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  1. Mark was pretty bad at riotfest last time I saw him. He was really straining his voice. It actually was kind of a bummer because i'm thinking how bad will his voice sound if he ever records with Tom again? It honestly reminds me of when Tom's voice changed only it was clearly from age and not popping pills like Tom's case apparently but it made me feel old. I remember during the first reunion tour when we all complained how bad they sounded compared to before the breakup. This makes me think in 10 years we'll be salivating for Mark's current voice and hating on his future voice.
  2. I mean yeah i'm assuming Matt was just as important as all the hired-writers they brought in. At least it turned out fairly decent. For what it's worth I do really enjoy the hell out of Black Rain.
  3. I'm Lost Without You. I think I like it more than Down.
  4. Dude Ranch unfortunately.
  5. I can totally see that honestly. I still like Pants, but it's my least played other than Cali. I'm far more likely to pick Reckless Abandon, PTMH and a few others rather than play the whole album. Oh and Enema is my next pick
  6. I listen to it more regularly... so I guess so, yeah. Though I like Reckless Abandon more than all the Neighborhood tracks.
  7. I mean I was one of the last ones in my class to get one, but even then I'd say it was like 12 or 13 you'd get a cell back in 2001-2004. Nowadays it's like you buy your kid one at 6 years old.
  8. Honestly I agree with Chewy but i'm voting Cheshire to save +44.
  9. Dammit, just to shake things up for the final round.
  10. Such a fun show. Where does the time go? My favorite part was when Tom saw First Date was next and went "Wtf?" And Mark was like, "Uh-oh. Someone didn't read the final setlist in their email."
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