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  1. On 6/10/2022 at 6:54 AM, I_Dont_Hate_Chesire said:

    Been a while.  

    Get What I Need, Tijuana Sunrise, Am I Deaf, Million Miles, Who's Laughing Now, Don't Let Me Go, Knife Away, See You Around 

    Love both The Knife and Never Look Back. 

    But man, get what i need is so good. First time I heard it, at the first listen through of the album, as the chorus hit, I knew i was gonna love the album - and i did!

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Here I am, chorus in a Can said:

    I respect Backstreet, but they had even less to do with writing their music than MGK does. 

    Actually, Brian cowrote pleeeeenty of their songs - and still does. Some of their biggest hits even. Nick has cowrote songs, howie has cowrote songs. Kevin has written music for plenty of their songs. 

    When they recorded with Max, Brian often was there a few weeks before the rest of the boys as he wrote together with Max. 

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  3. 9 minutes ago, FAPLORD said:

    You will convince yourself of anything to let it slide. Most solo artists I know play on every single one of their own songs! Quit trying to act like MGK is credible lol. Dudes a 31 year old try hard poser making songs and videos for middle schoolers. Hanson had more credibility and talent than MGK, even when they were like 12 lol

    the difference between me and you is, I see the lameness in someone spending more time posing with a guitar than they do playing it. If I were an artist, I wouldn’t be posing with a pretty guitar matching my pretty makeup and finger nails unless I actually played guitar throughout every single one of my own songs. He’s no different than a fucking Backstreet Boy , but yet you guys wanna act like he is 

    What about a backstreet boy now?

  4. Just now, FAPLORD said:

    You will convince yourself of anything to let it slide. Most solo artists I know play on every single one of their own songs! Quit trying to act like MGK is credible lol. Dudes a 31 year old try hard poser making songs and videos for middle schoolers 

    You keep trying to cling to something else after I have already punched a hole in your arguments. And I doubt that those artists are the only ones on those records.

  5. 3 minutes ago, FAPLORD said:

    I’m not going to sort through all of this. He played guitar on less than half the songs, go look up the official album credits. If I’m allowed to round down then, he didn’t play on the album. Big whoopity do! He played two chords on less than half the songs on his album. Funny how it’s marketed as him being an official guitarist though, that’s my problem. He should have all the other musicians pictured with guitars on his album too..oh wait that’s just something real musicians do,  not posers like MGK 

    You keep forgetting that he's a solo artist. Do you think studio musicians get displayed on the album covers of other solo artists, or is it just a standard you believe Kelly should adhere to?

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  6. 2 hours ago, FAPLORD said:

    Still, a 30 year old making videos for a high school musical? Especially a 30 year old who has made sexual comments about underage girls? That’s disgusting and lame as fuck. Again, MGK doesn’t even play guitar on his own records, it’s all for the look. He’s as much a fraudulent “rocker” as he is a rapper. Oh well, the GOAT from my home state and former city already destroyed this idiot, and so did Corey Taylor. You guys can have fun listening to your kiddie music, but I’d be embarrassed AF 

    Why did you say that he doesn't play guitar on any of his albums when he clearly does?

    2 hours ago, FAPLORD said:

    Some of you have never looked at the album credits for his albums and it shows. The amount of songwriters and studio musicians make NINE appear to have been written and recorded by 3 people. 

    This album is the work of a solo artist, not a band. There must be studio musicians. How would he record the album if not? And the reason why there are so many is probably that different people play different songs. There's nothing odd or unusual about this on a solo recording.

    2 hours ago, FAPLORD said:

    He has credit for guitar on 5 songs, that’s it. And other guitarists have credit on those same songs and obviously the other ones too. I’m just sick of people giving him more credit than he deserves, I’m not hating on MGK himself. Imagine if Skiba only played guitar on 5 songs from an album and what these same MGK praising people would be saying to crucify him. 

    Why did you say he plays nothing at all? Nobody has made him out to be a guitar virtuoso, but he obviously can play what's required for his songs. Further knowledge of his instrument is not required.

    2 hours ago, FAPLORD said:

    Because the album credits show he only played guitar on 5 songs. That’s less than half of the album. There are like 5 other guitar players on the record, so yes, the majority of the guitars are not him. If he was so good at guitar, why would they pay other people to track them? Even Tom DeLonge wrote and tracked his own parts. 

    Kelly is one of four people credited with playing guitar on the song according to Allmusic. Nevertheless, it's irrelevant. The fact that Kelly is not playing on every single song is more of a testament to his lack of ego than anything else. It shows that he's professional and cares more about the final product. 

    51 minutes ago, FAPLORD said:

    If only they had maxed Tom out on playing guitar on 5 songs, had 25 other writers, and an additional 5-7 bassists and guitarists performing all the music, while marketing Tom as the only guitarist…maybe, just maybe, it would have lived up to Tickets to My Downfall

    Again, this was made by a solo artist. It's not odd at all to have 5-7 bassists, 35 guitarists, 52 drummers, and/or different producers on such a record since it was probably recorded in different studios, at different times, with different personnel.

  7. 1 hour ago, Mr Blonde said:

    Fuck knows, blink should have ended in 2004. Untitled was the perfect record. Cheshire, Dude, Enema, Toypaj and Enema is a seriously strong run of albums, fucking exceptional tbh but no no we have Neighbourhoods, DED, California and Nine added onto that and it fucks me off. None of those albums after 04 are worthy of the band we love. 

    I was so stoked for the upcoming album following up to DED. Truly think it would have been an amazing record

  8. 24 minutes ago, Patient #48273 said:

    bEcAuSe AlL tHe BeSt PlAyErS aRe In ThE pLaYoFfS.

    I mean I was just joking but this is a big problem for all the big nations. 

    it really sucks that NHL ruined the Olympics that was the only real world championship tournament with all the best players for all countries 

  9. 28 minutes ago, Elisa said:

    In 2010 I got into ice hockey because my friend was a huge bruins fan. Every time we'd watch hockey, it'd be the Bruins and they even won the Stanley Cup in 2011 so I very quickly fell in love with them and have been following them for over 12 years now. 


    That’s really cool!

  10. 3 minutes ago, Patient #48273 said:

    And most Canadians and Americans don't care very much about the world championship because it overlaps so much with the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

    Yeah, and that they suck in world tournaments doesn’t help!

  11. Yeah, nhl isn’t that interesting for people outside us/Canada tbf. At least what I gather. 

    I figured World Cup maybe could light some fire in if someone is hockey interested but you’re right, this is the wrong forum for this

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