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  1. It’s a typical starter pack. You can find squire, epiphone, yamaha etc versions of the same idea. You will have just as fun with this pack as a more famous branded one, when it comes to these packs I would say, for a beginner, go with the cheapest you can find, if you enjoy it you’re gonna trade up soon enough anyways and these things don’t have any second hand value anyways just my two cents
  2. I mean it’s music, we all perceive it differently.
  3. It’s really cool and all but the groove is completely gone. Instead of a groovy beat we now got “bkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbk” 🙈😂
  4. Fucking week and a half!? How dare they
  5. Would never tip. The price on the menu is what you get.
  6. They didn’t say the rest of the tour is in shambles, they said these first few shows will be rescheduled. Saying nothing just means everything goes as planned.
  7. They literally have nothing to share if nothing has changed meaning the tour goes on as planned.
  8. Would love to see all the Rubin haters if that would happen
  9. So they finally learn that Europe is not only the UK, and they cancel last-minute? Fucking hell. Silence seems like a good thing to me. These first shows were going to be rescheduled, and more cancellations should have been announced by now. In my mind, silence indicates that nothing will change except those first dates.
  10. Both cali and nine are amazing albums in my book, love both.
  11. Hopefully, they have one single out, it’s enough.
  12. So new album a month after the first time I get to see them?! I’m all for it!
  13. Ah! The Fuse has always been my favorite
  14. this talk about pennywise made it so I had to turn on The Fuse, has been a good while
  15. I always found it sounding super weird and awkward when Tom would stop playing the riff mid into the pre-chorus of that song live
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