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  1. I hate Atleti as well. They are clowns as well with their coach. Liverpool aren't unbeatable though I told you. Premier league is just pretty bad this year and city is a world class team that lost motivation. I see the winner of the ucl being the one that passes from the city-madrid. City should be extra motivated now after what happened.
  2. @Scott. Remember arguing about the gap not being that big? Just because all the big teams in premier league are shit this year and Liverpool are a trillion points ahead doesn't mean they are that much better than anyone else. Right now clubs like Valencia, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid are much better than spurs, arsenal and united. Anyways its gonna be hard for Liverpool to win Atleti even at home. They aren't very good this year anyway. They struggle scoring a lot and their defence isn't as solid as its always been. But after last year's embaracement against Juve and now all the talk Liverpool have done after the game they have a chip on their shoulders.
  3. Exactly my thoughts. I'm happy they're not trying to be punk again. It's not groundbreaking but it has some great tunes. First enjoyable release since 21stcb.
  4. What the hell? I actually agree that city could be dangerous since they're out of the league now. How many matches of Real Madrid have you watched this year? I'm pretty sure you haven't seen one. "Van Dijk is better than Varane and Ramos combined". I know you like to say over the top stuff but this is just childish. The fact that I support Madrid doesn't mean I'm delusional. I didn't believe they could win the ucl for the second or third consecutive time and they did. I even posted about that here. Anyways I guess we'll both see.
  5. Oh wow didn't know Liverpool had two center backs with the quality of Varane and Ramos. Neither a left back as good as Mendy turned out to be. And as good as the front three for Liverpool are I fail to see how they are that much better from Isco-Hazard-Benzema. Not to mention Courtois has turned his season around and is playing exceptionally good. The only position they are clearly better is in the right back since Carvajal has been shit for two seasons now. Say what you want about Zidane don't underestimate him like that. People said he was lucky but why nobody else was lucky enough to win three consecutive ucl? The team before he came and after he left was terrible. And now he came back and the team is back on track. People will eventually give him props for the genius he is. Again I'm not saying Real is better than Liverpool. I'm just saying the gap isn't as big as you make it to be.
  6. Υeah well, that's a possibility. But the midfield of Kroos-Casemiro-Valverde is miles ahead anything Liverpool have. And in a month or two I believe the fact that Liverpool will have no competition every weekend is gonna hurt them in Europe.
  7. Nah Liverpool's midfield and the fact that they won't have competition in the league will come back to haunt them.
  8. It leaked but it's on a horrible vinyl rip so I'll wait for a good quality one or the actual release.
  9. Manu is super dysfunctional right now. Mainly due to the guys running the team. The fans are high up their asses too and fail to recognize that Pogba alone or Alexis alone can't make this whole mess work. So they say everyone's useless or doesn't work enough when in fact it's the team in general that's in a very bad place and the guys running it have no clue on how to run a club. It's no wonder players that leave the team say the same negative stuff and end up playing better elsewhere.
  10. Haha there were like 200 pages of discussion about this in the green day forum.
  11. petros


    I don't wanna believe it but it seems like Kobe is dead.
  12. I don't get how Kiss and Tell eventually got a cult following here. At first everyone was making fun of the song. Imo it's even worse than rebel girl and that wasn't even a great track. I am looking forward for a new ava album but everything from NINE is better than those two ava songs easily.
  13. Billie Joe is one of my favorite songwriters of all time but I haven't liked his lyrics for a while now. The trilogy had some super immature stuff and revrad was very cringe at times. This new song is the first after a while I've felt connected to what he's saying.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3cpdkhtGx0 That's a great tune! It's been a while since I last liked a new green day single on first listen.
  15. I knew var would suck on that first world cup they started using it and we got all these ridiculous hand ball calls.
  16. Imo if the off side call is too close in var go with the referee's decision in the pitch and the old rule of the advantage being for the player attacking. Nba is changing rules to have players scoring more and var is cancelling great goals because of a hair or some shit.
  17. Look at all you "rock n rollers" hating this for not being good enough. In my eyes mumble rap is today what pop punk was in the 00s. People that did punk/rap despise those that did pop punk/mumble rap and say it's not real punk/rap. That being said I love pop punk and love actual rap not all the mumble stuff so much. But still it's pretty hypocritical coming in a blink-182 forum and see people trashing this genre. Really liked that song. It had a real feeling and emotion to it that I hadn't heard Mark have in years.
  18. Yeah no shit. Mark's 47 years old now.
  19. I enjoyed it. Cool song. Nothing special but it's nice I kinda like the message.
  20. Roberto is a great keeper actually. The defense is pretty horrible though.
  21. petros


    Curry is the system is gs but put Curry in Westbrooks or Hardens teams when they won mvps and he's not even in the play offs. So no. I can't count a player that had it easy over Harden and Russ as they are better players and just never had a system to win until now at least. Anyways. Pg13 is such a clown. So right now he has said in different occasions he was a fan of the Lakers always then he changed that to the clippers and then said he always wanted to win next to a player like Russ. And now guess what. He always wanted to team up with Leonard in the spurs. What do you expect from the guy that married the stripper he got pregnant with whom he cheated his then gf with.
  22. petros


    Yeah I saw enough that confirmed what I said before the season started. I never said Harden and Russ will win together. Your logic of kd+harden+russ couldn't do it so no way now Russ and Harden can do it is childish. So why was Boston last year a failure if they had better players than the year before that? It doesn't go like this. So because these guys have less rings they are worse than Curry? Wow what a great argument you made here. So I guess we should put the great Robert Horry over mj. Come on man don't use these weak arguments. All Curry can do to really affect the game is shoot. At a funny high level yes. But if he doesn't have a whole team of shooters around him you can take that away from him. And when you take that away from him he's hilariously bad. Yeah he moves off the ball and yeah he has some flashy passes here and there. I'm sure you're one of the people that say shit like russ' triple double averages for three years don't count shit, lebron's triple double over every single team is nothing etc etc but "wow curry can move off the ball really well, now that's a skill". Jokic with his fat belly is way more skilled and clever basketball wise than almost anyone else in the league including Curry.
  23. petros


    Lol okay we used to have actual conversations about the nba here before you came you can go check. I was debating this respectably with Mitch years ago when kd was still in okc. You want me to find your posts saying Curry would be mvp level this year? We saw him at the start he can't win shit without his system. I hate Harden but the dude can win you games and carry teams even by shooting a lot. So can Westbrook, Lebron, kd, Jokic and Kawhi. Curry just can't. He is the best shooter of all time I agree. That doesn't make him top 50. Ray Allen is probably the second best and has made a shot Curry would never but he isn't top 50 ether. The third one Reggie Miller is top 50 since the guy could do so many things other than just shooting.
  24. petros


    Warriors with Curry and Klay will never be great again. Not next year not never. Curry can't carry a team he was mvp cause he had the perfect system that hide all his many weaknesses. I was saying that here in 2015-2016 when some people (not here) were even comparing him to MJ, said it before this season started when people were saying he would be mvp again, saying it again now. Curry isn't even top 50 all time.
  25. I love Bullets and Revenge more but I acknowledge Black Parade is their best album. Danger days might be their worst album but it's still a pretty strong release. Same with conventional weapons that people probably forget exists.
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