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  1. People are nostalgic... Wasting time
  2. Surely my vote that was first, broke the tie and ended the round lol
  3. 21 days is my vote First time is a quality song...
  4. Its a live album...completely pointless in my opinion.
  5. Let it go...noone cares about doing that lol
  6. In that interview tom did, he spoke about how him mark and travis started that band or something along those lines lol, didnt even mention scott...
  7. You mean toms manager right?
  8. I literally went on youtube, searched blink 182 demo 2 and a playlist comes up, how hard is that ffs, then go on the best quality version you can find theres not many... Theres definitely not a million videos
  9. Hey yeh, it was used on toms pursuit of tone documentary not so long ago, thats where i saw it, who was the other guy singing? Do you know? Also what do you think of those original songs? Did you listen to them as much as like you would cheshire at the time?... It may be a joke song the family next door but sounds so like blink from the start that song, could of easily dumped a few other songs from that 1998 buddha release... I was always discouraged to listen to them demos because they sounded like ass! But never knew that demo 2 even existed till i came on this site, back in the day when i had kaza and limwire just flyswatter would come up... Demo 2 seems miles ahead quality wise ..
  10. Where as Americans have to Hollywood every word going..
  11. Just listening to demo2 and flyswatter on YouTube, thought these were a mess before and could barely listen to them but there seems to be some good quality videos on there now... How did every time not get on buddha? Scotts drums and marks base are quality, tom recycles that riff on most of the songs tho lol but he kills it
  12. Meh did a bit more research and they were on the original tape just not on the cd, with degenerate and transvestite...always thought those 2 were really shit quality and unlistenable but seems to be really good quality on youtube now
  13. Hey its not dude ranch related, but saw blink italia reply on twitter with mark tom and another guy singing apart of family next door, then saw that the whole song is on YouTube, with the buddha picture but im sure its not on buddha and its really good quality not like flyswatter so where was this song released? Pretty funny and shows these guys were pretty much on the same wavelength from the beginning daveyjones
  14. Its $200 but is that basic? And do you have to buy more stuff for it? Like sensors or something around your room? I think it would be alot better to just buy the next one up for $600
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