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  1. Not a fan, sounds too mainstream popish and the chorus just isn’t good. The only redeeming quality in this songs is the very few times mark vocals come in
  2. Damn that cold of him, bro code! I did but that was over ten years ago since I seen it. Also was one of those “must buy everything blink related” purchases, watched once and then just collected dust.
  3. Not gonna hate on mark for collabing and shit but this song is not doing it for me, it’s just boring.
  4. Forgive me but who is Chris cote?
  5. I would have loved if blink continued on the untitled sound and carried some of AVA themes in their song’s.
  6. Local top 40 pop radio station (more like top 10 songs only on repeat) is doing 2 hours throw back session to take everyone minds off the pandemic and... they play all the small things. My mind is blown that this station would play blink, yet alone anything in that genre as it hasn’t In At least a decade. Funny they were taking about the “little windmill” line and contemplating what it means... if I’m not mistaken didn’t Tom say it was in reference to his wife giving him bjs after coming home from work/ tour?
  7. Great video and idea during some real shitty times for all. Defiantly made me smile for a few minutes!
  8. I think Matt is bored with blink, probably feels pressured now not to shit on Mark and Travis and pack up his shit and go back to trio, the negative press he’ll get for quitting wouldn’t be good. Or he facing some other demons... he acts bored and spaced out in interviews with short answers, his live performances are void of excitement. Probably doesn’t help that even he said it’s only a matter of time for Tom to come back and he basically out, he knows he’s a fill in and sees the negative comments about how blink is shit while he been in the band. He looks, sounds, and acts burnt out by blink. I felt bad in a recent interview mark and Matt sat down with some British radio host girl and the first ten minutes was awkward about Tom returning and irwihy being about him and Matt just sits like “you got to be fucking kidding me with this bs again”. Dude is probably sick of pretending in a band that isn’t his and wants to go back to his baby, his true creative outlet in trio, let’s just hope his time in blink land doesn’t cause deteriorating relationships with his trio band mates
  9. I don’t get the hate, I like the song. Like the rest of nine it’s just a catchy song from the guys. Rather have it than not!
  10. Sounds catchy! Looking forward to hearing full track
  11. lol it’s all good, nah she still like JB more
  12. I don’t trust Wikipedia as anyone can edit so I went to the Japanese website and translated it on goggle and sure enough it’s “out of my head” and the song credits are composer and lyrics as Mark Hoppus only!
  13. Played a few songs for my wife in the car like run away, pin the grenade, black rain and she said she likes Matt’s voice a lot better than toms and the songs are super catchy esp PTG. I think the only song she liked before this was ATST
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