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  1. I'm hoping that improves with time, sci fi is my go to genre for games, books, films, etc. I can see what you mean about Serenity. Generally felt different from Firefly in a lot of ways.
  2. I'll give it a spin purely because I loved Kiss and Tell a shit ton but Rebel Girl and ATLIL were absolute wank so my expectations are mixed haha.
  3. The battle star remake is brilliant and probably in my top 10. Idk if Firefly or mando count as Sci fi despite being in space as they're much more western in style. Love both though. Something that never gets enough credit for me is Babylon 5, that shit had some hidden gold.
  4. I don't understand releasing singles when you haven't even written the album they're gonna appear on and then keeping them on said album fucking ages after the fact. I wonder if he couldn't be bothered to write a full albums worth and just threw those two in. I definitely thought he'd just write a full album because this makes absolutely no sense. So I admit I was wrong too. On the plus side, Tom can somehow still disappoint me! Who knew! Kiss and Tell is the best song out of the blink camp since 2015. I dont believe anything on this album will come close.
  5. According to his comments Euphoria is a single and it's only 8 new songs, what a load of wank.
  6. Yeah I really struggle to like Travis as a person. Wonderful drummer, but apart from that... Eeeeeh lol
  7. Robbie is fucking glorious and I'll fight anyone who argues.
  8. yeah a lot of producers shove it on car speakers and stuff when hearing back their mixes a few days later, or in cheap shitty headphones to get the user experience.
  9. I only recognise Jonah Matranga. Terrifyingly one of those bands are named after a fucking Wonder Years song and now I feel old.
  10. Episode 4 is beautiful, but Robot Factory is probably my fave on this album.
  11. Because your acting like people aren't watching them. People will stream it on Spotify if they just want to hear it. 92m people watched that YouTube video in a week, it's insane to assume it's purely just to hear it. People are watching music videos.
  12. This, completely. We grew up with music videos in our own way so we don't understand how they work now - but they do work now. Video content is more important now than ever and it's kind of irrefutable. Yes. You're old. So am I, I don't get it either, but that's what the world is now. We're passed it.
  13. And that theory is based on what, exactly? Lil Nas released a new video last week. Its on 92million views. Are you telling me that isn't relevant and doesn't matter?
  14. That's not what I was saying, I'm saying music videos are still popular and are still relevant as their huge on YouTube and that's why younger modern stars still use them.
  15. Go look up literally any pop stars music video from the last year and then say that. Seriously.
  16. Music videos matter, because YouTube is fucking huge and pushes music way more than you think it would, but a lot of big acts do wank videos regardless and it's annoying.
  17. Where did you get that from? In most cases you'd film and edit and have the video ready to go well before the release because you'd include it in the release campaign for the single, you definitely wouldn't be filming it after the songs already out unless it's a later single from a released album.
  18. What's actually hateable about her?
  19. I loved Breaking Bad but it's exhausting to watch.
  20. No I don't? I prefer new AVA to new blink, but blink is far better overall.
  21. While I definitely think NFG are more pop punk than MCS, MCS is a better band it literally every way so, this is a fail in my eyes.
  22. You can't accuse the singer of MCS looking goofy when NFG have this wanker in the band
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