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  1. my father's a boomer. i'm genX.
  2. don't mind me i'm justing trolling. that's what people do around here, right?
  3. mark already had the dude ranch multitracks digitized from the source tapes. they were completed while he was in italy. he has protools source now on the whole album, including the songs which were cut.
  4. plenty of stuff out there if you google. https://musicfeeds.com.au/news/alice-glass-calls-out-machine-gun-kelly-for-predatory-behaviour-towards-underage-girls/
  5. too bad MGK is a garbage person
  6. you can hear it on the game stem track. not a fill really, just a little walk down to complete the line right at the end.
  7. mark says no touring this year. his doctor said he needs until the end of the year to be back to 100% physical strength after chemo. other than that he has been recording.
  8. and really that's the thing about any album-to-album discussion, for a band that's been around so long. everything is tied to age. everything. jacket came out when i was 24, so the album (lyrically) felt very cringe to me. "kids can't vote adults elect them" on the first track and i was out. years and years later, i actually like jacket (musically) more than enema.
  9. especially when mark will just hop on to say hi to a bunch of random board fans
  10. they would not have short-listed him if all this had not already been considered by network people. he appears to have been vetted.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdEnGhzPmht/
  12. the G man is 100% on point here
  13. lmao sorry speedz.... during the work day you get work brain
  14. the impact of the entire complex supports all of the residents; it's split between them all. so the net environmental footprint per capita is far, far, far lower for high density housing. if tom lived in a complex by himself, turning on all those lights in all the units and flushing all the toilets just by himself it would be a different matter. 😆
  15. that's rob perleman's old website i think. his online handle is veerob
  16. yup. march 1996, 91X show at SOMA. we left after blink played
  17. oh i missed this, thank you! i know about eight of these songs.. . definitely surprised that these were "the" picks for bands like alk3 and MCS
  18. @Patient #48273i'm not trying to gatekeep the genre, i've just never heard of any of the songs on this bracket except like "at your funeral" and "sweetness." what are all these bands? i wish it said the band and the song title so i could look them up.
  19. where is the get up kids? the promise ring? mineral? christie front drive? texas is the reason? american football? braid? where are the emo bands, basically. and i only see one track from jimmy eat world and it's not even on one of their emo albums
  20. it has nothing to do with legality. i sense from mark it's about ethics and respect.
  21. mark has said he'd be open to some kind of release of old stuff but not without both tom and scott's explicit approval.
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