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  1. Yeah i totally agree. Honestly blink occasionally pops up in my conversations with people and ever since Cali came out it's literally the same story, "blink isn't blink without Tom."
  2. The only people I've ever heard who actually regard blink-183 as part of blink's true legacy are either Alk3 fans or they post on here. Like almost every other fan i talk to jumped overboard with Tom.
  3. Black Rain... and... um... On Some Emo Shit? The tiger line in BTD maybe?
  4. Hey now! Tom once posted a picture of him reading this ghost-written book, so he had input... or maybe he posted a picture of him reading the fictional companion book... I can't remember.
  5. Well Adam's Song is one of the only songs Matt doesn't butcher live so this makes sense. It's not like they're gonna rip off riffs like WMAA when he still can't play that correctly.
  6. If Spielberg is connected to Epstein like I saw in an article, throw him to the wolves and let Tom make his alien invasion skateboard movie!
  7. Also if you ever visit Chicago, the song I Hate Chicago is spot on. I'm a transplant too and can relate to Laura's pain here. I mean I love it here, but sometimes people do need to learn how to drive.
  8. I wish it was on the live record! I can't wait to see a regular set list for AM! I've only seen them play 4 of their albums all the way through but White Crosses wasn't one of them so I haven't heard any of those songs live yet!!! Still dope hearing Cowboy/New Wave and Axl/TDB all the way through. I didn't think I'd ever hear Baby I'm an Anarchist live. I saw James Bowman at a bar before a Teenage Bottlerocket show. I was too shy to go over and tell him both shows were rad.
  9. I just remember thinking it was no ATST or WMAA or even Rock Show but man did I want that video to beat all the boy bands on TRL. Oh my vote is Remember to Forget Me.
  10. Anyone here like the songs Spanish Moss and High Pressure Low? I feel those were overlooked by me initially since I used to only play TDB and Axl, but damn they're catchy. Or the live album 23 Sex Acts Live? Now that's a great set-list.
  11. Like how do we know if he made the shirts?
  12. Blame it on my youth. Song sucks but not as much as Misery or Parking Lot.
  13. Reinventing Axl and TDB are my 2 favorite releases. We Laugh at Danger is one of my all-time favorite songs.
  14. Fuck, it's all gone while I took a nap before work. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Anyways, just popping in to say my 14-year old kid told me yesterday his favorite blink album is Dude Ranch. That's even more punk than me (Untitled is my favorite). My work here is done.
  15. Hence why I said he didn't kill the band. Neither did Tom despite his best efforts. Mark and Feldy were the ones who killed blink.
  16. Matt's ok. He certainly didn't elevate blink in any way but it's still trudging along so he didn't kill it either.
  17. Fuck, it's all gone while I took a nap from work. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck....
  18. Yo, on blink's Facebook I saw a countdown with a picture of the Dogs Eating Dogs logo. Any idea what's going on with that?
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