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  1. Been listening to Cali and NINE a lot the past few weeks. I still really love these albums!
  2. Love all of this, would really like the hear the version they sent out with marks vocals
  3. That bassline would do wonders for the live version imo
  4. I don't remember, it was from Aaron though
  5. After reading that Tom travelled and spent like 4-5 days per week with them for recording I did too.
  6. Maybe the last recording session is them fixing something they wrote/rewrote while on tour? Would make sense
  7. The paint job Tom just posted looks sick
  8. This is true. I liked the sound on the single though so I'm happy with it
  9. It's just 100% me guessing. When you're recording DI you can choose to "reamp" the recording at a later time, which basically means that you route it through an amp of choice and record it through that one.
  10. While I completely agree with you, I don't think the tone was bad on the single. Somewhere down the line it's just about the product though, not how you got there. And if they can get the tone to fit the sound they're going for this route.. In my own experience real mic'd up amps always trumps the softwares. But there's also where the reamping comes into play. But even there you're creating more work for themselves (the producers) than it would be to just use real live amps from the beginning. So yeah it's a little weird 😂
  11. I'm guessing they reamp the stuff as well, have a hard time believing they go 100% plugin on the guitars. Reamping makes all the difference, I'd believe
  12. So back to normal blink dynamics again
  13. Wait, you guys actually leave a concert you’re dying to see mid show?! never once in my life done anything like that, don’t make sense to me
  14. Agreed, that was hilarious to me. Never understood the hate. But then i never understood the hate of the choice of shirt either
  15. Tom said 6:30 on Facebook, changed time?
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