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  1. The vocal melodies seem like Tom to me, as do the stupid lyrics, but musically most of it doesn't "feel" like him, but because it's Toms weird space rock project and not blink I care a lot less. AVA isn't exactly an epic quality I'm expecting him to hit, if you have zero expectations it ends up being alright like.
  2. Hey this is promising, if you all hate it I might like it lol
  3. I'm just gonna wait to listen til Friday, pointless to hear it now.
  4. They released a coded image that the song was dropping, so fuck knows. Aaaand no one's surprised.
  5. He's completely fucking right, my man.
  6. Yeah but, you're not surprised right lol
  7. It's just too perfect really lol
  8. Hey @Scott.I need someone else to appreciate this
  9. Fallen Order was reviewed quite well from what I remember.
  10. Put your hands together, and you've got a very messy and confusing birthday party.
  11. So, on one hand, I'm really glad that Travis is apparently super happy and is feeling okay with getting on planes again, and stuff... but on the other hand... does anyone get massive "midlife crisis" vibes from this sort've stuff?
  12. You made a choice of who to exclude, bro.
  13. You so don't think you're trash, you lie sir!
  14. I know right? So many left off.
  15. I had that thought and went "oh that's too mean", glad I'm not the only one hahaha
  16. Yeeeeeah nah that won't happen lol
  17. Honestly, I think there's some good on this record. I'd put Kiss and Tell above most of Dream Walker, Spellbound is honestly a really fun listen, Euphoria is mental, even Losing My Mind which I'm not huge on is kind of wacky. Only duds in my eyes are Rebel Girl and Restless Souls. It's already better than I expected based on the first single releases a few back (none of these are as bad as ATLIL).
  18. It's really frustrating in the UK because now all of the exclusives in US streaming never come over here because we don't have those services. HBO, Hulu, none of that. Daniel Sloss, a fucking Scottish comic, has a special completely unavailable to the UK because its on HBO. There is literally no legal way to purchase or rent that special in the UK. Fucking bonkers. I only have prime and Netflix, and I go back and forth over prime. I tried Disney plus but saw no real use to it, tried NowTV and it's appalling, apart from that we don't have a lot of other options and Netflix has been a bit shitter over the years.
  19. Honestly I don't rate either of those clips @NosferatuI can see why stylistically it may appeal to you but nothing about it sounds particularly special. I also struggle with the Ilan hate, I prefer AVA by miles since he got involved in the songwriting. I think Tom is, or really was, an amazing writer but clearly his disappearing up his own ass act has compromised his own ability to self criticise enough to write decent stuff solo. While I prefer Neighborhoods and DED to things like Cali and Nine, there's no denying that Toms previous stellar songwriting took a steep decline and the old AVA records are a testiment to that as well. Tom hasn't been a good writer by himself in years, from what I can hear I think Ilan listens to Toms ideas and wants and goes "cool... But what if we try this with it" and takes it somewhere a little different. It's not great, a little better than just shelf buying them from random producers like matt blink has, but not ideal.
  20. I'd thought you would be of the mindset that a pure source, I.e. A proper gear set up mic'd accordingly, is a better way to get the sound going in. I understand using digital amp sims if you cannot access gear or have a space to do it in, but in a professional studio it seems crazy to me that you would rely on amp sims over the real deal. Dont get me wrong, digital amps have come a long way, but they still don't hold a candle to the real deal.
  21. I honestly couldn't care less about the supposed punk / BCR style song he mentioned. It's Tom, guaranteed if he thought it sounded like that it probably didn't and sounded like ass. Odds and ends kind of proves he can't really write like that anymore. Ilan has been his writing partner for years now so that doesn't particularly upset me, but I do find the comment suspicious. I can understand having someone else play a second rhythm track, people play differently so it could make it more sonically interesting in the mix (I've done this with other guitarists in the past, it's weird but really works) but if it's *only* Ilan than I'm angry. That being said, it's not a particularly guitar heavy album and I love a lot of what I've heard. Unlike California, this doesn't sound like a forced attempt to "sound" a certain way or appeal to a certain demographic, it seems more like Tom working with other musicians and creating stuff he likes and that I'm okay with. Mostly though I just think he's nuts.
  22. It's terrifying how many people in the comments think he's a genius or musical mastermind. We're hardcore blink heads and in some cases AVA fans and we are still very aware that he's a fucking wacko, are these people actually nuts?
  23. It's out in like 2 weeks, Sept 24th. I haven't listened to clips, don't see the point.
  24. Seems dumb a man with over 20+ years of fame being linked to being a guitarist to openly admit to a guitar specific reporter that he thinks computers are magic and are more important than all gear and that he apparently doesn't even play on the record he's promoting or even knows what guitars are used on it. Baffling to me.
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