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  1. I’ve never had one I’ve loved really. Couldn’t ever get a hold of designs I liked and a lot of the ones they started doing in the later years are frankly fuckin’ awful.
  2. And claimed they weren’t divorcing when they were
  3. I’m legit shocked that some people think this looks okay. Seen one or two reddit comments that seem genuinely excited after the trailer and it’s like… have you never seen anyone act ever or what? The way the trailer is even edited is fucking bad, nothing about this looks good.
  4. No idea why I fucking love Online Songs.
  5. It bothers me that the line is actually “dont tell me that its over” but it’s not titled that. i also knew it was Hold On thougH.
  6. Give Me One Good Reason is one of my faves too. It’s dumb AF but I still laugh at “hate the jocks, the preps, the hippy fucking scumbags” after all these years. I am also a hardcore Everytime I Look For You fan. The bridge is orgasmic. Story Of A Lonely Guy, Online Songs, Time To Break Up, the whole album is a slam dunk for me.
  7. As many times as it gets them PR i imagine
  8. This is fucking gold. I hope the hilarious antics from everyone here is endearing and not overwhelming haha
  9. I don’t think she does but I’ve been wrong before
  10. Dude the trailer sucks
  11. Precisely. It looks really bad. I put it on for the wife and my best mate yesterday when I read it dropped here and they were both like “wow that… looks… terrible” after they’d stopped laughing at the “imagination of Tom Delonge” part.
  12. Welcome to the boards! Nice collection - the amount of teen girl magazines they were in those days was quite hilarious. personally I don’t care for the Skiba records but lots of fans dig them so you may like them, worth giving them a go!
  13. Even funnier, the fans are to blame!
  14. Oh dear, that trailer is baaaaaad
  15. Some weren’t tbf, you’ll always get some
  16. The words you’re looking for are “what a cunt”
  17. Im also like… Tom, who do you think your fans are?! Who the fuck is dropping that kind of cash on a fuckin’ video call?!
  18. Absolute wank that I’m not remotely surprised by. No idea who’d ever spend that on so little.
  19. Fucking belter, love that song
  20. On the plus side, he’s definitely better than James Corden.
  21. Oh im chuffed someone was able to help you thats great!
  22. No worries buddy, I wish you luck! Stick around the boards for general blink shenanigans though, you may like it here.
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