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  1. Please feed my fish I Won't Be Home - Fuck off Bing Crosby, this is the greatest Christmas song of all time
  2. Christ, Parking Lot truly is a pile of forgettable wank isn’t it
  3. Haha - didn't wan't his goldfish to kick the bucket whilst he was in the slammer. All viable lyrics
  4. Hahaha, how have I gone through life thinking bust? I thought it was like busting young Thomas out of prison 😂
  5. I Won't Be Home For Christmas, that riff is addictive af. Please post my bail*
  6. Yeah, I’ve heard it’s a bit of an odd child amongst the BR discography. Like a strange sidestep they took as they signed/ wanting to sign to a major. Just find so many of the songs catchy, Kerosene, American Jesus, My Poor Friend me etc. I’m a sucker for melody. Eddie knows his bands, that’s sick. To have Vedder on a track in 1993 as well must show the mainstream direction they were maybe aiming for with this effort. Yeah, would be sad if it’s a forgotten gem because I think there’s real quality here. woah, they read your thoughts Davey. I’ll have a snoop - cheers for the link
  7. So, only a few days into my Bad Religion pondering - got to say, I keep coming back to Recipe For Hate. Struck a Nerve did exactly that and I've been going through the whole album since. This stood out in particular : Beautiful tune
  8. Skate 4 has finally been announced, 2020 needed this. Skate 2 is up there with my favourite games of all time. The soundtrack, art style, physics - so chilled
  9. Dude Ranch is probably the best Skate Punk album of all time
  10. My god this is hard. Untitled for me
  11. Blesses upon thee bestowed by our saviour The Caper and his most trusted apostle, the Big Bitch . You're right tho, mediocrity is not their bag. Stayed together all this time, didn't feel like they had to shit out records once their golden time was over (92-98). Even when that time ended, they were self aware - they always came back with something relevant, true to whatever stage they were at in their career Ave The Wagon
  12. Joey’s the best at self deprecation. She found out I was lame, I grew a beard of shameeee
  13. BCR . I got my first girlfriend a Boxcar CD for Valentine’s Day looool, I cringe at the thought. She then cheated on me with my friend. Ah, to be 16 again Tbf these are the strongest four and I’m glad they made it through to here
  14. Love the alternate melodies kicking in at like 2:00, all built round a nice riff. Cheers Davey
  15. Wow- I’ve heard Suffer held in such high regard from multiple people. Can’t have much more of a compliment than what you’ve said there! Right, Empire Strikes First it is. Star Wars reference too, I’m in
  16. Probably the greatest American band ever ? Peter Buck’s jangly guitar, Michael Stipe’s as an enigmatic frontman. Mike mills fucking rips on bass. Berry as the motor , incredible. Reckoning is wonderful, it’s like some trippy dream. They were special. One band I wish I saw live
  17. Thanks my brother - big up for Billy and Stiff Little Fingers
  18. Ahaha - for a second I bought this, thought you somehow procured the leaked lyrics
  19. Christ this is a hard question . Saw Billy Bragg, Pearl Jam and New Order getting some love . Yes. If I was on a desert island with a stereo an these CD’s 1) The Jam - Setting Sons 2) Gang Starr - Moment of Truth 3) Blink - Dude Ranch 4) Lagwagon - Hoss 5) R.E.M. - Life’s Rich Pageant 6) Kanye West - Graduation 7) Pulley - Together Again For The First Time 8) A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory 9) New Order - Power Corruption and Lies 10) Bad Astronaut - Houston We Have A Drinking Problem
  20. TOYPAJ - Enema Carbon Copy dressed in black
  21. I know, I'm a pagan. Just as I thought I earned your respect Davey, I go and piss all over myself😂 . It's weird because I've followed the thread back to them and X, even The Replacements - but never took a deep dive in. I know the big singles, but if you have any deep cuts to recommend - I am ready for an education
  22. I gotta confess, I don’t know much Bad Religion. This performance though, wow. Shit can bring tears The Professor and The Caper need to start the world anew
  23. You said it best brother
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