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  1. Idk about anyone else but I couldn’t judge shit by Oliver’s “live event”. Sound was horrendous, and NO I didn’t watch the whole thing (who in their right mind could sit thru 90 mins of that?). Oliver trying to say he can hold a candle to skiba based on that piece of shit is pretty hilarious at this point.
  2. No. Oliver and his cat will be performing a full-set livestream event at some point tonight.
  3. Yea for real. Must be super awk for Matt knowing that all Tom has to do is say the word and he is gone.
  4. Travis just commented on toms pic, told him to stop playing with his emotions.
  5. Haha I think most people wanted to hear his original song but he wouldn’t record it. However, he kept up with his “I’m better than skiba act” but wouldn’t produce any covers or anything when challenged. Then diddy faplord pwned him with that dumpweed video and Oliver’s reaction was to post a full-set livestream event lmfao.
  6. Something’s wrong with you man lol. Can’t tell if you’re trolling, hyper race sensitive, or super slow minded. Pretty comical regardless!
  7. I hope marks family is safe with these earthquakes happening in ridgecrest!
  8. I heard the next blink song to be released is called “hookedd on fonicks dun good fir me”. You’re going to love it.
  9. You could really tell kerwin adores Travis. Great interview.
  10. Still loving this song. Love that it’s a little dark. The thing I love about it most is it really sounds like a mark written/driven song with the producers throwing in a few ideas similar to what jerry Finn did back in the day.
  11. I’m jealous @Ry-Bread!! Fuckin sweet man
  12. Oh shit, I stand corrected!
  13. The lawn is empty... just pointing out the obvious. Based on your pic I’m guessing there is 7-10k in attendance. Glad you’re having a good time man!
  14. A half empty arena?? Idk just a guess.
  15. Can you change your name to Uncle Johnny? Thanks.
  16. Great song! Have only listened on my phone, can’t wait to put on my headphones on and give it a proper listen! Sounds like blink without sounding corny/manufactured!
  17. https://youtu.be/DEvYAB3Fs4w
  18. Oliver is a one track mind kind of guy that has to take everything to the extreme.
  19. It’s what we do here, son.
  20. Ok but you pick the stupidest subjects to get butt hurt about and pick on people for. And you never let it go. Like who gives a fuck if ry bread wants to bend the rules for his blink baseball cards. Their fucking cool!
  21. @Donald Trump's Bulge, why do you love drama so much? Always trying to stir the pot like it’s an episode of mean girls ffs. Thought you said when you came back from your mental health break that you were gonna be super chill. Clearly not the case.
  22. They should delay the whole tour and release their album. Might help ticket sales.
  23. I’m starting to feel bad for blink/Wayne for how bad this tour is selling. Hope it picks up for them.
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