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  1. the guy in his profile picture isn't him. it's a rapper who died at age 18 recently
  2. Long Lost Feeling just feels too cheesy to me, the ending is cool tho
  3. i remember he kept unfollowing and refollowing tom after neighbourhoods classic mark really
  4. California and the bad parts of Nine aren't Matt's fault. it's Mark's for not wanting to write an album by themselves
  5. interesting that he refered to them as ghost writers...
  6. strange blend of styles, sounds interesting though ! Time Bomb maybe around the next leg of the AvA tour?
  7. until they ditch feldmann and stop working with outside writers, we'll never get another truely great album again
  8. i get maybe having an instrumental one, but Matt of all people does NOT need a vocal one. such a weird choice. i don't understand at all
  9. god damn the backing tracks are awful, even on darkside they're way too loud. what the fuck ?!
  10. wanna see if they screw up i really wish i hated you or not lel
  11. i feel like The First Time only has the feeling this-type intro to make ppl like it, but all it does for me is make the lack of fun riffs more apparent
  12. next time mark does a Q&A we need to get an answer to his Hallucinations remix
  13. Bruh Love Part I is incredible, has such a great atmosphere. Shove is the best Part 2 sucks ass though
  14. yeah, but until there's evidence eitherway, it's really short sighted to assume guilt. so many of these stories start one way, and then turn out another. countless times now someone has been cancelled, but then it turns out they (shocker) have their own side to the story
  15. Metoo is just high school drama for grown adults at this point people lie. women lie. pretending otherwise is dumb af
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