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  1. Aye I'm sure those boys could be classed as that too. I only know Hungerstrike and Say Hello 2 Heaven tho What did you think of Gigaton btw Scott? Is it any good?
  2. THE Supergroup. What an enormous talent Chris Cornell was, missed daily
  3. I don't know if there's many that like rap around here. To me, this is one of the most complete albums of all time. Title song from the album. The insight in some of these songs...
  4. It really does. Halo 5 gets a lot of shit but it was like photorealistic, this feels like a step backwards. It's true, I'm just suprised no one at 343 somehow didn't anticipate backlash for the textures, some of the animations were off too. I know little about game design but how much can change if the game is out at the tail-end of this year? Yeah that could go one way or the other as well. I think the levels will be self-contained but massive sandboxes in themselves, a bit like a lot of the missions in Combat Evolved. They keep talking about how this is a 'spiritual reboot', I just hop
  5. Word genius gets thrown around. Bob Mould tho, he’s in fucking MENSA. The solo at the end is...wow
  6. Any Halo fans on here? Just saw the Infinite reveal, I've got mixed feelings. Some gameplay mechanics looked really cool, and the ring you're on looked expansive - the textures though, it looks like a game released in 2014?
  7. Had a phase 3 and a bit years ago where I listened to Pearl Jam religiously. Need to get back to that. ‘Dream the dreams of others and you’ll be no ones rival...’
  8. What a song, still painfully relevant. We’re ruled by another Etonian, things have got to change. Another head-butt song this, just to a Tory rather through a window. Brit Pop is the gift that keeps on giving. All those bands you listed are class @Scott. Town Called Malice. That is THE song, that is my town, that’s all our fucking towns. Ba ba bada baaaa
  9. Mate - the fucking helicopter sound at the beginning, guitar properly kicks in , could slide tackle someone. Would normally be our last song at pre's at uni, all go out waddling like a bunch of deluded Liam's thinking we'd pull. That whole Maine Road gig is carnage. Yeah - The Jam are one of the most tight three-pieces to ever do it. Weller basically has the power condense British life into 2 and a half minutes, it's fucking mad. Like you say, I see why it wouldn't translate the same way
  10. Hahah yeah I recall that Oasis are a bit disputed around these parts . I can get why they might induce eye-rolls with some of our American folk. I'm not really a patriotic person by any means, but when I listen to Oasis/The Jam/ Billy Bragg I feel fucking British. Like I see dirty old pubs, council estates, parkas, Industrial estates, football idk - some of those things don't have the same standing/presence in America. I'm glad you love them Elisa! Oh yeah, @Speedo they deffo love ripping off The Beatles/Lennon. The fucking hair, the coloured rim glasses! Anyway, Liam Gallagher is t
  11. I know how universally loved Oasis are around here. This song makes me want to headbutt a stain-glass window, in a good way
  12. I just went back and listened to it too. Once in a while yeah, you see it for what it is - catchy as fuck. What other band would call their girlfriend a windmill?
  13. Sacrilege! No tbf I see what you're saying. Blink fanbase and the band are all probably collectively tired of that tune. Objectively, it is a great pop song. I have fatigue when it comes to ATST, but I don't think it's weak
  14. Glad Parking Lot came last, it’s shit. How Wendy Clear ever got on this list I will never know, then again - how do you pick the weakest song on Enema, tough
  15. Matt's a cool fucking dude. That's how intolerance and bigotry should be treated. Fuck the guy that commented that
  16. Oh shit..I won a day! I'm gonna call my Mum

  17. Wait I’ve missed something here - whats this about Mark and substance abuse speculation 😅?? This an insider scoop from blinkitalia
  18. I’m glad you’ve thought this as well! He undersells himself and over-delivers, that’s what makes him so damn likeable. It’s kind of the opposite of what Mike does. He’s tackled a lot of the same themes in his songs : religion, homophobia, depression/suicide , drug abuse, partying, post 9/11 America etc. His lyrics are more subtle, poetic, his vocabulary is expansive. Also, Joey would never kick anyone in the fucking face for grabbing him / jumping on stage. He knows that’s part and parcel of a punk show. Lagwagon did NOFX better than NOFX did
  19. Fuck- they better not fall apart yet. Need to make the pilgrimage and pray at the holy church of Caper live. Read an interview today. Joey says he doesn’t really consider himself a writer as such and that melody is his strong point (WHAT, your lyrics are fucking poetry in motion man) also he sees himself as more of an accidental frontman. Guy is charismatic as fuck on stage. I guess the best of us are modest. Not to battle them against each other, but I think The Caper is as intelligent as Fat Mike thinks he himself is, just with a fat dose of humility
  20. @Ry-Bread yeah I guess we can argue until the cows come home about what output we prefer. That’s fair, I remember reading that No Heart To Speak Of was very personal to Matt, and that’s a great song. Looks like I did cherry pick Mark’s quote too, so I’ll hold my hands up to that. What input Matt can have on a song that’s already recorded, some backing vocals? I just wonder what capacity his involvement in the songwriting would be, and a fair guess would be not much bearing in mind what we currently know. Ahhh fair, if the blink italia lot are crying then I get you. People are alway
  21. Idk the guy could get an Uber or something. Fairplay if he doesn’t have a studio. However, to complete a whole song and get ready to release without ANY input from Matt at all, and for him not to have even heard it is still ...odd. Same as when Tom wouldn’t listen to masters or record in the same room. It’s not the sign of a healthy band - or at least one where all the members have an equal stake Lack of Matt’s involvement/influence in their two bodies of work so far, is a fair criticism of this version of blink . It’s not a criticism of Matt, the more involved he is, the better the b
  22. Oh yeah, this thread was about Lagwagon. Fucking Joey Cape Ova here. ON LEGAL SPEEEEEED THE AMERICAN WAY, THE AMERICAN WAY. Very relatable song. I wish there was more old Lagwagon interviews on YouTube, I always find jack shit from the 90’s
  23. But he had one in his last house ? I know he’s the dark overlord but it’s the guys vocation, I’m not buying it. Quarantines a whole song recorded without him, so guess it’s impossible to say how developed the other ones might be. Yeah , I was buzzed seeing them all in the studio together and that level of collaboration. But it just hasn’t been reflected in the songwriting . The minimal music that dysfunctional Tom-blink produced in that time, not in the same room, was for the most part a better standard than what we’re getting now. Now it turns out there might be a level of disunity in
  24. That's true, nowadays it seems to be one world-class CB elevating the playing and positioning of the other atm. I.E Van Dijk and Matip. If you got Koulibaly I'd be jealous, but the pairing he's with isn't world class. I guess Varane and Ramos. That's only on paper though, I can't say I've watched much of Real Madrid lately
  25. Like you say, it was an obvious example. We all could tell that song had Matt written all over it. Were there no others that come to mind? The guy is the other songwriter in the band. Believe me, I want Matt to be heavily involved, but the evidence in the final product isn't there - plus, info that is coming straight from the horses mouth adds to that perception
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