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  1. I feel you, I’m in nyc metro area and feeling left out
  2. I’d be cool with blink having Matt and Tom. Having the four of them creating something esp with two guitar parts that allows Tom to be lead and creative so he don’t get bored would be pretty cool. Also having three separate voices would be interesting too.
  3. I think I’m in minority but after listening to BIOMY and Rebel Girl with some proper head phones rather than on shorty iPhone speaker... I can say I like both songs equally, they both good to and don’t mind listening to them. Just wish both songs had the influences of each other. the great thing about music is it’s all subjective.. there’s no right or wrong. Everyone internet’s songs or any art form in their own way.
  4. After a few more listens I’m liking it more but I can’t help but think that this song would fit perfect on the playlists that used to play at American eagle when I used to work there 2011-14 for some side income, I can almost hear the playlist in my head with songs sounding exactly like this
  5. Song is pretty good.. not an instant favorite but there’s easily older blink songs that I find worse than this
  6. NYC area has so many venues depending on crowd capacity limitations. in nyc/ Long Island... the big ones are msg (Manhattan), Barclays center (Brooklyn), Nassau coliseum( Uniondale), and Jones beach theatre (wantagh). These 4 each hold anywhere from 14k-20k depending on floor seating and stage layout. Since 2004, it seemed like blink has stopped at msg and Jones beach on each tour but you’re saying mark said no msg and I think Jones beach schedule was released a few months ago and I’m not sure they just add showed inand ifnits in September I believe their season ends Labor Day as it’s an open air amphitheater on the Atlantic Ocean. Theres plenty of smaller venues as well countless in nyc itself including radio city music hall and playstation theatre in Times Square (angles and airwaves has a show there), There open air venue theatre in forest Hills queens, and on Coney Island in brooklyn and out here on long island there’s indoor NYCB Live at westbury music hall in westbury, and the paramount in downtown Huntington. theres a bunch of venues they could choose from in this area.
  7. I saw weezer and flaming lips co headliner ... it was fucking horrible and I left half way through. They kept alternating every 3 songs and guess appearing on each other shit and it absolutely ruined any flow to the show. Also I had no idea who the flaming lips were which was like some modern day hippie LSD garbage fest. When I say horrible I don’t even think it does it justice it was that bad. The two hour lightning and torrential rain storm and then freezing cold wind after late into the night didn’t make it any better either.
  8. Well you know blink is falling in irrelevancy when they don’t have a nyc metro area date (msg/Barclays center/ jones beach) on the tour... disappointing. Last time they were coming here was citi field with LP but sadly we all knew what happened with that. Side note, I wish the album version of WMAA had the cool drum beat they always use live and in the promo during the ending, gives it’s a break down feel.
  9. I was about to say first time listening to it it sounded like it was to his (ex) wife
  10. Apparently I missed this new song and has been removed by record label on YouTube nvm just listened to reddit post. It’s okay but I like simple creatures better
  11. Not a terrible song but nothing really stood out to make it memorable. Last album came out and “fake my own death” was such a good stand out song and first single. This one doesn’t feel like that. Glad to see sum going strong still and deryck got his life together finally
  12. Drug sounded so much better live than the album version, at first I was like Shit is this the same song?!
  13. Simple Creatures - Nevermind (Live) feeling this one, Can’t wait for ep2
  14. Limp bizkut “chocolate starfish and hot dog flavored water” lol I was like 8 years old. Parents made me return it for editors version and I still have it with all the stupid sound effects in it. a close second was linkin Park jt Rod theory , although it wasn’t an official copy it was some bootleg copy at a flea market
  15. Never been into this type of music but fuck me this shit is good! The live show vids are great too! Mark looks like he’s having so much fun doing this show
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