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  1. Tom had lines, wins hands down
  2. Down - I love Go and Here's Your Letter lol
  3. Ouch, a lot of that is painful in lots of ways. but weirdly my biggest gripe is the adidas. he looks like he's taking a break from his florida retirement home.
  4. A very cynical part of me wonders if Mark agreed to this purely to be part of some contriversy so that the band had some extra media attention. Any publicity is good publicity kinda mindset - however the fact they've barely shared it suggests otherwise, but I can't think of any other logical reason unless Mark literally knew nothing about the dude.
  5. Yeah After Midnight has always just been boring as tits to me. You can tell they wrote to a drum part for it because the guitars are really dull. I think its a bit slow for what it is as well, might have worked better with more speed.
  6. Fallen Interlude, obviously, although after that I imagine it'll be a blood bath haha
  7. That's really sweet considering I crabbed you the whole way, you're a better person than me lol
  8. The video was funny, the song sounds literally like all the others.
  9. https://pitchfork.com/news/xxxtentacion-confessed-to-domestic-abuse-secret-recording-listen/ Dude stabbed 9 people. not sure if they died but I doubt he did it without the intent to kill.
  10. Kay


    yeah and that was exhausting to run and required very little effort really lol
  11. Yeah I'm not listening to a murderer, disgusting Mark wants to appear alongside him really. how the mighty fall.
  12. I'll take a riff that isn't just switching the route note and keeping the high note the same whilst following the same chord progression over and over and over again, that's not a riff, at this point that's repeating your ABCs.
  13. Those lyrics confirm that I ain't even gonna give it a listen lol
  14. That sounds like ass not really sure why everyones excited.
  15. I like Ghost a lot too, I loved Kaleidoscope instantly though. I can see why people like EISF but I have too many gripes with it, it's bottom tier neighborhoods for me.
  16. It's not personal, I'm just crabbing all kaleidoscope votes. it deserves all the wins. it's one of the best things Mark's ever written. it's the closest neighborhoods came to a cohesive record. it's the centre slice of a square cheese pizza.
  17. I'm not shocked at Travis because he definitely has no qualms with shit like that but I'm disappointed in Mark.
  18. Seriously, how is Wishing Well still there? Wishing Well!
  19. I meant the intro bit which people call a riff but isn't.
  20. I really like Snake Charmer a lot, cringe lyrics (in places) aside, I think it has a cool feel to it, and you can definitely hear some Untitled/BCR vibes to it, enough for it to be listenable for me. Wishing Well just feels like a missed opportunity and a waste of a decent chord progression.
  21. As it should, being the best song by miles.
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