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  1. With you there @Jan's Plan , video still fucking gets me. So well put together. So yeah - Mark confirmed on his Twitch stream that Matt has had no involvement in the writing of Quarantine or the four new blink songs that have been conjured up over this period. Said the one song Matt 'took the wheels on' was Black Rain. I think the level of collaboration and Matt's input is as limited as we think it is
  2. Haha - it’s inevitable, this is now a Sopranos forum. Move over blink. Heh Heh Heh (the walnuts cackle ) . Thing is with @Depf, he’s a snake. I mean- snakes reproduce spontaneously. They have both male and female sex organs. How can you trust a guy that can literally go fuck themselves ?
  3. Ayyyy, again with the 20 years. Fucking John Feldmann ova here. That sounds like a rough 2006 there Philly. Yeah, Tom’s singing then was a medical first, turds in the aorta. Glorified donut? At least I don’t look like the Shah of Iran. Its a shame, in the hospital - I thought we had come to an understanding ...about life...about seminal pop-punk. Now I’m prostate with grief
  4. Wait wtf is Phil Leotardo doing here
  5. Cheers man - doing my small bit to give props to one of the greatest to ever do it!
  6. Skate 2 is probably one of my favourite games of all time. Such a chilled out game. Introduced me as a kid to The Clash and Public Enemy 2020 needed this news, desperately. Cannot fucking wait
  7. Did you see what Ole said to him after you played them? 'We need a left footed centreback, keep going' and patted Ake on the back, fairplay Ole
  8. I’m quite scared of United now you know. I keep finding myself enjoying watching you play...as a Liverpool fan that’s disturbing. What a buy Bruno was. It’d be a shame to halt Greenwood’s progress when he looks so promising, if you go the Sancho route. However, you kind of remind me of Liverpool in 2014 now. Like you’ll win games just by outscoring everyone, but not convinced on your defence. Think that Sancho money would be better off on a defender or two. Also just don’t wanna see you bastids with Sancho in the first place 😂
  9. @daveyjones ahhhh, yeah that'll be it. Well done for copping that in the first place! @Q182 great set, Joey sounds brilliant here. Leon must've just joined the band too
  10. Really? I've got mine on Apple Music - I always get confused how that differentiates to Itunes
  11. Double post , apologies. Ofc Lagwagon covered this - absolutely perfect and fits so well with the themes of Hang, namely - where's the fucking empathy? Wish it was actually on the record
  12. Whaaaat. How have I never heard of this! That's a crazy set up for a podcast. I love it when two worlds kinda combine/collide like that. I normally go for Coffee With Kenobi or Wampas Lair, the amount of Star Wars pods out there is fucking crazy. Drinking colt 45 with Lando, imagine the scenes
  13. Didin't say it was rare - just if he was invited to a podcast dedicated to it, I can assume he's in quite deep! @thongrider 😬, hahaha yeah - welcome to the blink sequel trilogy. Feldmann is Snoke
  14. Is he a big Star Wars fan? I've got more respect for him now. He's gotta push Mark for a follow-up to A New Hope! Cmon Feldy
  15. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

    1. Speedo


      When it makes up unanswerable riddles ... fucking Carroll.

    2. _Bagel


      I'll have whatever he was having

  16. One small step for Lag, one giant leap for Lagkind
  17. So, looks like I'm getting this little bastard tattoo'd on my shoulder. Minimalist black outline with my skin as colouration, maybe a bit of colour in his cocktail. I'm a tattoo virg, but lockdown has made me think - fuck it, if the idea is there, act on it. It will just symbolise Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut and Joey's songwriting in general. My body shall now be a vessel for The Caper
  18. Yeah it’s a great album. Those are two standouts. I think you can really see how important Brett’s songwriting is when you hear No Substance/ The New America ( haven’t found loads worth listening to in those ) - then Process of Belief being a big return to form
  19. Idk if I can bring myself to watch that video. I would watch an entire music video of Tom’s dancing like he did on his daughters insta, the guy had moves
  20. Yo - these Bad Religion folks do Punk Rock quite well you know. 1994... BIG year
  21. Five years? That's crazy. It's sad really, my interest in the output of the band has diminished greatly. I was excited for Cali, it had some moments but I saw it was just a forced grab at what they thought the 'golden days' of blink were, it wasn't authentic. I know how good a songwriter Matt is, and it's clear to me they have him in some sort of restricted capacity. Lyrically him and Mark are powerhouses of the scene but, it just hasn't worked out that way. Big shoes to fill, all credit to Matt for taking it on. I have nothing but love for the guy. However, I realise what make's blink blink -
  22. This is true, I trust Klopp and our transfer bloke Michael Edwards. Apart from Virgil and Alisson , we never bought players under Klopp that were already fully fledged stars/world class. Salah was a Chelsea flop, Mane was a very good player at a bang average side etc. So we know he can develop those players to be incredible. If you're champions though, you're expected to replace top tier players like for like, and not chance it on someone who isn't already a worldbeater - that's where I think it can go wrong though. Hope he sticks with trusting his gut and finding more hidden gems like the F
  23. Shit lads I saw football in the title and assumed this has been an NFL thread all along. Happy I was wrong. I’m Liverpool fan from the south-east ( plastic) Dad supports them tho so passed it on. Genuinely feel like with Klopp at the helm , we’re watching the start of a possible dynasty here. Hopefully in the title conversation for the next ten years. I’ll try not to be a wanker about it
  24. Please feed my fish I Won't Be Home - Fuck off Bing Crosby, this is the greatest Christmas song of all time
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