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Status Updates posted by Kay

  1. 24 bottles of coke at my door, 24 bottles of coke...

  2. You're handsome, you magnificent beast. 

    1. _Bagel


      Oh SHUCKS Kay , u dreamboat

  3. Tom eats pickles on top of his buns but his SM manager won't let him post the pics

  4. Making love at midnight sounds tiring. 

    1. _Bagel


      Plus in a sand dune ? Sand...just isn’t the one, finds a way into every crevice 

  5. I miss Nasa too and others have mentioned their disinterest in returning. 

  6. I want to see the lizard people!

  7. They bounced out quicker than the Redditors, isn't that sad? 

  8. Hey, oldies back just to vote, did you like Nine? just curious

  9. me too! most of the time

  10. Try PMs my dude. 

  11. Shut up, pedo. 


  13. I recommend Google Maps. 

  14. And Lo, Cal arrived at the locale with the locals at the low-cal calzone zone

  15. No, just an idiot. 

    1. n i k u

      n i k u

      you know you can just reply to a status, right? 

  16. It didn't come home. whoops. 

  17. Happy December 1st ya'll! time to either get eagerly festive or begrudgingly resign yourself to the torrent of obnoxious cheer of the rest of the month. or something. #Christmas

    1. Donald Trump's Bulge

      Donald Trump's Bulge

      Every year it gets harder and harder to force myself into a Christmas mood. I remember the years where I'd spend a few hundred dollars and about 20 hours doing xmas lights. What was I thinking? Not a single decoration this year, not even a tree.

  18. I don't feel well and I blame you all.

  19. Has this always been here?!

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