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  1. I have many plans that await. First, I must release my works of art into the world before I plan trips and meet up with the fans. I don't want to spoil anything for the fans as it is supposed to be a big surprise but I will say this - big things are coming! I am breaking new grounds with my latest projects that will blow your mind. It's like nothing you've ever seen or heard before. /\\//\ - Tom
  2. It's all possible. The future is unknown and I have many endeavors I would like to accomplish. I find inspiration in the many waves of the sea of life. Walking through the journey and trekking along the road of life as I'm living the adventure gives me much to write about. Angels and Airwaves is simply not a band but a manifestation of artistic genius presented through the sound of music and visual art. The CD's are the closest we can get to tangible products of true creativity. I strive to break new ground everyday with AVA and ToTheStars.media. Each and every song I have written has broken n
  3. I'm very happy to hear this. Follow your dreams, don't let the strains of life hold you back! Quit that day job and bet on yourself. Yes! I said it! Yourself! YOU have the potential to reach great heights. #followyourdreams #Iwenttothestars #believeinyourself #quityourjob #BeUNpredictable /\\//\ - Tom
  4. I am very happy to see the positive words from the fans. I love each and everyone of you. The future is very exciting and I know those who love art will love my new works. #Followyourdreams #BeUNpredictable #Nevergiveup #GoToTheStars #ToTheStars.Media #LonelyAstronaut #blink1824ever #TravisBarker #AVA #BoxcarRacer /\\//\ - Tom
  5. Yes, Travis and I will be enjoying baby back ribs at our next barbeque. Maybe I will even let him play some rap music on my big stereo. We are the best of friends - I text him jokes every week. /\\//\ - Tom
  6. The only people who wouldn't like the Dream Walker demos are those who have not yet opened up their minds to great works of art. If you are not willing to pay a few dollars towards the furthering of artistic progress then you do not understand art. You must be the same person who walks into an art museum and spits upon the great works of Picasso, Da Vinci and Van Gogh. /\\//\ - Tom
  7. This is all for real. An artists presence is usually known right as he walks into a room. /\\//\ - Tom
  8. Me and Mark have been speaking and we are now on good terms. Travis and I, on the other hand, are very close. We have barbeques in my backyard almost every week to celebrate our friendship. Thank you for your kind words - I will remember them on my adventure through the journey of time. /\\//\ - Tom
  9. Yes. I am in contact with the guys almost every day. We are all #huggingitout. Everybody needs their space, even me and my brothers. blink-182 can reform in just a couple of phone calls. Travis and I are even closer than we have ever been during our years as a band. I often text him funny jokes and we have good laughs. I have planned another barbeque with him where there will be lots of steak and beer. We are very good friends. /\\//\ - Tom
  10. His works do not speak to people on the same level that AVA and my other projects do. If you visit my website, ToTheStars.Media, you yourself will see how much of an artistic genius I am. New ground is being broken every time I step into a studio, write a song/book/script or film a movie. I don't suppose you could find books better than Poet Anderson or the Lonely Astronaut. Impossible. /\\//\ - Tom
  11. Matt Skiba is helping the guys out. Mark and Travis are like my brothers and if they feel like him and Feldy are good enough then that's their choice. It's hard as hell for me to commit right now as I challenge myself and break new grounds so what's done has to be done. I am very happy for each and everyone of them. Travis and I are very close now. I am planning another barbeque with him and there will be lots of steak and beer. /\\//\ - Tom
  12. Not as accomplished, masterful and they don't break new grounds like AVA does. /\\//\ - Tom
  13. I am Tom Delonge. There is only one. /\\//\ - Tom
  14. If one is caught talking to themselves it must be because they have been in recent contact with aliens. CIA government secrets are at stake! However, when Travis and I have another barbeque, you bet we're going to be at steak. /\\//\ - Tom
  15. May the sands of time wash upon you with luck as you trek forward on the journey through life and the road of adventure... /\\//\ - Tom
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