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  1. I can see GD as a promotional break/intro for NBA, NCAA, and NFL games.
  2. I mean, If someone is no longer a fan...they can just leave. To obsessively complain about a band on their own fan page, says more about that individual and their personal issues than the actual critique of the band.
  3. Rebel Girl is going to go the way of "Demos, Odds, and Ends". No one will talk about it after the album release.
  4. I would agree, or it's being reworked. Usually by now there would be a music video. Something definitely seems delayed after BIOMY release.
  5. I'm so close to buying this....but I'm not sure $100 is worth a bag and a laminate. The soundcheck seems cool. How long does that normally last? I'm also taking into consideration that I am buying for 5 people, so this can get expensive fast.
  6. Are you 15 years old, or do you just walk around with a boner all day? I work in a office surrounded by women. If I acted like this I would no longer have a job. There is plenty of contact without it being sexual. Most of them just want to be friends and hang out, like one of your buddies without you popping a chub every time they touch your shoulder.
  7. So your seat didn't actually move..it's in the same spot. I wouldn't be too upset. You could always buy PIT seats then sell yours. However, I would be happy to have a seat to enjoy the whole show. I would actually be a little pissed if my seats were changed to the PIT..
  8. that's because he wasn't drunk, like he was at the shows.
  9. No, mark always liked the adventure, it was the rest of the album he didn't like. "The verses in the first single were cool, but everything just fell apart after that. The rest of the songs on the album seemed long and repetitious." - Mark Hoppus http://www.b182.com/askmark1.html Tom also used some unused Blink 182 material on the album. "During the long hours of downtime on tour, we would go in there and lay down ideas for the next blink-182 album. There were some cool songs started in those dressing rooms. After Tom quit, our old manager called and said that he was
  10. Is there any way to purchase "Hey, I'm Sorry"? Or can I only listen to it on youtube?
  11. I was specifically seeing if I could find the weight of the shipment for this reason! LOL
  12. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! You are all awesome!
  13. pi·o·neer verb 1. develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity). So...what exactly did Tom pioneer?
  14. Not to cherry pick your statement, but I don't think ATST was that good......at all. I think it was the amazing music video that launched that song, but as it stands by itself...there isn't much there lyrically...or even musically. I honestly believe it is one of their worst songs, and why some people don't respect the band.
  15. Thank you for the shout-out!
  16. What? They have over 130 songs in their catalogue. So...how many "Prison Rape" songs do they have, that it would equal a lot?
  17. Exactly, he has categorized blink as "dick and poop jokes", and says he has grown from that. Also basically breaking down the fanbase to teenage fangirls. When 90% of Blink's music is anything but dick and poop jokes. It tackles love, relationships, and very serious issues like suicide, divorce, friendship, and losing friendship. He breaks Blink down to the %10...which most of that was just extra songs on TOYPAJ and banter in between songs on TMTATS. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but I did. Being a big fan of Blink, it seemed like he was calling us all immature and it was tim
  18. Don't get too excited though. It was literally #1 only for a few minutes, then got knocked back down. Tom had to sit there waiting for it to hit number one, then take a screen shot. This is different, it has been up on #1 all day, not just for the few minutes after the song went on sale.
  19. Sometimes, I feel like my Face is literally heavier on certain days. **Sang in the tone of "I feel so"
  20. I fucking love you!!!! Edit: Just caught up. Seeing this as a joke every once in a while is funny, but only once in a while. When you start posting regular..the joke starts to wear thin.
  21. That is kind of a bullshit thing to say. I've seen people criticize Neighborhoods in much of the same way. Just because we are blink fans, does not mean we will eat up everything they put out.
  22. This is my thought that I posted on reddit. I like the sound of it (I am a fan of acoustic stuff), but seriously...I can't for the life of me interpret what this song is about. It's obvious it is about a soldier coming home from war, but the lyrics actually make no fucking sense. This is the one place that the song is kind of disappointing. I like the sound, but not the song itself.
  23. How do you see these comments? I can only see like 20 comments....
  24. He didn't skip it, just the person uploading the videos didn't capture it. I heard Violence in the Vine post.
  25. I was about to agree...then I heard this.. Oh wow.....this is pretty good.
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