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  1. it's a long running joke on the discord.
  2. did you actually use "soy boy" non-ironically?
  3. hoppus funko pop coming in the mail!
  4. this is the exact opposite of my experiences with both guys.
  5. the only person who mails me stuff is mark
  6. i check for texts maybe twice a day. my cell lives plugged into the wall.
  7. for sure. this is why i have no apps on my phone. discord is only on when i am at my desk. no "online always" for me, no way.
  8. it's almost like people are unique
  9. there you go. i grew up with the chat room (IRC) format in the 90s, so it's like coming home for me. i did not grow up with message boards, so they are a bit odd for me. i never disliked it here, but the reason i post far less is that once i got on the discord, i was like, this is more like it, this is my internets.
  10. this made me laugh out loud. good show russ. in fairness to those people, swearing isn't "forbidden" and you won't get hassled for it. the "heck" thing is more of an inside joke. it's a community thing.
  11. i greatly sympathize with this position. i live my life in a very similar way, actually. this is probably because i use discord for work, but for me it's like slack. it's always open on my second monitor and i ignore it most of the time unless someone tags or DMs. and i know there is this misapprehension that it's just a bunch of stans waiting around on mark's every breath. it's really not like that. everyone chats with each other and mark stops by and says hi from time to time. the two of us mostly talk in the disney channel, like he tagged me last week when he found some pictures of his mom as a young girl at the park in 1956 and wanted to know what was behind her in the frontierland pic. stuff like that.
  12. and to be CLEAR yet again, i never "shit" on this place. it's like people didn't even read what i fucking wrote, you know? i said i missed the message board generation, so it was never a community thing for me. simple. and when i said i've not met any people IRL i also, again, said "message boards" not 182online. it's almost as if there is an explicit effort to misunderstand people. or maybe it's just trolling. fuck it.
  13. this is really not what it's like, at all.
  14. this is not true. it's his house, be polite. that's all.
  15. the overwhelming majority of active people on mark's server are in their mid-20s to mid-30s.
  16. discord skews both younger and older. i've been using it for work for the past year and that has been my experience. the olds like it because it reminds them of IRC from the 90s. the youths like it because they grew up gaming on it the past few years.
  17. did i do that? read back through. i talked about my own personal experiences. i missed the bulletin board era. so i never found a community on one. not a single line of text shat upon this place kay, that's hardly fair of you to say. patient asked why i like discord and i answered.
  18. you don't leave a comment on a page on a website and then come back five days later and see a reply, for one thing. conversations are active all the time. we do lots of things synchronously, live. and you can't really do that on a message board. channels, DMs, group DMs. inline image pasting, GIF animation and file attachment support, seamless experience across app and browser, on desktop or mobile. integration with dozens of other services, including bot notifications. robust formatting options. no specific diss on this place, but the GUI sucks. if you don't want to be on discord frequently, you don't have to. if you leave it alone it works very much like a message board. someone tags you, and you reply whenever you get around to seeing it. overall though, i didn't grow up with the asynchronous world of message boards, so i suppose i have no attachment to or fondness for them. they are certainly useful for some things (FAQ / help forums, where you are asking questions and getting answers, all searchable) but for a sense of community i don't get them at all. i've met dozens of new friends from all over the world on discord, several of whom i've met IRL. can't say that for any message boards. ever. TL;DR it's a searchable group DM with dozens of friends and mark.
  19. 100% better than message boards. can confirm. in the past year most of my online life has moved to it.
  20. lol. discord is the best thing to happen to the internet since IRC in the 90s. as for twitch, i don't have any interest in video games but there's a lot of other great stuff going on there.
  21. this is mark's explanation: ugh. people are doing that? i might stop doing it. pls do not. i understand that it can be done easily and that some people miss the streams and want them up to watch later but the whole idea is that it's just for fun right then and then it's done. omg. this is what makes me not want to do these. then later after the uploader removed the videos and mark thanked him, he posted this statement: The way I think about the five song streams is this: it’s a moment that should be shared together. Right then. And then no more. I’m just now getting back to playing bass after being sick. It’s like soundcheck. It’s like if we were playing a show and I invited people to come watch soundcheck. But also ask them to not film it. It’s not meant to be a proper performance, or else I’d actually practice beforehand. I think I’ve still been in workout clothes for most of then? All I’m trying to do is play bass and have fun with whoever is around at the time. And learn the songs again. Obv I can’t stop people from ripping it and putting it up somewhere but that’s not my intent. And I don’t schedule them because I want to do it whenever I feel like picking up my bass and playing songs. It’s not a performance it’s just me doing my thing. You’re all welcome to watch and enjoy.
  22. mark specifically asked the uploader to remove them. he does not want the streams recorded and shared publicly.
  23. good guess, but two things: 1.) the pic is from blink opening for the descendents at the whiskey, october 1996. 2.) they were on the back since at least mid-1995. you can see them at the end of the "m+m's" video (just dark and blurry; we couldn't tell what they were). blink had been playing with both bands constantly since 1994.
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