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  1. I honestly didn't think you were either, but from the last couple of pages with everyone going on about it it sure seemed completely unnecessary.
  2. I just find it hysterical that people think the shit posting here is some passionate angry people constantly posting whilst spitting rage and boohooing in the corner just because blink doesn't sound the way they want them to. Do you know why I post here? I get bored, talking shit on the internet is entertaining, and blink is the only subject I'd choose if I had to go play mastermind. That's literally it, if this place closed tomorrow the overall impact it would have on my life would be minimal, I'd just end up spending more time on reddit to compensate. No one here is genuinely heart broken or furious or cry wanking over the current state of blink. it's old fans who are invested enough to continue checking the music out but continuously disappointed and like having a place to moan about it before wambling onto the next thread. No one gives anywhere near as much of a fuck as some clearly think they do.
  3. Yeah people like keeping up to date with blink but are also bored and like mouthing off on the Internet, no one is having a pissing meltdown
  4. Because we grew up with them and being a close fan of them is part of identity so even though we're not happy we still hang around on the off chance it'll improve and we're super disappointed when it doesn't. If your dad dumps your mum and starts banging a bimbo, do you stop calling him to check in?
  5. A lot of the kids on the blink Reddit say that this song 'slaps', I'm going to assume this is some youthful lingo for 'good' - I feel so old now.
  6. It must be sad to view everyone as tombots and racists. Poor sod.
  7. Wonder when the actual album info will come out
  8. Tom didn't even fucking mention blink at all. Talk about grasping at straws.
  9. Yes I'm aware of that, obviously - but they're too loud in the mix here, in my opinion. Matts vox more so than the drums, but Mark's vocals are fine.
  10. Just listened on Spotify, it's less bad but it's still way too loud, the drums are too. it's a bit of a mess, but oh well.
  11. Hey @Harvey Klinger's Heartache You might not believe fast things can also be boring, but I bet your wife agrees with me
  12. I don't know, you just keep responding to me, I don't know why.
  13. When a lot of members of a music forum are musicians it's kind of inevitable, of course we notice and care about these things - it's all an aspect of our core interests.
  14. Fast doesn't automatically mean it's interesting.
  15. I'm gonna be totally alone with this, but - Does anyone else find it boring? Maybe that's why it's only 49 seconds? It's some chords pretty fast. There's no real idea there.
  16. Floating Down The River is probably the only song on that record that I just have absolutely no time for at all. I love the album but that one falls totally flat for me.
  17. Well, I'll say one thing for blink - I didn't expect to be disappointed in this way. hats off to them for creativity.
  18. I can see it being an album intro, but as album intros go thats fairly fucking daft, especially if this is the heaviest thing on there.
  19. Yeah, no. it's really odd for a short clip, dislike the guitar sound, and Matts bit is way too high in the mix. bit of a fail, although it was nice to hear distorted guitars from them again.
  20. My First Punk Song is technically a joke song, is longer than 49 seconds, and is fucking killer. I don't see it being similar if they don't have 'joke songs' on this record, but MFPS was also not released as a single either.
  21. I wouldn't mind if it was "Damn, I'm old as shit now" songs
  22. The Ghostbusters thing annoyed me because it was a bad film and a bad concept, but not because women were in it. everyone jumped on that aspect rather than it just being a shameless thrown together cash grab, it would have been just as bad if it was a bunch of new characters that were all dudes. There should be more representation in general in film, but not shoe-horned into existing franchises or remakes or what-have-you. ... saying that I actually enjoyed Oceans 8 but still.
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