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  1. Yeh I agree with you but with seeing them both I really miss toms voice for that song now! Toms voice is blink!, I really want matt to join and make new music with blink with his influence, I'm liking the new line up but damn it makes me sad the way toms gone with blink That whole reading 2014 you can see how awkward it is... The show from last night has so much energy and mark seems so happy its a million times better than with tom but the mourning I guess is starting to kick in that the blink I grew up with is finally over ....
  2. Facebook is seriously pissing me off and I keep on falling for these tombots bait! Like seriously how are these people proper fans! Its like explaining evolution to a Christian! You explain all the facts and there like na its not true god made the world its only 2000 years old! You explain all the facts to the tombots and all you get is fuck you mark and Travis ass lickers stop hating on tom... Its like I'm stating facts I dont give a shit about tom lol Here's my other reply which got a load of hate ... It seems the only people bothered about this is the people who love tom... Proper fans will know the story and not be blind by the weird love for tom lol Mark wants to play blink songs its his life, tom didn't want to yeh? Fair enough you would say? No.. Tom promised blink to fans for 3 years , there was meant to be a blink 182 album before the reading festival but tom didn't want to do it.. He then was meant to record in January and said this in an interview in December. He then quits the band via email, ( apparently did this 3 times) so mark and Travis had enough and fair enough. Both sides didn't handle this well but hey its been built up over 3 years I find refreshing to hear what actually went down and a bit of honesty from mark and Travis. Tom was in the wrong and I don't see how most of you ignorant tombots can't see that, he is making a fool of the fans and still is lol I like angels and airwaves and will listen if he actually records something worth while but he's left blink so you lot need to get over it. If you seriously think tom now is better than matt skiba in blink now then you really need to watch blinks shows since 2004 and see the that matt can actually play his guitar and sing in tune instead of murdering every song
  3. Love the videos ..I never really watched much live videos of blink before, because well it was cringe! Seeing comments from people on YouTube who aren't massive fans but remembered blink from the good old days saying what's happened to that singers voice was embarrassing. From the tombots view I get why they don't like change, well bumming tom can blind you, but seriously, he left the band ffs! All this matt hate on Facebook for the guy is embarrassing! He's covering toms ass. To see marks face in a lot of these videos was refreshing, that beaming smile, you can tell he was so happy which made me smile! You can tell how much blink means to him and tom just pissed all over him for years! He doesn't want to do plus 44 he wants to do blink 182, its his life. So if tombots can't see that they can fuck off, I would prefer blink with skiba than no blink, at the end of the day toms fucked them up for years so how is it a problem? I'll stop my rant and bad crammer before I start to ramble more lol
  4. The reason he murder s the songs mike is because he knows he can't sing them well anymore... I do it in the shower lol its like its easier to make fun of the song and act like you don't care than sing it the best you can and fail..
  5. Just had to re watch atst from reading festival and compare and now I can officially say I don't want tom back in the band live!
  6. Atst actually sounds studio quality! So sick of tom murdering that song
  7. Fuck yeh dysentery Gary is spot on
  8. These clips are too short need full versions hate being teased in this way with no happy ending!
  9. Can't judge matt's voice over a few clips...I'm loving it tbh. Seeing the tombots slating him and saying matt's shit on Facebook is really starting to piss me off now tho! The guy is covering for tom because he couldn't commit for fucks sake!, I think how are these people blink fans if they don't even know the basics of the band they say they love? ..
  10. Never was a massive fan of down but matt's voice and take on it has sold me I would love a live album of these 3 lol
  11. Yeh I was worried without troy it would be shire but its just as good! Well better than season 5 already.. I wish all the episodes got streamed lol The montages in the first episode was hilarious and the virtual reality dean even better
  12. Yeh kazaa was quality! Anyone remember downloading the first plus 44 song on there and it was everything is alright? With mark at the end saying now that was some great producing yeh didn't know till the album came out it was actually motion city soundtrack! Got me into them and feeling this was called action lol
  13. Would love man city to lose or draw and Liverpool to beat man u! Then see man city miss out on champions league football shire money grabbing club..
  14. 6 got to at least 6 to justify the price you would think?!
  15. Omg I forgot that pewdiepie shite double header finale I never heard of pewdiepie so I can see where south park is coming from with how the this generation of sheep's like this random crap but it kinda seemed like they thought they would get better ratings with a so called internet sensation they were trying to take the piss out of...there was some pretty good episodes in that season tho..gluten go fund yourself and cissy were cool ...but if you go through south park episodes, the best ones are the ones when they are original and don't use weekly pop culture and events as cheap story plots...like imagination land... That one he's a robot with butters ..well I don't need to list you know the gems and my point
  16. So similar to birdman in format then lol?
  17. What is whiplash like everyone keeps going on about that
  18. American dad is quality and yeh I never gave the Cleveland show a chance it was shocking hence why its cancelled... Season one of American dad OK but gets better as seasons go on
  19. Wtf that is unreal! How do people get that fat! Its like I'd get to a certain weight then think fuck I'd better stay off the donuts from ten to 8 maybe? Hope he gets fit soon that's depressing he used to look quite trim and cool
  20. Songs like stupid kid, Armageddon, mercy me are the kind of influences I'd love to see on a new blink album if he's joining them, him and mark would produce some great dark and catchy songs! I'd cream my pants if we see a new blink album by them 3 !!
  21. Back to family guy tho Seth McFarlane even admitted it was crap these days even killing off Brian to cause a reaction.
  22. Roger from American dad could have his own bloody show he's that hilarious! And south park! That is how you make a funny cartoon! I don't get the hate on that show people always go back to the first 2 seasons and say that's shit, not even watching it today..I'd say from series 3 onwards that show transformed to pure quality gold! Well from that Scott tennorman must die episode it got on track for me.
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