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  1. private, member-only bittorrent trackers.
  2. it's been in the wild for two weeks on private trackers.
  3. i'd agree that the best work matt has done since joining blink is the new alk3 album. it squashes NINE like a grape.
  4. some people do, apparently. i never have. i suppose for some it's like visiting a filming location from a favorite movie (something i have done quite a bit).
  5. make sure you go to the correct sombrero location! there used to be only a couple in the 90s but now there are tons of them and sometimes fans go to the wrong one: Sombrero Carmel Mtn. Ranch - 11040 Rancho Carmel Dr San Diego, CA 92128 858-451-3367 a bit to the north, mark bought petey at the san marcos guitar center: https://stores.guitarcenter.com/ca/san-marcos/111 see lou's records in encinitas if you can: http://www.lousrecords.com/ SOMA #2 is a must, i had a great time there. it's a flower business now. the owner's son manages the place and let me go into all the back of house areas. he says about once a year an old punker comes by asking about when it was SOMA. you can literally stand exactly where raynor did the mento's moment from your profile pic in the "m+m's" video. it's the load in area behind the building: https://www.wholesaleflowersandsupplies.com/ and not just "m+m's" ... there are also some "adam's song" locations to check out in north county. see this thread for links, especially the "random shit" section at the bottom for other blink stuff in SD:
  6. more attention? the ESPN2 interview + rehearsal at DML studios has been trading on VHS since 99. lol
  7. this is why i don't use any streaming services. nothing can magically disappear from my music hard drive.
  8. not even close. you might not enjoy their music, but it's really stupid thing to say about their discography.
  9. also "New Order didn’t know what they were doing. If you listen to their songs, it’s like one finger on the keyboard at a time!" are you fucking kidding me tom? jesus. such a stupid thing to say.
  10. he also trotted out the old "Fugazi, Quicksand and CIV" influences line that he's been saying since press for BCR. when none of his shit sounds anything close to those bands.
  11. nah, you can click DL without an account.
  12. i mean, i'm not wrong. people are fond of it because of that game. same with "you" by bad religion.
  13. it's far from the best song on that album, but i think it was in a tony hawk game and that's how a lot of little kids heard millencolin for the first time. so i think it's a sentimental favorite for a certain generation.
  14. this gave me a great saturday chuckle. i spit my coffee up.
  15. i was a big fan from 95 through 98. kept up sporadically since. i have an original buddha, flyswatter, and demo #2. the only way to confirm an analog recording is to rip the white label buddha tape to WAV and look at the spectrals. and even then, it could be an analog dub. the thing that leads me to think the white label is fake is that the typography is completely different from that on the original black/clear cassette.
  16. i like one song on the first album, and two or three on the second. everything since has been dreck to my ears.
  17. he won't know, and we won't know, until the 29th.
  18. i didn't think anything could make me care about AVA less. then i saw the "spellbound" video. i made it 30 seconds. truly awful.
  19. oh i forgot one other thing. i'd tend to believe it's fake because the tape is a production blank (no markings at all). you couldn't buy tapes like that at the store. all the flyswatters were hand dubbed at home on commercial cassettes. mine (real tape), for instance, is memorex. looks like this:
  20. tell them to rip the tape to WAV and check the spectrals. that's the only way to tell that it's an actual analog dub, and not mp3.
  21. new update: mark says he goes in for a scan on sept 27. on the 29th he will have the results - either chemo worked or it didn't. the port can come out now, because more chemo is not an option. if it didn't work, the last option is bone marrow transplant. but we're not gonna think like that, are we people! good vibes for mark on this.
  22. is there is a non-streaming account link for this?
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