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  1. Rebel Girl is silly and ATLIL is boring, I'll grant you, but Parking Lot is fucking god awful. Its easily one of the worst blink songs of all time.
  2. Jaja Ding Dong! ONLY JAJA DING DONG!!!
  3. Tom delonge EP - 8 tracks. Of Nightmares EP - 4 tracks. Chasing Shadows EP - 4 tracks. Plus 3 singles. 19 songs. Not including the previously unreleased tracks from the dream walker demos.
  4. Just watched that Eurovision movie. Its so dumb. I loved it, especially the Euro winner cameos. I usually hate Will Farrell but it was so silly, really got the campness of the Eurovision down.
  5. Kay

    Skate 3

    1 and 2 are what I think of when I think of THPS but THUG is pretty special to me, it was the peak of the series, it was tied together well, and some of the maps were spectacular.
  6. I quite like that he's a loon who doesn't give a fuck about anything anymore and is just living in a poncy tree house trying to talk to aliens and playing with legos. He's literally living the dream of every 8 year old boy.
  7. It's a requirement, really.
  8. Honestly not a favourite at all but I can see why you'd choose it as an introduction point. My favourite is the Under Your Spell / Standing reprise. It's beautiful. Anthony Stewart Head and Amber Bensons voices are gorgeous together.
  9. The entirety of the buffy musical episode is peak TV musical in my eyes. However this thread title got me excited thinking we were gonna discuss actual Musicals and we aren't and that makes me sad. Family Guy and American Dad have some fucking great ones, as do South Park.
  10. Parking Lot. BIOMY is just the worst.
  11. @Speedo would be the best to recommender I think as your tastes are similar.
  12. I've never been, know nothing about Chicago, but that songs hilarious lol
  13. Spanish Moss is one of my hype songs lol
  14. I literally had the whole Black Me Out discussion here and immediately blasted Against Me! for like an hour after haha
  15. I think Down, After Midnight and ATST are worse than First Date personally.
  16. First Date is not one I rate well but it is definitely not bottom 5 material, even excluding Skiba era blink it's not bottom 5 material.
  17. My personal favourites are that one and manic depression but there's a lot of great moments on that album. There is deffo some filler stuff though, and some of the songs only appealed to me after hearing them live.
  18. Tbh from reading Lauras book it sounds like a revolving door of members, so glad they got Atom now, he's fucking killer. His style suits AM way more than AVA.
  19. Agree to disagree, I feel the production was appropriate for the album as a whole. Its a statement piece of authenticity and rebirth, kind of makes sense for it to be rough around the ages. I like how it adds to certain songs like Drinking With The Jocks and Osama Bin Laden.
  20. Black Me Out is perfect, including its production. Its rough and real and in your face, I adore everything about it.
  21. If you give it another go, go straight for Screamy Dreamy. It's my fave and I'm curious haha.
  22. Sorry mate, we've hit max capacity on condescending old men, thanks for playing though.
  23. Tbf, toms voice has changed more over the years than most people's and his output is divisive at best, the last thing id call it is samey, especially the last 6 years. He's capable of some absolute wank but uninteresting is a bit of a stretch.
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