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  1. Only been a fan since 2013, so I’m unfamiliar with their older merch, but the Bad Religion parody shirt they had back in 2016 was pretty cool, too bad I’ve outgrown it. I really like those anime and pornhub tees they’ve been selling recently, but the price ain’t worth it.
  2. I’m taking a guess it hasn’t been posted yet, but Mark confirmed it was just a joke on his Discord, stating that: “It’s just Chris (@mrtsurt) having fun. He wants me to host it. There has been no talks. No mention. Just Chris putting it out in the universe. Although I would absolutely kill it.”
  3. RIP Robert, Mark’s bass tech. Always loved his photos. What a shame, man. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdHsx98L0sw/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. Out of all the songs you could cut, you choose Left Alone?
  5. I think he used to dye it. Sometime a while back he posted a selfie and his hair was pretty much dark grey. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLqcAF5BP88/?utm_medium=copy_link I honestly wanted to see him shaved or without the whole Jimmy Neutron/Roz look for a while now, but obviously not in this situation. However, he’s healthy again and I think he should rock the dad look when he gets back to the stage. It was a little awkward seeing him with white hair for the first time during the behind the scenes of that House of Horrors show, but here he looks sophisticated and it suits him way better. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s growing his hair back out.
  6. Mark looks fresh as FUCK. Certified DILF. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWdr09AJt1h/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  7. It’s waaaaaaay better than his getup during the Neighborhoods/Love era.
  8. So I’m taking a guess we aren’t getting that skate punk song yet? Bummer. That was the only other one I was looking forward to aside from Timebomb. Did Tom discuss anything about a deluxe version?
  9. Not sure what this is but people are saying it’s Automatic. I like The Cure vibes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTlVprCpBCk/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. You’d think that the one AVA song that was promoted as sounding like BCR and guitar-heavy would have two guitarists playing on it live. Then again, not much is really going on, but they could’ve beefed it up a little. All the other instrumentation sounds cool though. Gotta love seeing Matt lay it down every time. Been a fan of his since he toured with The All-American Rejects. Regarding the stage setup, it seems alright. They probably thought it was awkward that Matt only got a platform (which I believe he specifically requests for whatever reason, guess it’s because of his height), so they evened it out with David. I thought the stage setup looked off in 2019 when only Tom and David were on the “main” stage and Matt was far back.
  11. In his defense, he just shaved recently lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CQnC8l_j8xg/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. I’ve been wanting Mark to shave his head for the past couple of years, but not in these circumstances… I’m sure it was devastating, but our man still looks handsome as fuck, and now he can join Matt and Travis in the bald-182 club and kick some ass.
  13. https://thehardtimes.net/music/matt-skiba-starting-to-regret-alkaline-trio-tattoo/?fbclid=IwAR1yZ1l3ysXz2Eymdfrq32aYEL8B0kRbxOfJAIhx8wuDlH7nIWfgTpFS0Sw
  14. Yeah it’s a shame because it’s way more cohesive and the demo is miles better than what actually came out, at least melodic wise. Even the second verse idea had potential outside of the repetition, Tom should’ve been developed it more. The prechorus and chorus in there are some of his best hooks. I enjoy TDW but imagine Untitled-esque instrumentation with that chorus. 🤤
  15. Anybody here Modest Mouse fans? They’ve just released a new single and are finally releasing a new album next month. Lyric-wise it’s pretty boring and repetitive for MM, but the instrumentation is cool. A little bit poppier but that’s not the biggest issue to me, I haven’t been a fan of the production post-Strangers To Ourselves. Always felt cluttered yet way too polished. I haven’t been that engaged in the singles they’ve been releasing lately either, but Poison The Well and Ice Cream Party were cool.
  16. https://www.instagram.com/tv/COX4h_vnuUj/?igshid=1qzl6r0nf5nji They’re teasing again... Heard it could be a documentary but who knows. The band’s profile picture is now black too.
  17. Haven’t been here in a while to know what’s going on but I would die for Motion City Soundtrack.
  18. Not gonna lie, it’s probably one of my favorite Tom songs in a long time. Very catchy and the EDM sections don’t go overboard.
  19. Definitely agree that Severance is one of MCS’s best songs. I love Making Moves and wish it was officially on iTunes as I just have a bootleg of it for now. Major Leagues is pretty underrated as well.
  20. If you guys missed the livestream on IG, Mark mentioned that there’s a new Fender signature model in the works.
  21. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Matt didn’t entirely record all the guitar parts on NINE. Not saying he didn’t at all because you know when Matt shows up on guitar based on his playing style, but considering how much songwriters/producers that were collaborating with blink, it wouldn’t be odd if one of them recorded a lick or two. There was that Heaven jam that we all thought was totally Matt and then it ended up being one of Travis’ friends. Matt’s not even credited on Happy Days and that also sounded like something he would probably play. I’m pretty sure the guitars on Cali/Cali DLX were a mix of Matt, Mark, and Feldy.
  22. Feldy is such a tease. I don’t think we got much of a preview for anything during the NINE sessions except for the boxing video.
  23. I was in band class around 8th grade and my teacher was showing some music videos from bands like The Strokes, Matchbox Twenty, and then Motion City Soundtrack. He showed us “A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)” to discuss the bridge where Justin’s vocals overlap. I thought it was the coolest thing (still do) so I was immediately hooked by them and that song is still one of my top 5 MCS songs. It was like 2013 at the time so Go was out by then but I think MDL had more success so YouTube just kept recommending me the singles. Some of my favorite all-time favorite MCS tracks are ALO(NALH), Disappear, and Worker Bee, so I guess MDL was my introduction album to them. It still holds up to me even though there are some weaker tracks on there like History Lesson, Stand Too Close, and Pulp-Fiction. I wish Sunny Day was on the album, I don’t know why that ended up a b-side. Had to make my own bonus track for it. I’m surprised you have it so low, so I’m curious why. There isn’t much I would complain about the album other than the fact it could use more Moog. I know it comes off as nostalgia for being my favorite, but I always loved the aggression most of the songs took on the album. Although, after relistening to Go again, Justin still has that kind of energy when he really pushes it in songs like TWIYTC and Bottom Feeder - which are some of my favorites.
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