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  1. Band announced they are calling it a day after a final album and tour, thanking their fans for 27 years of memories.
  2. Great show! Damn did I miss them; made this 31 year old fart feel 16 at 2009 rejoining shows again
  3. Any news on blink making a new album or music in general?
  4. I can understand the reasons discussed why to support the discord or whatever sites used these days but I’m not going out of my way to spend money on fan sites. Just want to know when new music is coming out... everything else is just fluff I don’t really bother with.
  5. I came across this band “drowning fish” and was into it a lot. Their site is so old like a time capsule to anglefire/ geosite days but the music is all available still! https://www.drowningfish.com/music_lyrics&story.htm
  6. Just watched the Mark comment video on the 2003 album launch... man It just hits you in the nostalgia feels. Brings me back to my 2003 6th grade self running home watching feeling this music video on mtv website after School each day and running down to the music store the day it was released. I feel like a dinosaur watching this shit remembering how my house only got internet on one computer shortly before this and listening to mark explain the tech.. classic. Tbh, I can relate more to the cds in the documentary than I can to a twitch stream, idk what twitch even is. I really hope mark did call tom after and just shooting the shit like old friends reminiscing the good ole days.
  7. Nah, honestly I don’t see Tom coming back hence why I said IF. He’s just not into blink anymore... he gets nostalgic sometimes but it isn’t enough to make him want to do the blink machine again and tour and play songs he’s bored of and doesnt connect with anymore. I also can’t predict the future and anything’s possible.
  8. IF Tom comes back, it would be a 4 price unless Matt says he’s out to focus on trio.
  9. I attended the same reunion tour show on 8/25/09 at Jones beach. That concert was awesome seeing TBS, Weezer, and blink for my first time
  10. I’m a total space cadet when it comes to music industry, what does it mean when an artist sells their entire catalog?
  11. Damn that cold of him, bro code! I did but that was over ten years ago since I seen it. Also was one of those “must buy everything blink related” purchases, watched once and then just collected dust.
  12. I would have loved if blink continued on the untitled sound and carried some of AVA themes in their song’s.
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