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  1. Idk why I ever bothered looking up and posting the bs, I honestly don’t care about their shit outside of the music anyway. In the end, he appears happier and healthier than he has in years so I guess if he’s happy then cool beans
  2. https://pagesix.com/2019/09/17/former-blink-182-rocker-tom-delonge-divorcingo-wife-of-18-years/ Reason for divorce is “irreconcilable differences” ... sounds bad. Lists separation date as 12/29/17... Xmas/ New Years must of sucked that year. Filed for joint legal and physical custody of both kids, and wishes the courts will sort out everything else. Nice, doesn’t sound like an amicable separation at all. Looked up regarding irreconcilable differences in divorce, apparently in California it’s one of the most common reasons for divorce as they are a no fault state ... adultery is not grounds for divorce as no one party can be blamed in no fault states so most use the irreconcilable differences no fault file. Who knows, no details were given but it doesn’t look good.
  3. I agree, made it like 20 seconds before turning off. Just doesn’t sound good or catchy to me
  4. I got a shipping notification text as well, says my album is currently in route in Austin tx on its way to me in New York. All I got was a cd though so idk if that changes anything for those who got extras
  5. Tom filed the divorce... she definitely cheated on him while he was off building space ships and chasing aliens or he got bored of her and is into chasing those girls he always post on Instagram or whatever platform he uses
  6. No issue with that from me, more dynamic songs would result... more complex guitar parts (rhythm and lead esp live), more vocals, more lyric input.
  7. Haven’t listened yet, waiting for the album to be shipped. Everyone here getting me hyped though. I’ve liked all the songs released before the leak , each one getting better as they came. Any idea about the Japan bonus track though?
  8. I think NINE will be like NINE, but not too entirely sure 🤷‍♂️ I’ll let the music do the talking
  9. I shared the video in the general discussion thread about teans reacting to blink and one of them said this but more PC... basically saying kids and the world just generally aren’t into this type of music anymore that dominated the late 90s- early 10s
  10. I just listened to the song for first time, I like it 🤷‍♂️I’ve liked all the songs so far. Is this song in a different tuning, like Drop D or something? low end on instruments sound lower than normal tuning. For some one reason I feel like this song was written by mark to Tom 😬
  11. don’t know if this been posted but interesting to hear teens take on blink in today’s music world as None of them were alive when enema of the state was release 😱
  12. Don’t hate, it’s was good. Not going out and downloading their entire discography but calling it as is, catchy and fun... blink shows i been to in past we’re dead and dull.
  13. I’m at Jonas brothers concert at msg with my wife, opening act Jordan McGraw (dr Phil son) was talking about first concerts and said his was blink and played some WWMA which was an awesome surprise, another surprise was how large of reaction blink got from all these teen girls! Can’t see blink in two weeks sadly so this will do! Lol concert just ended, I’ll tell you something, Jonas brothers are usually the shit end of jokes but they put on a fucking poppin show that no blink show I’ve been to came close to. Didn’t know most of their songs but still catchy as fuck, their fans had the whole building jumping and floor shaking hard, they played special songs for nyc being their from nyc suburbs and coming home, they played like a 15 min medley of all their first few albums songs dedicated to OG fans... you don’t see blink doing any of that shit. I think it’s going to take a freaking week to get my hearing back now! Blink, take some notes! Also I took my wife to see blink in 2016 so I returned the favor and it wa cool to see her in her element
  14. Apparently, I must be a dinosaur or something. I have no idea wtf fortnite even is besides kids are obsessed with it. Thought it was some shitty video game... now there’s dances moves with it?! Get off my lawn damn kids!
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