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  1. " Presumably, NINE also has an audience with people whose favourite musical groups are Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons and recent Linkin Park, but that is some bleak company to keep. " Music snobs are the fucking worst
  2. It's soul writing credit is Mark too ("Hoppas" spelled wrong because of google translate lol) Gonna be interesting....
  3. the choices this album cycle were just wrong. singles, tour, music video.... woof.
  4. No Heart To Speak Of or Black Rain...voted for No Heart To Speak Of :B It's exactly the song I was hoping for when Matt joined
  5. Ransom is my worst probably. Feldman ass song lol
  6. On Some Emo Shit is really great too, love the lyrics Man. All in all, this album has a fuck tonne of great songs. The single choices were BIZARRE
  7. i like it as well. there's about 4-5 songs I don't enjoy at all, but that's most albums. not every album is going to be perfect, and that's okay i'd take this over Cali anyday personally
  8. "i'm melting like a popsicle" is definitely the low point of the album
  9. nope. I thought No Heart to Speak Of was going to be, but then Mark's voice came in and my heart legit sank lmao (still a great song though)
  10. Black Rain is so fucking good, actually legit matches Mark's descriptions of the album
  11. best songs on first listen: black rain no heart to speak of hungover you pin the grenade
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