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  1. Sounds like ava! This 3 second clip is more music than we’ve gotten from Tom in 4 years!
  2. This should have been the single instead of down:
  3. Speedo is pretty cool these days, at least compared to a few years ago. He used to drink a lot then come on here and rage on everyone lol.
  4. Hoe has obviously not been around many American black dudes (not sure if he’s been around blacks of any nationality). If he talked like that in the US he would get twisted like a pretzel LOL.
  5. Hahahaha ok hoe!!! No need to go all psycho hoe on me, just asking buddy!! Fuck the haterzzz!
  6. @Leo Dehoe why didn’t you make a video of you doing the interview? I mean you made that fancy teaser video, then type out your answers? Idk hoe
  7. Lol seeing him talk really shows how much he isn’t like tom.
  8. Exactly what I thought from the beginning
  9. Aww, hoebot to the rescue! You do realize the earth ain’t flat, ya?
  10. I welcome it 🙏 all I want is Leo and his shaved-to-look-like-Toms eyebrows to join in the fun!!!
  11. I’m all for Leo Dehoe signing up, just like I’m all for any blink fan signing up here. However, he does not deserve special treatment. If he can’t handle the heat he can GTFO.
  12. You don’t need a drop out minor in psychology to see that.
  13. Ok ok, I’ll admit maybe Alex should join blink. I had more fun watching that little snippet than I have had watching anything blink has done with Matt!
  14. Smalls

    Skiba or Gaskarth

    You make a good point here Kay. Almost seems like mark should hang it up with blink and forge on with simple creatures and other projects. As much as I truly love blink, they are so far removed from what they once were that it has become tough to follow them.
  15. Why lie about it though? If you eat meat, you eat meat. Just a personal choice. Fuck em.
  16. No but this guy sounds nearly identical. Obviously he’s trying to make his voice sound like toms. Mimics toms songwriting pretty well too.
  17. Why not? Who gives a shit it’s a shirt.
  18. The old school merch/clothes were way cooler than this current trash. My favorite shirt ever was the license plate one that read “blink182” and on the frame it said “so many moms, so little time” haha. edit- here it is:
  19. That guy doesn’t sound like Tom at all. THIS guy does-
  20. Nice summarization but you’re a little behind the times. They got like 5 producers and writers now. Gonna sound way way way worse
  21. Gotcha. Just seemed like you liked it a lot haha. Hell, I just think it’s “meh” and I saved it on my phone lol.
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