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  1. Can't tell if you're being your normal whimsical self or you've missed the reference, just in case.
  2. Silly question, any Brits considering these shows? Im gonna assume not but if anyone is lemmie know, maybe could finally meet some of you cunts.
  3. Your attitude is welcome, welcome.
  4. SR 71 and sum41 both formed in 1996 so, I doubt it.
  5. I'm sorry I was upset for missing out on merch and disliked the assumption that I should be camped out online every single day on the off chance that they'd drop something. I'm clearly a complete asshole.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels_%26_Airwaves_discography#Singles The Adventure easily out performs all their other singles according to Wiki from a charts perspective. I have never encountered a different AVA song in the wild tbh.
  7. Hmm. They're playing Bristol like a week before my birthday next year. Not that far... But... I really don't wanna give him money, and none of my friends are brain dead enough to like AVA. It's a pickle, for sure.
  8. I don't mind the verses musically, but this is such a typical old AVA copy and paste job, especially the chorus. I don't specifically remember Dry Your Eyes but I frankly don't need to, I've heard this chorus thousands of times before from Tom. Yikes. Such a shame, I fucking love Euphoria.
  9. I mean my point was more that I shouldn't need to camp out on marks discord to be 'on time' to buy merch. It's kind of nuts that I didn't even see anything about the merch being out before it sold out...and i literally spend lots of time on a blink forum. The suggestion that I should camp out on the discord just to be in time for such a thing irked me. Ya'll can do as you please, I tried the discord and hated it. No issue with the people there. and also, I was an admin on 182online and I've always been a big advocate for people *not* being cunts on here so that last part is kind of
  10. Not surprised, but I'm not camped out on marks chat. I'm a fan, not an obsessive.
  11. Man, seen this in the wild. May have to be my next blink shirt.
  12. *cries in british* So, it's 20th anniversary of TOYPAJ. sick merch on their site. I didn't know, just went to look for curiosity because I actually have money for once and wanted to buy myself a gift. I have wanted a TOYPAJ hoodie since TOYPAJ itself. I've never found one. All the limited items were sold out but the new hoodie was on pre-order. I check all the shipping stuff and it could potentially cost like 1.5 times the amount of the hoodie itself. I can't afford to do that. My inner teenager is heart broken right now. Ffs.
  13. He's the worst of the bunch frankly.
  14. It looked like garbage from the trailer tbh.
  15. I don't know if you would like it. I'm not pretending it's epic or anything but it earwormed the shit out of me.
  16. I haven't been overjoyed with many but I fucking love the Willow Smith one.
  17. Me too lol, like it's "baa baa black sheep" melody wise but I still really enjoy it.
  18. Mostly because as "Empire Club" cost incentives go, it's pretty lame. If it was just generally shared or put on a post album "demos" release I'd get it but it's just like a lame cutting room floor offering for their shitty service.
  19. Wow, a demo for a song that's been out for over 2 years now, great way to promote an album that isn't out for another 3 months!
  20. ... You're crabbing me for stating a fact? @FAPLORD
  21. Yeah, he will block us all eventually but there's enough of us, some people will see it before he deletes and we could get some sneaky screen shots in.
  22. When's it my turn to be the next Oliver :(
  23. Or every time it happens, someone rally calls on here, and we all bombard the comments with links to the original. Constantly.
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