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  1. I love Alkaline, but some of you guys have to know that don't listen to them that Matt is just as big of recycler as Tom! EXAMPLE:
  2. Yah, what GrimCityGirl said, he's always been like his, the only difference is that he used to joke and make fun of himself to hide it a little more. If you take Tom Delonge anno 2001 and take away the jokes this is what you get! This is is at least how I see it.. And hell. He's a "rockstar" millionaire, of course he thinks that he's the man..
  3. I didn't think there was anything wrong with that video! What he said makes sense imo..
  4. I love it, it's everything I hoped it would be, and a little bit more! And it really made me realise how much I have missed Tom's songwriting, without Ilan (lol at that pube head boy comment btw) or mark and Travis. Just pure Tom! And I can't help me from thinking of how good it would be with the real Angels (Matt, David & Atom).. Voyager is my favorite for now
  5. Lifestyyyyyyyyyyles of the rich and the famous... can't deny how catchy it is!
  6. Actually, blink is very much the reason why AVA as a band died. At the time, they were going strong, touring and functioning like a normal band. But at the time Tom rejoined blink, and they started touring, AVA got less and less time on the road, which led to the point were Atom left. Tom has even talked about this in interviews, telling that Atom is a roadster, he loves being on the road, and when AVA stopped touring, he left to find another gig. Even Atom has said this in interviews with Against Me!, saying that he loves to tour, and must be out on the road! At that point, AVA got less and less time on the road, leading to Matt quitting to get a "real" job, don't forget, these musicians get their money while touring nowadays! And that's probably what happened with David to! Its the exact thing I was hoping NOT to happen when the news came out about the reunion.. And it sucks that I could foresee it! But I don't think it would've happened if Tom didn't reunite with blink as there were no signs on it.
  7. I love me some Oasis! Never got the opportunity too catch them live though..
  8. I like the EP! Suburban Kings is my favorite!
  9. Is there anything by this band that you actually like? I think I've only seen you complain..
  10. Each to their own.. I think the guitar work on Untitled is very smart and genius!
  11. It transformed it into a Millencolin song! Cool!
  12. I strongly believe that this album will be really good, because to my ears, Matt's songwriting has become better and better if you count the last two Alkaline albums! Which I believe is their best work in my opinion! As for guitar sound: He plays on Orange, you CAN'T go wrong with Orange!
  13. I always thought it was Chris who mixed those albums!
  14. You're totally right, but I can't say that I agree with you when we're talking about Travis bridges.. They're totally like a guitar riff imo.
  15. Sounds like the DED bridge. And you're talking a bout Tom recycling things!
  16. Was it a she or a he? Doesn't matter though, the person was hitting on you!
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