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  1. thanks again for all this @Thibaut182 though i have to wonder, this takes a lot of time. do you have a job???? LOL
  2. yea the shooman book is the best we have in print direct from raynor. btw, i knew him a bit back then. you can hear my stories on the 182news podcast. might as well link them here as part of the record. the first two episodes cover those times: part 1: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/davey-jones-interview-part-1/id1498399898?i=1000477809893 part 2: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/davey-jones-interview-part-2/id1498399898?i=1000481722580
  3. your dad is your dad. i wouldn't have cared either. lol
  4. he did it acoustic on twitch about a year ago.
  5. both cellis and corona are good people
  6. yea i watched him do these live. i asked for "apple shampoo" several times in the chat but no dice. but he said later on discord that he'd do it next time.
  7. let's be nice. i'm being funny. what i mean is, i could toss mark the link to the thread but there is no way he's spending any time here. i 100% guarantee that if i sent him the link he would not check out the thread.
  8. i feel the opposite. after reading his book i liked him as a person. but i don't fancy him as a drummer.
  9. luis, i can't "bring mark" anywhere. he's not a pet.
  10. so great! hey i wanted to ask thibaut, when you dig stuff up, do you mind if i post to the HMNIM discord? since you're not on there. mark likes seeing old photos.
  11. there is a very long backstory to this, having to do with italia. mark and his manager have been polite and made peace. their position appears to be "it sucks, but there is not much we can do."
  12. it's no trouble to do, and it makes us look like one of the good guys, not one of the bad guys.
  13. you'd have to subscribe to mark's twitch. the money goes to his charity, children's hospital of los angeles. i give $20 per month, but there are lower tiers. so the private channel is like a kickstarter backing reward, basically, like a perk for donating to his charity. this is why—although people like italia disregard this—he posts things there just for his subscribers. feel free to join up, but please don't share stuff outside of that channel, it's super disrespectful to mark and his charity work.
  14. ASCAP royalties are determined by who the published songwriters are. i do not know if Fun With Goats included scott or not. if it did, he gets that .0000000004 cents.
  15. they were posted to a private channel, yes. that's why luis couldn't find the original thread.
  16. @luisbootlegs please understand i'm just trying to respect mark's intentions. thank you!
  17. i'm with you there... but justin and are nearly the same age, and he still sings about issues that i think and feel about, from a perspective i understand. he's in his 40s, full of doubt. i get it. re: pop punk, that's something i love about the descendents. they have aged perfectly. they sing about their lives in the present tense. it's terrific.
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