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  1. Yeah, and that they suck in world tournaments doesn’t help!
  2. Yeah, nhl isn’t that interesting for people outside us/Canada tbf. At least what I gather. I figured World Cup maybe could light some fire in if someone is hockey interested but you’re right, this is the wrong forum for this
  3. Any hockey people here?
  4. i can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic hahaha. I too love those songs though. Give me one good reason has always been my favorite on toypaj along with time to break up (one of blinks all time best songs, period). It sucks that it's not on streaming platforms since it's becoming forgotten. I'm not super keen on the other one, don't tell me that it's over is kinda meh for me, i don't dislike it but i'd chose other songs on the record before it
  5. Tbf I don't think most casuals know Dude Ranch exists.
  6. Bring me back to life was a banger, stop with the foolery!
  7. I for one think the movie looks entertaining. Sometimes you just have to take it for what it is
  8. Too low ticket sales so they just gave up on the whole "comeback" thing?
  9. Watching The Five now. Half way through as of now but i'm really enjoying it!
  10. Speedo quote of the day! uuuuuuuh so good ideas from me. I’m really good at this you know?
  11. Wab “on this day, member xx ragequit because this and that”. You could have patented buns as a hashtag!
  12. Never heard of any of the bands you listed here..
  13. This show has resurfaced on youtube. Sounds so good!
  14. Shit. Great drummer that always looked happy. Rip
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