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  1. Yeah I think it gets muddy from a "an explanation is not an excuse" perspective. Like you show the how's and why's of why someone is the way they are to create depth and understanding but a lot of people see the why and think that makes it more justifiable as an action - it doesn't, just adds context. seems difficult to deliver that to an audience, maybe.
  2. It was an issue with Breaking Bad if I remember correctly, wasn't it something like the writer was shocked at how sympathetic people found Walt to be and that they didn't seem to register just how dark he was becoming during it's run? I might have confused this with something else not sure.
  3. Pin The Grenade (Happy @Ry-Bread?)
  4. Dude - blinks new music was delayed because of Tom and AVA. he wore a LOVE shirt to every fucking show. that's a freakin' statement. it's also the band thats the reason they split up in the first place, it's in extremely bad taste. A lot of what he was doing at the time was trying to bank roll through blink to fund AVA and it was transparent and dirty.
  5. Joker was pretty damn good, but it completely sent me on a bit of a mental health spiral afterwards. In some ways I wish that film had come out years ago before the whole incel movement - not because they've latched onto the movie necessarily, but you can see the appeal of the justification from Jokers perspective - being that ostracised and being the outcast so much that nothing you do really fits with the world around you, it's relatable if you've ever been through that and it probably encourages more pity in the audience than it should considering his actions. I can see this film being attached to by troubled people and that worries me somewhat, as said movement gives their feelings more weight and tolerance. idk.
  6. So I've never gotten into The Menzingers, but on paper it sounds like something I should like. tried spinning them before I didn't really get it. anyone got a couple of song suggestions for me that might help me get into them?
  7. They bounced out quicker than the Redditors, isn't that sad? 

  8. Gen Divide, purely because it's not a sodding song.
  9. See I have the opposite problem. I am totally comfortable with Toms voice now. it's weird but I can gel with it, however his voice during WDNTW is probably the worst he's ever sounded to me. The transition from his old voice to what his voice is now sounds like a garbled mess, and It Hurts is a good example of that. literally the opening two lines, the way he sounds there has always made me want to stab myself in the ears. It's where I got my "A strangled cat having a stroke" description for Toms vocals that I use quite liberally. I could never get into old school AVA because whilst I'd like it musically, Tom would start singing and I'd nope the fuck out of there. With that live take, whilst he had some bum notes, his pronunciation at least didn't make me want to punch him, so I'm super glad. very aware this may just be me though.
  10. Yeah while I'm not a fan of Simple Creatures or current blink much in general, the Tom thing was a very deliberate slap in the face / marketing cash grab. The fans knew Toms focus was AVA and not blink, the band knew it, it was uncomfortable and shameless. Mark wearing a Simple Creatures T is just Mark doing what Mark does. He wore shit tons of the octopus shirts, the Atticus shirts, makes sense he'd wear SC and they're not in direct competition so I see no issue.
  11. the emphasis on the tongue is really creepy, gets worse each time it loops.
  12. I'm going Ransom too, the autotune is disgusting.
  13. Hey, oldies back just to vote, did you like Nine? just curious

  14. holy shit that live version of It Hurts sounds better than the record version haha
  15. I will say this though, this video is kinda cool, and they all have aged quite well (except maybe Tre)
  16. Sounds exactly like the other one and still sounds absolutely nothing like Green Day. did they hire outside writers too?
  17. Yeah a buddy of mine said they played Kiss and Tell last night, good to see him bring back bits of the set list after recovering. good guy Tom.
  18. Hayley Williams? that would be weird. I wouldn't be against a female singer at all but Hayley Williams would be a little strange.
  20. See I mostly found it super boring. it was interesting at the time as a one off but the concept just got stupider and stupider as well.
  21. Nah I'm going On Some Emo Shit
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