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  1. How have the crowds reacted to lil Wayne set before blink? Are there fans of just him who leave when he’s done?? It reminds me of the 2011 Honda Civic tour with MCR/ blink. My amphitheater (Jones beach Long Island ny) usually sells out blink shows in past, this show was packed and then half the fucking crowd of goth out teenage girls left after MCR finished their ten song or so opening set. It was so weird to see. I guess it was weird because before that we had the reunion tour of 2009 with TBS/ Weezer/ Blink with weezer and blink playing full sets! The place was sold out absolutely packed and nuts! if I was able to attend the brooklyn show, I’d be happy to see neck deep and simple plan and then I’d either hit the snack stand or merch or head to bathroom and chill on my phone during lil Wayne because I’m just not into him or that genre of music it doesn’t nothing for me, then I’d be all into and excited for blink again when they came out. I can see where blink fans are turned off by having lol Wayne on the bill, it’s not a similar genre at all so it just doesn’t fit and throws off the mood and flow of the show. If he’s off and replaced by SP/ ATL sets I could see tickets start to sell better. No disrespect to lil Wayne though, just not what I’m into.
  2. Definitely better with ear phones rather than shitty iPhone speaker. I like it, chorus is my favorite part.. it’s catchy and love the instruments. Feels heavier than BIOMY maybe that’s why I’m feeling it more. Wasn’t really a fan of the bridge sounded messy like it came off neighborhoods. Marks voice sounds great and I think Matt does some backing vocals hear and there. I like this one the most.
  3. I think they shot themselves in the foot with the high ticket prices... speaking for myself and I’m sure I’m not alone on this, I really don’t feel like paying huge ticket price increase to see the same boring stale 70 min set list that we saw every tour since 2009. Also there is no excitement to see them anymore, they play the songs exactly as the album has it unlike when Tom was in band they would do different beats, long extended outros and break downs and have some banter and crowd interaction ... miss that shit esp down and I miss you. Today’s set list is just so boring and uninteresting. I already paid $20 for the album, don’t need to pay another $100 to hear a crappier version of it.
  4. Or growing old and missing the way things were when he was in his 30s at the rise of fame and more simpler life in the 90s and 00s is getting him down
  5. Was gonna get tickets to brooklyn show but I have civil service exam next day that can lead to serious promotion and/ or relocation to cheaper area to live and work in New York. $$$$> blink show
  6. No link but he does mention Tom a few times when rob asks him some blink history and it seems natural like he isn’t cringing to mention Tom at all.
  7. I had bells palsy recently and it fucking sucked. Everyone thought I was having a stroke due to how quickly it came on. All the major symptoms seemed to have faded But I still got slight remaining effects that’s are holding on.
  8. Or he’ll just quit again or just fine it “hard as hell to commit”
  9. Maybe I’d buy but they decided to skip nyc/ Long Island this tour so oh well. They supposedly were going announce more dates but if they aren’t selling I doubt it happens
  10. I feel you, I’m in nyc metro area and feeling left out
  11. I’d be cool with blink having Matt and Tom. Having the four of them creating something esp with two guitar parts that allows Tom to be lead and creative so he don’t get bored would be pretty cool. Also having three separate voices would be interesting too.
  12. I think I’m in minority but after listening to BIOMY and Rebel Girl with some proper head phones rather than on shorty iPhone speaker... I can say I like both songs equally, they both good to and don’t mind listening to them. Just wish both songs had the influences of each other. the great thing about music is it’s all subjective.. there’s no right or wrong. Everyone internet’s songs or any art form in their own way.
  13. After a few more listens I’m liking it more but I can’t help but think that this song would fit perfect on the playlists that used to play at American eagle when I used to work there 2011-14 for some side income, I can almost hear the playlist in my head with songs sounding exactly like this
  14. Song is pretty good.. not an instant favorite but there’s easily older blink songs that I find worse than this
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