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  1. I’m really liking this one and this is a genre I do t normally like not listen to. The chorus is super catchy! This song is one I can easily picture being played on the hits radio stations with today’s pop and whatever genres are on there. Also, I couldn’t tell care less about the dancing... it’s 2019 nobody gives a shit about music videos these days.
  2. I thought the vocals don’t work because they were too slow in both songs to the point where it got boring. The music in the back sounded good though
  3. I wanna say Tom was the creative aspect behind blink and mark was the drive behind the band and Travis was the engine that kept it all moving. They were three dudes who came together at the right moment and meshed perfect as far as making pop punk music goes that inspired millions since the 90s. I also feel like it started to fall apart the more they got older and started changing ideas on who and what they wanna tobe as a band and and individual... mark had great songs in the early days when he was full of angst of being a teen/ twenty something and now he has everything he could ever imagine... what’s his inspiration to write like he used to with metaphors that made sense to use and were clever in lines throughout songs. Tom on the other hand went from not giving a fuck playing sloppy fast drunk shit to wanting to be grandiose stadium rock with space and love metaphors and stuff that kids couldn’t relate to. Their styles just clashed too much after their toypaj/ untitled era came and passed. I also get that playing blink songs for 25 years can get stale and it becomes monotonous playing about high school parties and females when you’re pushing 50 with marriages and families. Mark probably hired feldy because he just out of ideas.. he loves blink, he loves what he does and playing for fans and playing the hits of his youth days of yesteryear but he just doesn’t have any ideas and to stay relevant he needs to push out more material or continuing on as Greatest hits band with 2/3 members which will die off pretty quick.
  4. I wanna say 9/11.. Tom went on the small hiatus to do boxcar with heavier songs and topics and destroyed mark in the process. That event destroyed toms willful stupidity and lack of giving a shit into a “ holy fuck this world is fucked up, I’m not a stupid kid anymore... all of this, my life could end today... is this all I’m going to amount to?” From that moment on there was a clear define change in image of this band.
  5. Same station just played feeling this, loving the blink songs on radio outside of the usual ATSM that’s played occasionally here
  6. As long as he doesn’t put out bullshit liberal political garbage like greenday does, once he starts pushing his weird hippie vegan leftist lifestyle into his music , blink is done. The best thing about blink has been their almost no existence of politics In their music, lets hope it stays that way
  7. Turned the radio on while in the car and “Adams song” was being played on nyc alt92.3 , first time hearing that classic on the radio!
  8. So much for new Album 2018, should we expect one in 2019? Are they actually recording or just randomly doing studio days here and there and posting on social media?
  9. At this point, in regards to anything tom related if it’s not actual music or blink related then gtfo with the garbage. Use to look up to him growing up in my teens but now he just a hasbeen nobody doing a bunch of nothing really
  10. Came in to see if there was any blink news and sure enoughdivise politics being spewed and nothing bout blink as usual... is anything even happening with this band? Did see they have some east coast shows scheduled and was thinking bout going to Mohegan sun in CT as it’s closest to me but it just isn’t worth the money and hassle
  11. I saw blink in 2013 at wellmont theatre in Montclair nj. It was like 2000 person venue and it was so cool to be so close to them, only other time I’ve seen them was Jones beach theatre on Long Island which is like. 16000 seat amphitheater on the ocean and not close unless you had pit/ floor. I’m telling you though, it was awesome to see them in the small venue
  12. Saw a post blink was on warped line up, any truth to that?
  13. Lol so awkward. The way he like “so yeah, idk ...idk”
  14. I love blink but they really have no relevance these days... staying quiet with no info on anything really doesn’t help either. As soon as promotion of Cali stopped the relevance died again
  15. http://vanswarpedtour.com/2017/finaltour/ i never been to warped tour but apparently the cross country tour will end in 2018. In 2019 they are planning something for the 25th anniversary. idk if this is correct thread to post this, feel free to move
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