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  1. Getting hung up on the endless outside songwriters discussiun is lame. Being elitist about genres is even lamer
  2. Wait, where is all this sheririe talk coming from? What song is that supposed to be from?
  3. oh, i forgot. Ilans drumming fucking slaps on all of those three tracks more than anything i'ver heard travis do since DED. Maybe it's the production, maybe travis is just jaded at this point. Ilans creativity as a drummer is just far superior to what travis comes up with at this point. fight me!
  4. i also like rebel girl a lot, super poppy fun track and classic tom chorus. Kiss and tell i also really like. ATLIL falls short for me, but it's okay. i hope he makes new lyrics for the album version. I love the production on all three of them so much, as well as the mix. The only thing i hate, like, really fucking grinds my gears is the "woah oh oh oh oh oh" backing vocals that comes in at the repetition of the last chorus of Kiss and tell. It makes the chorus smaller than the one before. If he was shouting that on top of his lungs, maybe it could've worked. i would've loved for a little guitar riff like in the end of cat like thief coming in there instead. really ruins a otherwise great track for me. i have to turn it off at that point
  5. good album, but nothing in there for me that would make me want to listen to it ever again. that said, it's better than california /DLX
  6. into the night, can't believe it got this far
  7. He was hilarious in King Of Queens, loved the guy. RIP
  8. Can't decide what's worse; feeling_kids throwing a fit about mgk and pop punk, or diddy fapface feeling offended about someone wanting to see scott at a potential hof induction. Tough call
  9. Of nightmare excels at the mood he tried to achieve. I was really surprised by that. Chasing shadows is highly overrated. But its super funny how wdntw bots immediately love everything that has a delay and the classic tom chord progression in it. Especially the song chasing shadows.... Yah, its a good chorus, but thats all he really wrote for the whole song. The rest of it is a throw together by excellence. Same with into the night. Sounds kinda great, after the chorus repeats after the second verse, i'm just bored with it. Songs like home or view from below are really unique for this band and show a mood that is perfect for what he tried to achieve there.
  10. verses of voyager are great! the resto not so much. i agree with everything else in that post though
  11. I don't think scott will ever agree to play with these guys again
  12. You guys make me sick. Artillery
  13. Fuck you guys. He best songs are gone already. Artillery
  14. It is probably the best ava song to date
  15. robbie williams as a lot of absolute bangers! absolute Pop perfection from every angle. i'm not into that kind of music, but there is no question that the guy has an impressive collection of masterpieces under his belt edit: "feel" might be my favorite production of any song ever. absolute brilliance
  16. New low for the boards. Keep it fucking together
  17. Jesus fucking christ! Stop the madness. View from below is the bomb! Artillery gets my vote
  18. No. Its just not a pop punk song. That genre died almost two decades ago as it should.
  19. I think its common knowledge that travis is not the brightest fella...
  20. Keep it in your pants ffs
  21. This is the story about a "Rapper" that found out he doesnt have the chops for a sistainable career in rap, so he desperatly tried his luck at another genre and failed miserably. Mgk is a fucking disgrace. Cant stand the cunt
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