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  1. Thanks again!! @Ghentthe wood carvings are beautiful, I appreciate it man.
  2. Chrisx37


    I agree that they need to get the fouls under control. That's one thing that absolutely needs to change. It seems like the offensive player can do anything he wants to create the contact, like jumping into the defender, the rip through move, or even hooking someone's arm and "making" them foul you (nice one, Harden). At that point you're defeating the purpose of a foul and you're just acting. And not only is it a cheap way to get points, but it hurts the entertainment value with all of the resulting free throws.
  3. At the very least, happy to see the outpouring of support on Mark's server. Hoping for the best.
  4. Absolutely not. Especially when he sings in the lower register.
  5. If anyone has the song, I'd appreciate if you sent it my way 👉👈
  6. Damn, I'm just a few minutes too late
  7. Why is Justin tweeting about pizza instead of the new song? lol Here's the song btw:
  8. I have it if you want me to drop you a link.
  9. Chrisx37


    Yeah, it's really surprising and disappointing. I wonder how many of them feel/have always felt that way. It sucks knowing the people we thought were active voices in fighting racism have those same views themselves.
  10. Adam's Song is back lol, but it works better here than on something like Don't Mean Anything. Also, this song is BASSY. Caught me off guard first listen. I wonder if this is off Nine Deluxe? Either way, hope we get a high quality version soon.
  11. While I don't agree with Parking Lot being better, I do think a majority of Nine is better than what Tom has put out so far.
  12. I thought I was the only one. I love Church on Sunday but that one part just throws everything off.
  13. I've listened to them this year more than any other band with the exception of blink and I still feel like I've barely scratched the service haha. Hopefully that Dip in the Ocean cover leads to some more music! By the way, did you get your name from their song or is that coincidental?
  14. These guys are amazing. I started listening a few months ago and I can't believe I've missed out on them for so long.
  15. You're doing amazing things for blink fans and for a great cause too.
  16. That came up on my weekly Spotify playlist too, and my friend's. I think it's starting to get some traction haha
  17. Just wanted to say thanks @Ry-Breadfor the podcast. It's the coolest thing to hear these guys give insight into different eras of the band and sound excited while doing so. Plus the recap of the news at the beginning is helpful since there's so much going on it's easy to miss stuff. You're an absolute legend in the blink community.
  18. Was this from the unreleased compilation album? I'd love to hear more.
  19. I didn't listen much to the Scumbag song before these songs dropped, so it's more like 4 new songs for me. Gotta say I'm enjoying the new stuff. So far I'd rank it: 1. Not Another Christmas Song - music video makes it even better, love how playful the song is. It's the cherry on top to blink's great 2019. 2. PS I Hope You're Happy - A couple annoying things in this one (title, Chainsmokers guy sounds like he's gargling water in prechorus because of autotune, tone of "I won't be sad for the sake of it" sounds like he's pouting or something), but the rest of the song is a really nice listen and I like Mark's vocals. Yeah it sounds like I Miss You but not like a blatant rip-off. 3. It's All Fading to Black - Lower register Mark sounds good as usual. Not exactly the biggest XXXTentacion fan but song sounds decent and I need to listen more. 4. Scumbag - Verses sound a lot like Strange Love. Song is ok and Mark's feature makes it a little better. This one might have the most potential to grow on me because of the chorus.
  20. Classic blink Christmas vibes, what could be better? Great song and fun video.
  21. Chrisx37


    -Lakers are doing a lot better than I thought. -Clippers are still my title picks. -Doncic is going to win MVP at some point. Smarter than most of the league and he's only 20. That's amazing. -Celtics are so much better as a team without Kyrie playing hero ball and dissing young players. -Melo is not going to save the Blazers. They're already dead last in assists and now they get to stand and watch Melo drop their FG%. -Rockets are off to a way better start than I thought but with Westbrook + Harden I still can't see them getting beyond (maybe) the conference finals. Also, went to the Spurs-Wizards game last night (first Spurs game since 2014 I think!) and man, our defense is so bad. It's so weird and upsetting as a fan to see them continue to use these lineups while young guys (Lonnie, Derrick White, Metu) get too little or no playing time. I wouldn't mind a reset at this point but I doubt any serious change will happen. Ah well, we were due for this at some point, right?
  22. I think a lot of people here just bashed Alex and All Time Low as the run-of-the-mill pop punk they thought new blink sounded like without actually listening.
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