identity etc
  5. We must be hearing a different song. Lyrical content; the amazing backing vocals from Mark, phasers and shit coming in for the final third. blink have always killed their openers
  6. You are a self aware man. Oh mate I know - Well, never experienced the nose - I remember getting punched with a ring finger landing straight on my eye, blew up and looked like the elephant man for two weeks. I don't even think I can muster a hit. Embrace me on the lawn instead
  7. How about some fisticuffs? A roucous dare I say. You and me good sir, out on the lawn
  8. My fucking guy. I may have just figured out how to use Gifs.on this site....
  9. WHAT I had no idea Carousel wasn't thought highly of... It's a top 3 blink song for me
  10. Listening to Henry talk is addictive - See Al was in his shouty stage by then😆
  11. I'll bring home the bacon bits, we'll make our parents grandparents

  12. Didn't Mark once say that people don't come out to hear deep cuts, when talking about playing online songs? Like...what Give me Apple Shampoo over First Date every day of the week, mind you that would be pretty hard on his voice too. Or more acoustic mini sets, they were fucking amazing and always work to their voices
  13. That's actually next on the hit list, yeah he's a bit of a God isn't he
  14. Yeah as soon as Henry popped up I was like wtf, took me about five minutes to get back into the film. Could spot that neck anywhere😆. Yeah, diner scene lived up to the hype. Heist was craaaazy. Great choice, Al Pacino and John Cazale - what a pair.
  15. Currently watching Heat for the first time- So I should probably get off my laptop. Just wanted to say that, fuck, GTA 5 copied this movie to death. Can't wait for the De Niro/Pacino scene
  16. I reminisce I reminisce.... Sitting here looking after my cat, stumbled upon this from way back in the days of 2013. I was 15 when this came out and I remember it clear as day. I can't tell if I still feel 15 or not, but they've been a constant.They had the Untitled anniversary run a bit after, a great show at The Wiltern as well. These three guys man , fuck
  17. Dude Ranch isn’t at the top, list void
  18. You again? If you shut your face during that Lagwagon thread, you wouldn’t have missed that fucking fly ball...I was ashamed to face my friends ! ahaha that is the devil of Tom, and I bet he done it all whilst wearing an AVA Love shirt. Evil genius
  19. Ahhhh, maybe I’m feigning ignorance because I am in fact bombtom. thank u for the terminology clear up
  20. What’s a sock account ? Is it anything to do with wanking into a sock?
  21. I like to consider myself objective and by no means a Tom-Bot (maybe that’s what a bot would say, idk). I’ve got to say tho, I think Kiss & Tell is a fairly decent Tom song, like slightly better than okay. I’ve gone back to it infinitely more times than anything on Nine, not quite some songs on Cali. I’ve listened to Quarantine once, I have no real desire to listen to it again. What does this mean? I don’t really know. What is a blink fan called when they believe that blink in a nutshell is the dynamic/relationship between Mark and Tom. Without that there, the band feels stale
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