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  1. On 3/19/2022 at 4:25 PM, Sk8er Prince MGK_4ever boi said:

    It still looks funny as if they could not decide on either longish name and kept both to make an absurdly long song title.

    They definitely did start a lot of the emo trends. I remember when this and Decade Under The Influence came in it an really took off.  Mad respect to TBS.  Even if I hated emo, TBS and one eyed hair Tom got an exception.

    "one eyed hair" - so accurate 😂😂

  2. 23 hours ago, Champ182 said:

    I think people know of SR 71 because Mark managed(??) them when this song came out. So this song was a little one-hit-wonder on MTV for a bit.

    Am I remembering this right? Did Mark manage them somehow? Haha

    No it's because they were on the american pie soundtrack, as well as like all the college movies from that year. Have no idea about the Mark thing.


    You guys should really give them a chance, they're really good! Bowling For Soups hit 1985 is also a SR71 original.

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  3. 1 minute ago, .437 beats .40 said:


    Honestly, it's not fully for the lulz.  Yes, it's funny considering it's MGK and what he did to Diddy's girlfriend, and his overall state of nothingness in pop punk that will continue assumingly, but there was a time that he was literally the best thing in pop punk for like 3 months or whatever.  Tickets to my Downfall is legit the best thing out of nowhere that actually encaptured the 2000s sound better than anyone and the best 'homage' 'tribute' whatever you want to call it we've really had.  Which isn't saying much, but he deserves his place as the only reviver of pop punk in the 2020s that's relevant/popular.

    I got you MGK.

    Tried to hard

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