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  1. If we do a festive livestream, ill bust it out
  2. I cover it, terribly, just makes me happy haha
  3. MY HEART, EVERYTIME. The new album will probably be a festering turd but I don't give a shit if they're just having fun making stuff together. Go on you old bastards!
  4. YES! it's so good though right? I loved her last record as well. Juice has quickly become one of my favourite songs of all time and I have no good goddamn reason for it, just makes me weirdly happy.
  5. We don’t have kids and I fuckin’ love the encanto soundtrack no judgement here
  6. Your kids like the enchanted soundtrack too eh? Lizzo
  7. She’s fucking spectacular let’s be real.
  8. Mines a disgrace I’ll be real… im in top 1% of Lizzo listeners (and yes, 3 of my top songs are AVA) The lofi is just what I put on when the kids are doing work though.
  9. Always one of my faves, still wish I had the patience to learn to make shit like this lol
  10. How dare you! Brian David Gilbert is an absolute gem haha
  11. Considering my usual type for dudes leans more towards Jack Black I don’t think that’s true
  12. Whenever I think of bothering to read into the lore, I think of this -
  13. Right?! Looked good enough to remember I’m bisexual, damn son!
  14. I think you’ve misunderstood me. He’s fuckable in that last pic haha
  15. Why is he horrific looking in some pics and down fight fuckable in others? Goddamn Tom make up your mind.
  16. Everyone in work is absolutely buzzing about it, I didn’t know it was happening until today. Football ain’t my thing lol
  17. I was so opposed to it at first but I was bored on gta online, got rdr online for cheap, enjoyed it enough to retry the story, fell deeply in love with it all. It doesn’t make sense for me to like it setting and genre wise, but the story drew me in.
  18. Fucking love RDR2 and its so weird for us to have that in common haha
  19. Yeah, don’t look him up. Hes the epitome of working class british humour it uh… it’s not a good look
  20. Felt overhyped for me, first season was fine, tried watching the second and just didn’t care enough to keep going.
  21. Hey @Djent - The Soy Boy simping request - tell me five things about Tom Delonge you love. Go go go!
  22. Yeah I haven’t listened to it since the week it came out lol
  23. I loved that episode. I fucking love a well executed bottle episode.
  24. It’s Tom’s extremely fake orgasms at the end that do it
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